Crusty Dutch Oven Organic White Bread

My husband is a news junkie, he doesn’t spend a whole lot of time online but when he does it’s on news sites, and places like Stumble Upon. Two nights ago while on Stumble he just happened to run into a Crusty Bread Recipe. ¬†After reading through it he decided I just had to check out this recipe and this cooking blog. So I did and I was thrilled after looking around. Janet, the writer simply loves food. Her recipes are so well done and simply beautiful. I decided that if I was ever going to make bread now was the time and how could I not try this recipe?

The recipe has 3 simple ingredients. To make it organic I used my favorite flour.

After following her simple directions and recipe. I ended up with dough that actually did rise!

30 minutes later just like Janet said I had perfect bread!

This by far is my favorite new recipe and I am so excited by it. Visit Simply So Good for the full recipe, she details how to do it perfectly!

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