Holiday Gift Guide: Toys For Kids – Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen {Giveaway}

Every little girl needs a kitchen  that’s perfect for her and the new Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen is perfect for the mini baker.  This year give your little girl a gift she’ll have hours of play with. This adorable kitchen stands only a few feet tall and is the perfect size for any preschooler. It’s also small enough to fit in any girls room and honestly the size is perfect!

There are working doors and a mini sink on the side, the oven perfectly bakes a batch of cupcakes and there’s even room to keep your sprinkles handy. There is plenty of storage space for all of the accessories included.

Accessories included:

1-Cupcake tray
* 1-Pot with lid
* 1-Spatula
* 2-Plates
* 2-Forks
* 2-Knives
* 2-Spoons
* 2-Spice shakers
* 4-Cupcakes

Thanks to Little Tikes for sending my Brooklin a Cupcake Kitchen of her very own and as a special gift to my readers they’re also offering a special giveaway!

We have one Little Tikes Cupcake Kitchen to give away!

Follow These Rules For Entry:

  • To enter visit Little Tikes and tell me what on your kiddos Christmas wish list!

Extra Entry Methods:

  • Follow Little Tikes on Twitter
  • Fan Little Tikes on Facebook
  • BLOG ABOUT IT!!! 5 entries.
  • Grab my banner (shoot me an email I’m willing to exchange banners) 1 entry.
  • SUBSCRIBE: (located home page, right hand side) 2 entries.
  • Gain an extra entry by tweeting and following me on twitter, becoming a Google follower, and also by sharing this giveaway on Facebook. Let me know in a comment if you can. :)
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Giveaway ends Nov. 31st

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  1. Shannon Thompson says

    Thomas & Friendsâ„¢ Bed
    My little guy has his eye on this,

  2. Shannon Thompson says

    Follow Little Tikes on Twitter

    Sha t

  3. Renee Richardson says

    My daughters would really love the Deluxe Wooden Kitchen and Laundry Center. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  4. Renee Richardson says

    I like Little Tikes on Facebook
    Username: Fatty Bumpkins

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  5. Renee Richardson says

    I am following @LittleTikes on Twitter
    Username: missreneer :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  6. Renee Richardson says

    I like Our Ordinary Life on Facebook
    Username: Fatty Bumpkins

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  7. Shelly Peterson says

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  18. renee walters says

  19. renee walters says

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  22. renee walters says

  23. Debbie jackson says

    oops tw is jackonsondeb messed up above
    also twu

    debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  24. Debbie jackson says

    NO NO NO
    I messed up again
    my tw is jacksondeb and this time it is correct…
    I tw both of you

  25. Stephanie Phelps says

    I know we would also love to have the Princess Cozy Coupe® 30th Anniversary Edition

  26. Stephanie Phelps says

  27. Stephanie Phelps says

  28. Latonya R says

    My daughter just want dolls she keeps saying no name or anything but I know she would love this if won!

  29. tess says

    i want to get my son the cozy coupe for x-mas

    but for my little girl- that is the cutiest thing i have ever seen
    tcogbill at live dot com

  30. says

  31. Sheryl says

    My niece wants a Lalaloopsa doll and the 3-in-1 doll house.

    sflickinger at rocketmail dot com

  32. Sheryl says

    You always know you have a quality product when you buy Tikes.

    sflickinger at rocketmail dot com

  33. Sharon C says

    I like the Double Duty Engine & Workbench. We need more people in our society who work with their hands!

  34. Dana V says

    my 3yr old would love the 4 in 1 baby born nursery toy. We are expecting #2 in early January and she is all about helping out, so she woul dlove this!

    danav27 at gmail dot com

  35. Kyona says

  36. Kyona says

  37. Rebecca Orr says

    I also like the Thomas & Friendsâ„¢ Table and Chairs Set. Thanks for the chance. bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  38. Rebecca Orr says

    Whoops…that last comment was supposed to say that I was a subscriber. And this comment is also supposed to say that I am a subscriber. Sorry for the mix-up. Thanks!!

    bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  39. Jennette says

  40. Jennette says

  41. Jennette says

  42. Monique Rizzo says

  43. Shelly Peterson says

  44. Kelly L says

    Not that they will get it, but they would love the 2-in-1 Wet ‘n Dry Bouncer. Very cool. Thanks!

  45. Nicole says

    My kids would LOVE the classic pickup truck as well as the Cupcake Kitchen. Love Little Tikes!

