Fyrflyz Light Up The Summer Night #SummerFun


The toy that will keep your kiddos having fun all night long ist Fyrflyz. Fyrflyz are a spinning toy that creates amazing light shows in the palm of your hand! We were sent some of these toys for our girls and they’ve had fun playing with them. Simply turn the toy on with the small switch along the side and put your fingers in the holes on either side of the string.

Twist it up, twist it around, go in circles, or on the ground! Fyrflyz are super fun for kids of all ages!  FyrFlyz, retail under $10 each, are available in a variety of light colors making them a collectible You can check out www.fyrflyz.com to learn more.

Check out Amanda’s great video in her review!



  1. shelly peterson says

    OMG these things are so much fun and affordable. My son has one and loves it. There’s so many different tricks you can get these to do. And of course looks so much neater in the dark. I recommend these for kids of all ages to help keep busy this summer

  2. Sandy VanHoey says

    How cute! Kids love anything that light up so they made a product kids are sure to love. Thanks for reviewing!

  3. Jeremy says

    The FyrFlyz toys have actually been out for a while now. They were a huge hit during the holiday season they would be perfect for the summer as we all have a tendency to stay out later. Actually, 3 new colors have just been released and a new line of kid safe fireworks (they are flame-less of course), called Fyrwyrkz is slowly making its way to the market. Check out http://www.mall2112.com for the new colors and the exciting new Sparkler. We hear that in mid-August more FyrFlyz colors and styles will also be released. Along with 2 more Fyrworkz toys.