Back To School – DXG Luxe Collection Camcorder Giveaway!!

The DXG Luxe 1080p Slim HD Camcorder is simply sleek, combines HD technology and style in one device that’s hip, hot and haute. It features a classic design that is inspired by the latest trends in fashion and will complement anyone’s taste and personal style. This camcorder records real 1080p high definition video and captures still pictures up to 12 megapixels. It also boasts a 3″ touchscreen display and an HDMI interface so it can easily be connected to your HDTV. This camcorder comes with everything you need to start recording your precious memories right away.

DXG Luxe Collection camcorders feature several stylish patterns in attractive color combinations and high quality video recording features, including full 1080p high definition and a 3-inch LCD touch screen display. Each camcorder comes with a  matching clutch case.

Measuring less than 1-inch thick with a sleek pistol-grip design, the 2011 Luxe Collection easily slips right into a shirt pocket or purse to accessorize any adventure. Available in a variety of trendy models and colors, such as Zanzibaranimal prints, Maui hibiscus patterns, Monaco funky polka dots, Ipanema flower designs, and Riviera quilted patterns, there is sure to be a Luxe for every individual style. Retail price: $249.99 visit

Capture all your kids school memories this year with an affordable and quality HD video camera.


I have one DXG Luxe 1080p Slim HD Camcorder to give away!

Follow These Rules For Entry:

  • To enter tell me what other camera from DXG would fit your lifestyle. Also tell me how you use your camera, do you video your kids?

Extra Entry Methods:

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Giveaway ends September 30th

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  1. says

    DXG-018P 3D Camera and 3D Viewer in pink, because it is pink! 😉 The whole 3D thing still kind of freaks me out, but it’s a cool emerging technology and would be fun to learn how to play with it. And yes, mostly I video my kids. :)

  2. ShaRhanda Lawson says

    It seems like the DXG Luxe 1080p Slim HD Camcorder would be perfect for me! I try to record everything, but it’s usually with my cell phone. :-( The kids are camera hogs, so this win would be perfect for me AND for them! :-)

  3. Timbo says

    I think the DXG-5B9VR 1080p QuickShots in Red looks pretty good 😀

    Please feel free to contact me at – allrightyes at gmail dot com

  4. Sarah W says

    I would love the DXG Pro Gear Series DXG-5F0VR in red!
    I take my camera with me on family vacations and holiday days off to document our fun days together.

  5. Margaret Smith says

    I’d also love the DXG Pro Gear Series DXG-5F0VR.
    I don’t have a video camera right now, but if I did, I would use it for video taping my kids and family. This would be great for taping my kids sports and when they are just being silly. Also would be great for preserving memories of the Grandparents, siblings and nieces and nephews.
    Thanks so much.

  6. Margaret Smith says

    Fan DXG Video Cameras on Facebook (Margaret E. Smith)

  7. Rosey says

    The Paisley HD Camcorder, Violet Paisley would fit into our lifestyle, how cute is that camera? I use my husband’s video camera to record the kids doing everyday or special things, but he uses it to make videos with the kids…I mean with a plot and special effects and everything. It cracks me up. I don’t even know how to do the things he does with his camera, but the kids sure love it (and so does he).

  8. Debbie jackson says

    DXG Pro Gear Series DXG-5F0VR looks great to me and i video everyone so i would use it alot debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  9. Michelle Hayden says

    The 1080p High-Definition Camcorder with 10MP Image Sensor, 5X Optical Zoom and 3″ Touch Screen Display. I love this…and I love that it has image stabilizer (too much coffee…) I would definitely tape my daughter, but the pets do goofier things :)

  10. Gayle J says

    I like the DXG Pro Gear Series DXG-587V HD this would be perfect for when we go on vacations. I don’t have a video camera but would take tons of videos of my kids

  11. Rachel says

    E-mail subscriber. Also, I like the DXG-563VP. I love the color, style, and price. I’d use the camera primarily to video my kids. I need to get better at documenting our moments!

