NEW! Hugwallas – A Stuffed Animal That’s Meant For Hugging


Remember those adorable snap bracelets we all loved as kids? Meet Hugwallas!! Hugwallas are ready to snap and give you a hug! These soft, lovable and friendly animals that also give hugs in all shapes and sizes over and over again – Just grab ’em all, slap ’em on and take ’em anywhere!

My girls were both sent some Hugwallas and I can easily see the smaller ones heading to school and just about anywhere else my six year old can take it to. There is one large size that perfectly hugs your arm, or a smaller one that hugs your wrist and a tiny one that’s great for a finger. There’s also a number of adorable animals to pick from!

Both of my girls have had fun playing with their Hugwallas and we think they’d make great gift for the coming Holiday season!!



  1. Terri S. says

    These are really cute! I love the Hugwallas Snap Animal (light blue) Bear – it looks like a koala bear. :-)