  46. Nicole says

  47. Nicole says

  48. Nicole says

  49. Maria Malaveci says

  50. Maria Malaveci says

  51. Maria Malaveci says

  52. Maria Malaveci says

  53. Maria Malaveci says

  54. Maria Malaveci says

  55. Maria Malaveci says

  56. Pauline Milner says

    From Little Tikes, I am purchasing the Classic Castle #4126 for our Son for Christmas. For our Daughter, I am purchasing the Grillin Grand Kitchen, #620027. I am hoping they will be thrilled on Christmas morning.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity. ~Pauline ([email protected])

  57. Pauline Milner says

  58. Pauline Milner says

  59. beth shepherd says

  60. beth shepherd says

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  68. Janet W. says

    Commented on your post titled “Holiday Gift Guide: Tech Gifts – Smartfish Whirl Mini Notebook Laser True Ergonomic Mouse”

  69. Marysa N. says

    My daughter really wants a lalaloopsy doll too from Little Tikes!
    Marysa {at} marysa {dot} com

  70. Melissa P. @Mel4Him says

    Lalaloopsyâ„¢ Collector Doll- Suzette La Sweetâ„¢. Perfect for my friends little girl.

  71. Melissa P. @Mel4Him says

    I “Like” Little Tikes on Facebook (Melissa P./Mel4Him)

  72. beth shepherd says

  73. says

  74. Janet W. says

    Commented on your post titled “Holiday Gift Guide: Record A Story – Frosty The Snowman”

  75. Pauline M says

    My son is totally into trains and wants a “choo-choo”! The Little Tikes Big Adventures Construction Peak Rail & Road would be perfect for him!

  76. Shannon Foust says

  77. Shannon Foust says

  78. Shannon Foust says

  79. Shannon Foust says

  80. Shannon Foust says

  81. Amanda Berrios says

  82. SGuzman says

    Lalaloopsy dolls – my little girl has been asking for one for months. And if we had room they would love the Classic Castle set.

  83. Lentil says

    My kid wants Lalaloopsy stuff for Christmas, and I know she would go nuts over the 4-in-1 Baby Born Nursery

  84. Shannon Thompson says

    commented on Family Photography – Happy Halloween 2011

  85. Terri S. says

    My granddaughter wants the Little Tikes BABY born® Dance With Me Baby™ doll and Hello Kitty Pjs and backpack. :-)

  86. Sarah Matos says

  87. Sarah Matos says

  88. Sarah Matos says

  89. Sarah Matos says

  90. Sarah Matos says

  91. Sarah Matos says

  92. Sarah Matos says

  93. Austin McCaslin says

    They already got a little tykes playhouse and they don’t even know it… livingroom will not be pleased. I’m sure they would also like the barbacue set.

  94. Hoa Le says

    My granddaughter would love the Disney Princessâ„¢ Toddler Bed.


  95. Ann Marie Walker says

  96. Ann Marie Walker says

  97. Ann Marie Walker says

  98. Ann Marie Walker says

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  110. Ann Marie Walker says

  111. Jeni Lutz says

    My boys want the Race ‘n Re-Fuel Pit Stopâ„¢ Playhouse my daughter wants any of the kitchen sets

  112. kristen johnson says

    i followed little tikes on fb and twitter, liked our ordinary life on fb, added u as a friend on fb, followed u on twitter, retweeted using the button, im a google follower

    my name for twitter is
    @kristen_stereos and kristen johnson on fb,

  113. Shirley Hicks says

  114. Rebecca Peters says

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  119. ReggieMann says

    The Lalaloopsy Jewel Sparkles Silly Hair doll is on my niece’s wish list

    ReggieM1961 at gmail dot com

  120. ReggieMann says

    I Like (Fan of) Little Tikes on Facebook
    (Facebook name: Reggie Mann)

    ReggieM1961 at gmail dot com

  121. Tammy Schaeffer says

    This Cupcake Kitchen is on my kids wishlist along with the Big Adventures Construction Peak Rail & Road. :)

  122. Deborah Wellenstein says

    The kiddos would go ga ga over Double Duty Engine & Workbench. Thanks!

    dwellenstein at cox do tnet

  123. Deborah Wellenstein says

    I like Little Tikes on Facebook as Debbi Otto Wellenstein.

    dwellenstein at cox dot net

  124. Kat Emerick says

  125. Kat Emerick says

  126. Kat Emerick says

  127. Kat Emerick says

  128. Debbie Kennedy says

    My kids want the Rocky Mountain River Race. I hope Santa worked overtime this year to pay for it!

  129. Beverly M says

    My little granddaughter would love this little kitchen. I like the Woodside Cottage Playhouse, too. Thanks for having the contest!

  130. Becky Horn says

  131. Becky Horn says

  132. Becky Horn says

  133. Becky Horn says

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