Does My Organic Ground Beef Have Pink Slime In It?


Yesterday I saw a local news story about pink slime and in the story they described the link slime being in mostly meats that are “lean”. Tonight while prepping my dirty rice for dinner I pulled out my organic ground beef with the whole pink slime story in the back of my mind. Finding out that my ground beef in fact is lean I decided to cook it and see how much fat came out. The local story said that the link slime has no fat and I was happy to see our ground beef came up with fat that I drained out before adding the rice.

The thing about buying organic meats is there are no additives like ammonia but does that mean my organic ground beef is free from the other things?  I did some research and in fact sources are citing organic local meats as an easy way to know what is going in your meat. Is my organic ground beef really superior or am I being mislead?



  1. niah henry says

    Go for “grass fed” over “organic.” Although Organic is better than regular, grass fed is SOOO MUCH MORE HEALTHY! It has so many amazing things in it! First, grass is what cows are meant to eat, so their bodies are naturally healthy. Second, grass fed beef is not raised on cattle farms where you drive by and smell nastiness b/c all the cows are living in their own feces. Also, “organic” can mean organic corn and grain on a cattle farm which is simply not the same as free range grass fed cows. It is more expensive, but worth it. And if you are lucky enough to have room for a deep freezer, it’s not even more expensive if you can buy a 1/4 or 1/2 cow (I am not that lucky in my current home but I was in my last one.) In addition to it being healthier for you, you’ll notice that when you cook grass fed beef it actually plumps up rather than shrinks. That was a big surprise to us the first time. It’s like free range eggs. You pay for the health, but in reality you’re getting more food and nutrition. Good luck!

  2. says

    That Pink Slime story made me just gag. I told my husband that we will have to start getting our own meat from the butcher (and personally watch them grind it). I will never look at chain store ground beef the same. Blech.