Our Ordinary 2011 – A Year In Review


I spent a few days in January in NYC where I actually learned a lot about food and it inspired me to create more food and post more recipes. I was still trying to lose weight and reached a big milestone. I also opened my heart and talked about my heart. Brooklin was quite the busy bee, we had fun visiting the zoo and Kaila got stuck.

February started out with a lot of fun because Brooklin got into plenty of trouble. Kaila started to sell cookies for Girl Scouts. I of course found giving a few tips and making some things. I also decided to write down the story of my life and felt the sunshine on our face. Del and I snuck up to Seattle for my birthday where he surprised me with dinner at the Space Needle.

In March we started out with a day without shoes and my husband and I made our own pasta. Brooklin of course was busy being cute and we spent some time at the beach. I was really impressed when my husband photographed the moon. I forgot my 1st anniversary…..but my kids were cute. Kaila made a new friend and I discussed highs and lows of weightloss.

In April I made the best cupcakes, and we celebrated Easter. Kaila asked grown up questions and I kept up with my weightloss. I wrote a letter to myself and our family took a perfect picnic photo. Brenda also passed away.

In May Kaila lost her first tooth, as we put one foot in front of the other. Kaila turned SIX and we finally got to start spending time at the park. I have to mention one of my favorite all time sandwiches. Brooklin cried and we all did.

June was such a fun month, Kaila started out with her gymnastics competition. We took a family road trip and celebrated Father’s Day. Our entire family packed up and headed to Ohio to Pampers Baby Care Headquaters and I went to Bloggy Bootcamp in Seattle. Brooklin got into a little bit of trouble.

In July my dreams came true as I became one of the Invisalign Moms. Brooklin said a bad word and Del and I hiked Mt. Hood and we saw a crater. We celebrated 4th of July and Brooklin finally showed off her curls.

August was also a fun month I started my Invisalign treatment. Our family went to the lake and I ran my first 5k. Del and I went to Disneyland and we went to BlogHer. I loved hiking in Yosemite.  I ended the month in LA for the premiere of The Lion King.

In September we went camping which was a lot of fun! Kaila started 1st grade and we enjoyed some last days of summer. We went to the beach which was bittersweet. We ended the month with a pumpkin treat and a haircut. I also ran my second 5k.

October was filled with spooky fun with our Girl Scout party. We went to Great Wolf Lodge and checked out an electric car. We found out we are expecting baby #3. Happy Halloween!

In November we moved into our new home and loved the disasters. We said Happy Thanksgiving and did some shopping. I hosted an event in Seattle and took Kaila with me. We got our Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas!

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  1. says

    LOVE your year review posts!

    and that pic of Kaila in the green tank… wow she looks soooo much like you in that picture!

    Brooklin just cracks me up. I love her!

  2. says

    Your kids are adorable!

    How was Bloggy Bootcamp? I have seen it advertised and thought about going, but it never seems to be in a city close to me. Would you recommend it?

  3. says

    Anything exciting on the agenda for this year?

    I am kidding. Of course there is!

    I hope your new year is healthy and successful for you and your family.

  4. Carolsue says

    I really enjoyed your post about what’s going on in your life, but I especially loved the pictures. You are such a good looking family! And a big congrats on the new baby!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net