Easter Basket Gift Ideas: Here Comes Peter Cottontail Original TV Classic Now on DVD {Giveaway}


This year we’re already thinking about Easter and all of the fun we’re going to have. Each year I look for unique things to fill my girls Easter baskets with and this year we’re going all classic and simple.

The movie is about Peter Cottontail who is the Easter Bunny, and everyone in April Valley agrees. There’s an evil character named Evil Irontail and Peter must deliver more eggs this year and save Easter for children everywhere! Peter and his friend Seymore race through time to overcome Irontail’s plan. They end up restoring the magic that is Easter Sunday.

This movie is truly an Easter classic and we were so happy that we were sent a copy for our girls Easter basket.

This movie has been completely remastered and would be a great gift idea for any Easter basket or just to add to your holiday movie collection.


We one DVD of Here Comes Peter Cottontail to give away!

Main Entry: Tell me an Easter basket gift idea that you have.

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Giveaway ends 3-29-2012



  1. Becky Coyne says

    I love to put things for the summer in my kid’s easter baskets. It gets them exicted to go outside. I ordered some jump ropes today.

  2. Candie L says

    I love using the reusuable tote bags or ordinary baskets from home (not the cheap plastic ones). Thankyou

  3. Ann Council says

    I put beach items in the baskets such as flip flops, beach towel, beach balls, etc.

  4. Judith (from Israel) says

    Since Easter comes shortly before summer, I’ve made Easter baskets for children filled with beach toys.

  5. Cody says

    I usually give my girlfriend an empty basket and hide cool treats/small gifts around the house for her to find. Sometimes it’s hard to remember where I put everything, haha.

  6. Amanda says

    I tend to put in things I think they’ll use throughout the whole year- like notebooks/folders, pretty pencils, etc.

  7. Valerie Furr says

    Well since I have four small grand children each basket is different. One year old gets a Bunny, suckers and yougurt melts, Two year old gets a stuff Bunny, M and M’s, Hershey Bar and chocolate Bunny. Six year old the same but a polly doll added. 10 year old at a lost but mostly candy and some girly things.

  8. Diane Baum says

    I always put at least one learning activity in the basket-hey it’s better than a toothbrush!

  9. Candice Hull says

    I love to put a mixture of things. Usually some new books, some toys for outside, sometimes even a new little Bible or Bible story book and then hide the candy everywhere

  10. amanda says

    every year my mom used to get me a different perfume. now we always try weird things, like bugs in the candy or chili chocolate to keep things interesting.

  11. amy deeter says

    different candys a peice in it.nothing the same.all different

  12. Leslie S. says

    I always put 1 small toy(around $5 value), their favorite candy bar,chocolate bunny,gum,jelly beans and a new toothbrush with toothpaste and floss.Thanks!

  13. Penny B W says

    I’m thinking of trying to grow our own grass in our Easter baskets! Although, I guess it might be too late this year. I’m going to do a lot of non-candy things this year, such as chalk, bubbles, silly putty and books!


  14. Melissa says

    My kids receive a movie in their Easter basket each year.

    casadelreed at embarQmail dot com

  15. says

    When I was little my parents filled a little wheel barrow with candy! I love that idea. It had candy and some stuffed animals in it!
    kaylapease90 @ gmail. com

  16. Heaven Kelough says

    My Mommy always bought me a different Easter stuffed animal to add to my collection, or a mini Easter snow globe. :) I think I’ll pass that tradition on to my own kids someday.

  17. Heaven Kelough says

    I subscribed. I’m following you on Twitter. I posted this contest on my Facebook. I’m following you on Google Plus. Twitter: @Heavenly_Hott Google+-Heavenly Hottness I also liked Our Ordinary Life.

  18. Gina Ferrell says

    Every year I put a special treat in my kids Easter basket like a movie, outfit, pajamas, bubbles, coloring book with crayons, jump rope and sidewalk chalk along with some Easter candy. They look forward every year for their Easter baskets.

  19. Jane H says

    I try to intersperse small presents between the candy as not to expose my childrento too much sugar. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  20. shirley pebbles says

    I love just stuffing the basket full with candy. They don’t get to eat it often so I figure why not.

  21. Beverly M says

    I like putting cute little Easter toys in the basket, with the chocolate Easter bunny and the other candy. Thanks for the chance to win a cute movie, that we would all enjoy watching on Easter.