  12. says

    I like this one the Luxe 1080p Ultra Slim Camcorder, Red Riviera, looks so fancy!! I would love to win to be able to record my daughter’s wedding and all the important things in my life!!! I too love to photogragh everything and anything beautiful and different events in my life good or bad!!! Good luck to us all….

  13. Simone says

    I would like to get the Pro Gear DXG-A80V camcorder. I don’t currently have a camcorder and I plan on studying film making next year, so this would help me get some practice.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  14. Jennifer Clay says

    I would def. fit my lifestyle. I would use this to video my two little girls. I can never take enough pictures or video them enough. They are only this little once and they grow up so fast!
    This is such a great giveaway! Fingers crossed!

  15. Susan says

    I Like the DXG 3D. I don’t have a video camera and don’t have children. What I want to record is me cooking, and put it on my FB page.

  16. Sue E says

    The one you are giving away would actually be the best fit for me because of it’s size, but the Paisley HD Camcorder, Pink Paisley would be nice too, don’t think the guys in my house would be apt to use it. I video my kids all the time, especially their sporting events, also the family during the holidays.

  17. traci s says

    i would also like the Paisley HD Camcorder , and i dont have a camcorder so i take lots of pictures instead

  18. Schmidty says

    I liked DGX on facebook (Rust Hawk)

    (rest of answer to your question ….we would mainly use this for hiking and camping trips with the kids.)

  19. Brett says

    I’m looking at the DXG-5B1VR Sportster models. Nice price and I like to get video of the family doing outdoor adventures.

  20. D Schmidt says

    I would love to own Chelsea 720p HD Camcorder, Black Houndstooth because the style is very hip and inconspicuous. I think I would use the camera to video my sons, especially my newborn because time flies past so quickly.

  21. Susan Morris says

    I visited the website and I like the DXG Pro Gear Camcorders and the Underwater Camcorders!

  22. says

    I’d love to have a DXG-018 3D Camera since I’ve always been interested in 3D photography– Viewmasters, Stereo Realists and lenticulars. I’ve been dying of curiosity about 3D video, too, so the DXG-5D7V Pocket 3D Camcorder and Media Player Bundle would be amazing.

  23. says

    Of all the cameras that DXG offers, I think I’d really like one of the QuickShots. It looks small enough to keep in my purse so I can capture the moments that a camera just doesn’t do justice for.

    The video camera I currently have is an older one that only takes 30 minutes of video. I’ve used it for special events in my boys’ life, like Teddy’s graduation from PDO, birthdays and Easter.

    I’ve liked DXG on Facebook, I’m blogging about your contest (in a contest post of various cool contests the blogs I read are holding) – I’ll link back that post later. I have your banner on my Blogs I Love page already (you can find it here: I follow you through GFC already. I’ve tweeted and put a link on my Facebook (adpaz is my user name for both) and liked Our Ordinary Life on Facebook, followed you on Twitter and I’ve used the retweet button to put an extra one up on my twitter account.

    Yep, I don’t want a lot of entries or anything. 😉

  24. says

    I really like the Riviera HD Camcorder and the Baby Blue is adorable. At $99, that’s a great price – I may have to look into getting one. I like the HD qualities and the nice screen size too.
    Perfect timing to catch your post too, since both of my camcorders just stopped working. Not sure what happened, they just won’t work – and as a blogger and Mom, that’s terrible. I take a lot of video, mostly of the kids – we will all love to watch them years from now.
    Thanks for the introduction, Kristin!! Off to look more into these camcorders!

  25. Ann F says

    I would like to get DXG’s DXG-5B9VB 1080p QuickShots Camcorder.

    I would use the camera to record my daughter’s plays and school performances.

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  26. Allison Downes says

    I would love to have the pink luxe one!

    I Film my kids ALL the time


  27. Christine Perry says

    I love taking picures and video taping everything! I always videotape my nephews when i see them!

