VOTE For Our Ordinary Life!!


I know, I know. Those contests where people ask you to vote are so annoying. The constant emails and bombardment for what seems like a little prize can make you a little sick. I don’t normally enter contests where I have to ask for votes, this time is different. See two years ago I told Kaila that one day I’d take her to the city with this big buildings, my dreams for my children are great.I want you to know what this trip would mean for my me and my family so read the linked post, I think you’ll feel the love for my daughter in my words.

For the next week I beg and plead with you all to help me fulfill my dream for my children, to take them to places far away. To places I had only dreamed I’d visit. Thanks to Chrysler I was asked to submit my tips for traveling with kids. Since we do a lot of traveling I had a lot to tips so why not.

Along with myself 4 other mom bloggers submitted posts and are also asking for votes. Voting lasts for a very short period from now until Match 7th and it is super easy. Literally one click and you’ve voted, no emails no registration, no donating blood or giving up your child. If I win I also get to give away an iPad 2 to you all!!!!


I have a $50 gift card with one of your names on it. All I ask is that you vote for me and leave me a comment with your vote #. You can vote every day and once perperson! I will randomly draw one winner of the gift card on March 8th. For extra entries you can also tweet and facebook the posts once a day. Leave your comments for credit!

Vote for Kristin Ruiz!

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  1. ky2here says

    I voted for you, step it up. You’re in 4th place. I’m vote # 252 for you and total vote # 1958 for all 5.

    ky2here at msn dot com

  2. Diane Baum says

    I voted for you-you were the leader, but I didn’t pay attention to the vote number

  3. Rosanne Morrison says

    I voted but could not figure out what my vote #was. I tried it 3 times. Then I tweeted the voting site

  4. Sarah L says

    I voted but didn’t see any vote #. I left a comment on the page (slehan). Good luck to you.
    Thanks for the contest.