The New Gazillion Bubble Cannon – Giveaway!

My girls love bubbles, what kid doesn’t? Now that we’re finally headed to the warm days of summer I keep trying to find hings for my girls to do outside. Bubbles are the perfect way to create tons of fun outside and this past weekend we finally were able to test out the new Gazillion Bubble Canon that we were sent to review.

With this interactive bubble machine, you can crank out massive amounts of bubbles at the pull of the lever! You can make huge bubbles, hundreds of small bubbles, and even bubbles inside of bubbles! And, with the award winning Gazillion Bubble solution, you’ll always experience the biggest, brightest most colorful bubbles ever! Just snap on desired wand size to the machine, fill bubble tray with Gazillion Green Solution for hundreds of bubbles, or Gazillion Blue Solution for super-sized bubbles.

We have the smaller machine but love that this machine lets you create bubbles of every size! It’s going to be so much fun as the weather finally starts to warm up!


We have one Gazillion Bubble Cannon to also give away!!

Main Entry: Tell me what you plan on doing this summer. Do your kiddos love bubbles too?

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Giveaway ends 3-15-2012

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  1. Richard Morris says

    We usually go to florida to the in-laws time-share but a relative is having her baby around that time so i think we’ll be doing something more local. not sure yet…

  2. domestic diva says

    We plan to spend lots of time outside — and bubbles are always a favorite around here.

  3. Debbie Kennedy says

    We will be spending lots of time at camp this summer. Bubbles are definitely one of my kids favourite things to do outside!

  4. Janet W. says

    My grandson loves bubbles! This summer we plan on playing in the backyard a lot.

  5. Andrea v says

    My kids love bubbles. We are planning a vacation to Colorado
    We also plan on putting up a trampoline

  6. Linda says

    The boys love playing with bubbles, we plan to take bike rides, go to the park and go swimming this summer

  7. nickie says

    We plan on playing outside alot this summer and my son loves bubbles.

    nickieisis3 at gmail (dot) com

  8. says

    It’s supposed to be 70º today, so hopefully we’ll start getting outside! Last summer it was too hot and the kids didn’t want to go outside at all- I am hoping we get more of a mild summer this year.

  9. says

    We like to spend summer near the water…lake, pool, whatever! Jillian is only 2 moonths, but by summer, she’ll be old enough to really enjoy bubbles!

  10. Paula Tavernie says

    We go to the park alot in the summers! And yes they love bubbles!

    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  11. Audrey Griffis says

    we sure do love bubbles we have even been blowing them in the snow here- not quite as fun but htis summer we plan of hitting the beach and enjoying lots of out door time

  12. jen says

    we love bubbles too, we have some good bubble guns as well. This summer we are planning a beach trip.

  13. tess says

    my kids love bubbles- i hope we get to take the kids to the beach again
    tcogbill at live dot com

  14. Denise B. says

    Since we live in Florida, that means high heat and humidity and lots of tourists. So, we’ll be staying inside in the air-conditioning or out in the pool.

  15. Marci says

    We will be going on our annual all family camping trip! My daughters love bubbles!

  16. Michele Behlen says

    I hope to find the interest that I had in gardening and just enjoy the outdoors.

  17. Vicki Wurgler says

    the kids do love to play with bubbles-I will be taking the boys to swimming lessons and baseball

  18. joni says

    We all love bubbles! We plan on going to the fairs and carnivals this summer.
    dolniaks at consolidated dot net

  19. brittney says

    no plans for summer yet. we usually just wing it. my daughter loooves her bubbles.
    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

  20. Jenn says

    Heading down the Jersey shore this summer! My little one loves playing with bubbles.

    winbigjenn at aol dot com

  21. Eileen Burke says

    We plan on doing a lot of staycation ideas, museums, parks, etc. and yes, my kids are bubble fanatics!

  22. Desiree Dunbar says

    We love to play with bubbles outside…we love going to the beach in the summer too.

  23. Caryn S says

    We plan to spend a lot of time outside, at the park, blowing bubbles, going for walks…

  24. Vladimir Medvedev says

    We will spend our time with son on my wife’s parents’ villa in the countryside. And of course my son loves bubbles so much!

  25. says

    We plan on spending lots of time at the beach this summer. And I think we’re going to get our little out on a surf board for the first time! And she loooves bubbles. Blowing bubbles is almost a daily occurance around here.

  26. Alisha L. says

    We are taking a trip to Michigan in June and then Disney World in September.

    bakergurl02 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  27. Tamar says

    I am planning on adding +1 to the household, so I’ll have my hands full with a newborn! That said, my summer plans consist of working out to lose all this pregnancy weight and making my son get acclimated to having a little sibling. :-)

    And yes, there will be bubbles. Lots and lots of bubbles. :-)

  28. says

    My two grand daughters LOVE bubbles! We have a big yard out in the woods and we’re looking forward to sending little orbs of rainbows into the sky on a hot summer’s day. Then we’ll hand feed our squirrels some peanuts and do a nature hike.

  29. R Hicks says

    we have a trip to disney world planned for the summer and yes they love bubbles!

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  30. Penny Kathleen says

    We are going to spend a long, lazy summer in our pool! My son loves bubbles and we always stock up every summer!


  31. loni says

    We plan on a lot of fishing and going to the park…yes they love bubble

    trippyjanet at gmail dot com

  32. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says

    I am planning on enjoying each moment with my grandchildren and bubbles will most surely be part of it
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  33. Rosey says

    We have to take a trip out west this summer, and hopefully we’ll get a chance to go south and see Mickey Mouse too! My kids love bubbles.

  34. Lisa says

    We plan on being outdoors as much as possible. Pool, spray park, zoo, beach. My daughter loves bubbles!

  35. joni says

    All kids love bubbles I know my little cousins do. They are 1&2 years young, so I plan to spend lots of time with them at the park with other kids.

  36. Gina Ferrell says

    We plan of swimming alot in our pool this summer. My kids love bubbles. I love them too!!!

  37. Melissa O. says

    I plan on spending a lot of time outdoors with my kids this summer. My little ones love bubbles more than any kid has ever loved bubbles. They scream and squeal like it’s the best thing ever.

  38. Bonnigene says

    We like doing lots of things outdoors in the summer, including hiking, fishing, camping and gardening. It is great to have something the kids can do when they get bored on hand like bubbles and lots of sports equipment such as bats and balls. Gotta love summer

  39. Sarah L says

    Swimming is on the top of the list. Yes, bubbles are a big hit around here.
    Thanks for the contest.

  40. Michelle Tucker says

    We don’t have any plans yet. My husband loves to play with the bubbles and watch the cats go crazy…does that count?
    michedt at yahoo . com