  28. Michael Smith says

    DXG-5D7V 3D would be great. I usemy DSL to take photos of my grandchildren but would like to be able to do video

  29. Daniel Thornton, Jr. says

    I think the DXG Pro Gear Series DXG-5F0VK, Black would best fit my lifestyle. I use my camera to take pictures of the sweepstakes prizes that I win. I take a video once in a while. I want to take more pictures and shoot more video though.

  30. Jennifer says

    I would love the DXG-125VR 720p HD All-weather Camcorder, Red, seems like a great camcorder that could survive a family of boys, and we could finally take some videos of our trips and fun times together.

  31. joni says

    The DXG-018O 3D Camera and 3D Viewer would be a blast! I take a lot of pics at concerts and my daughter plays in a rock band so I also take a lot of pics of her band too.

  32. says

    Lbrouse1 (at) gmail (dt) com
    We don’t yet have a full fledged cam-corder. Our camera takes decent video, but of course can’t do anything long. I do take a ton of pictures of the baby. I also like the Kensington HD Camcorder, Red Plaid.

  33. Melissa Stary says

    The 3D camera would be neat-we are in need of a new camera too!
    I love taking pictures of our kids exploring, learning, and growing. Life goes by so fast-we need to capture as much as we can!

  34. Annmarie W. says

    I also love their DXG-5B9VL 1080p QuickShots in Lavender! I love to use little camcorders to record my daughter’s swim meet races…to send to the grandparents and also so she can review her technique after the race!

  35. Tracey Byram says

    I could use the Riviera 720p HD Camcorder, Pink to videotape my six grandchildren and their antics.

  36. Kristi C says

    I would love to have the DXG-5D7V 3D Camcorder and Media Player Bundle. I do video my children occasionally, but my current camcorder is so old and heavy we rarely use it.

  37. brittney says

    DXG-018O is pretty awesome. 3D!!
    I take video of my daughter.

    brittneydejajason at gmail dot com

  38. Jeff says

    I like the DXG-5D7V 3D Camcorder and Media Player Bundle camera.
    I would use this camera for vacations.

  39. Tammy Lynch Sigond says

    the DXG-018L 3d camera and viewer looks like it would be fun to use. i video my daughter and her cheer squad!

  40. Andrew Dankleff says

    I like the DXG-5D7V 3D Camcorder, looks awesome! and I use mine for catching my son and wife and the whole family!

  41. Kerri M says

    The DXG-5D7V 3D CAMCORDER AND MEDIA PLAYER BUNDLE is super cool! I’d use both of these for vacation videos/pictures, sporting events with the family, capturing the kids in their ‘natural habitat’ :)

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  42. Allison Wilson says

    I really love the look of the Chelsea 720p HD Camcorder! I video my family and my kitties a lot =]

  43. Selinda says

    The Riviera HD Camcorder, Baby Blue would also work for us! I don’t currently videotape because we don’t have a good way to, but I would like to!


  44. jeannine m says

    I like the Riviera HD Camcorder, Red Merlot and I would use it to tape my kids playing, swimming, dancing, singing and just being their silly shelves

  45. karen M says

    720p All-weather Camcorder would fit our needs, I like to take pictures when the kids are outdoors while they are snow tubing, skiing trips and camping trips. It is small enough fit in my pocket, made for all types of weather. Now I take picture with my phone, I have short video of the kiddo’s

  46. karen M says

    shared on facebook-

  47. Tiffany U says

    I dont know how but I would manage to fit the Violet Paisley camcorder into my life because its just so darned cute! Right now we use our phones to record or take pics of everything our kids do but I want something more sturdy and Id rather use my phone as a phone and have a camera to use for camera type purposes.

  48. karen M says

    blogged 1-

  49. karen M says

    blogged 2-

  50. karen M says

    blogged 3-

  51. karen M says

    blogged 4-

  52. karen M says

    blogged 5-

  53. Terri S. says

    I also like the sleek looking DXG-5F0VR, DXG Pro Gear 1080p Camcorder in Red for making high quality videos. I use my mother-in-law’s camera (I lost mine on vacation last month) to take videos of my family especially my 2 sweet little granddaughters. :-)

  54. Wanda M says

    The DXG-018G 3D Camera and 3D Viewer, Green looks real nice! I’ve never owned a camcorder, but I’d video all sorts of things that my family does, but mainly my goofy dog.
    wbailey113 at hotmail dot com

  55. Tara L says

    I would also like the DXG-A85V 1080p it has 12x optical zoom and would be great for vacations anf holidays. I would love to win this for recording my sons childhood since I have a really bad memory.

  56. yesi says

    the truth is precious video camera, I really like, if I will win from the start would begin to use it! Thank you.

  57. Carol Smith says

    The other DXG item I really like is the 720p All-weather Camcorder. I currently do not have a camcorder, but would use one to capture moments with my two infant grandsons.

  58. Debbie L says

    I love the DXG-5D7V 3D Camcorder and Media Player Bundle. It will take 3-D pictures. I dont have a camcorder. If I won I would let my daughter borrow it. She takes her camera with her everywhere. She loves biking on trails and getting animal pictures.

  59. says

    I would love to win this camcorder as I have 7 grandchildren and a new one coming in October to make 8! Would love to record them all to let them see them when they start having families. :)

  60. says

    Well for me I’d like to give 3D recording a shot so I’d look at DXG-5D7V 3D Camcorder and Media Player Bundle
    $599.99 . My wife and I record everything and we have a 3D set up and actually Playstation 3 has some cool 3D photo/video software on it which would be fun to experiment with. That being said, the prize being offered would be fantastic as we don’t have a “good” dedicated HD video recorder.

  61. valerie mabrey says

    DXG Pro Gear Series DXG-5F0VR, Red

    I love recording my kids and grnadkids

    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  62. tanya powers says

    I would love to win this. It would definately fir into my lifestyle. I would use it to video my mom as she is 85 years old and my cats and dog.

  63. sweeter the berry says

    I like the Chelsea HD Camcorder, Red Houndstooth

    I record birthdays and other special family time.

  64. Amanda Sakovitz says

    I like the DXG-018P 3D Camera and 3D Viewer, Pink. I use a video camera to capture vacations and memorable days like birthdays

  65. Louise Gilbert says

    I really like the DXG-5B9VR 1080p QuickShots, Red
    I would video my son’s sports day and other event at his school

  66. jose benavides says

    i would get a DXG-5D7V 3D Camcorder and Media Player Bundle and i would use it to take memorys of my kids like christmas and halloween .. to have special memorys 😀

  67. Diana Russell says

    Wow – this is a pretty hip looking camcorder – the coolest I’ve seen! I’m always trying to video – but our camera is too bulky – I’d have no reason not to with something this portable!

    e-mail: lucky02130 (at) gmail (dot) com

  68. Annie says

    I like the 1080p 3d cam. I don’t own a video cam, so I do not video anything yet. Would love to film the important events the kids have.

  69. clynsg says

    The DXG-5B9VB 1080p QuickShots camera would probably work well for us as well–my daughter uses it mainly for pictures of my grandson.

  70. Amber says

    Ooh this would be awesome. We like to record family birthday parties, vacations, and outdoor fun. We’d also like the DXG Riviera camcorder. Thanks!

  71. Denise B. says

    I also like the “DXG-5B1VY HD 1080p Underwater Camcorder, Yellow” which I could use to film our children in the pool.

  72. paige chandler says

    I also love the DXG-018 3D Camera and 3D Viewer, Pink I like to capture every minute of my new pug puppy growing up. Awwwww

  73. says

    If I could have whatever I want, it’d be the DXG Pro Gear Series DXG-A85V HD. I video myself for youtube & also do a LOT of video for children’s church stuff. It’d be great to have a “nice” one to use!

  74. Douglas says

    Love the pro gear series! My nephew lives 6 hours from me and would love to give this to his family so i can see vids of him! thank you for the great prize!

  75. Gary Eldridge says

    I’d get the DXG Pro Gear Series DXG-A85V HD

    I’ve always wanted to try video “photo” shoots. I already do still photography and video would be a nice addition.

  76. Ferrill Rushton says

    I love the pro gear series, and I would love to have any of them!!! I use my camera to video church youth groups, plus random little projects of my own including stuff like off-loading, surfing, kayaking, mountain-biking, and so on. This little camera will definitely come in handy!

  77. says

    I also like the DXG-018P 3D Camera and 3D Viewer, Pink :) That would fit my life too :) — I use my video camera to film my kids & send videos to the family! :)

  78. Traci Goodwin says

    I’d say DXG Pro Gear Series DXG-A85V HD. I do a ton of vlog stuff and this would soooo rock..

  79. loni says

    I would choose the DXG Pro Gear Series DXG-A85V HD because I do a lot of videoing of my pets and this would capture them as they fly by

    trippyjanet at gmail dot com

  80. says

    DXG-5D7V 3D Camcorder and Media Player Bundle would be a great addition to my life. I love my current camera/digicam, and take it with me everywhere. I videotape everything almost! 😛

  81. Sassy says

    I say the DXG-018O 3D Camera and 3D Viewer, Orange fits me. I would take cool pictures of my kids.

    sassysasha817 at gmail dot com

  82. ShellieAndBrutus says

    The Chelsea HD Camcorder would also be cool for recording all my pets antics. My family lives far away, so it would be nice to record things in my life to share with them.

  83. Hoa Le says

    I also love the Riviera 720p HD Camcorder, White.
    I use my camera to video family parties and my daughter!


  84. Susan Queen says

    I also, liked the twist cam. I would take videos of my pets and at the Dog park. Video at holidays, coming up Halloween. Lots of Fun.

  85. Christina says

    I also like the Riviera Camcorder! I video kids, pets, the inside and outside of the house, vacations – everything and anything to create a family history!

  86. Jennifer Boylan says

    Another DXG Camera that I would love to have is the DXG-A85V HD Pro Gear 1080p. I think the High-Definition Camcorder would be great to use for taking pictures of my kids and family members and videotaping special moments at birthdays, holidays and vacations!

  87. Kelly Ruiz says

    I would love to try the DXG USA DXG-A80V HD DXG Pro Gear 1080p High-Definition Camcorder. I video my pets, kids and anything else random.

    manelook at yahoo dot com

  88. Talex says

    Would also like to try to DXG Sportster – it’s waterproof! Mostly I just use cameras for still photos, I rarely shoot video, but a nice portable one that I can drop in my purse might encourage to record more often.

  89. Christine sarkauskas says

    The other item from the website that I like is:

    Chelsea HD Camcorder, Red Houndstooth


  90. Shawna says

    The DXG-5D7V Pocket 3D Camcorder and Media Player Bundle would be great because I love that it is 3D. I take videos of my kids so that I can remember little things that they do like putting on an walking around in Daddy’s shoes. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  91. Ashley says

    The DXG Pro Gear Series DXG-587V HD
    would also be great for us!! I would use this camera to video family events and occasions!!! thanks!

  92. charline says

    I like the DXG-5D7V 3D camcorder and nedia player bundle
    I do video the kids sometimes

  93. julia says

    I like the DXG-5D7V 3D camcorder and media player bundle

    I would record all the memories of my twin boys

  94. Brittney House says

    I would love to have the riviera HD camcorder to film my children getting older and their milestones.

  95. AnnaT says

    I really like the Blue Plaid Kensington 720p HD Camcorder. I currently don’t have a video camera, but I do take lots of pictures. Thanks for holding this great giveaway.

  96. Debra F says

    I think this camera would be perfect for my family….I’d love to be able to video my kids when they are playing their sporting games. In a dream world where money is not object, I’d get their DXG-5D7V 3D Camcorder and Media Player Bundle….how cool would a 3D camcorder be??

  97. MichelleS says

    My mandatory entry didn’t show up the first time I hit enter………anyways..I would like the 3D cam to use to film outings at the Safari Park in San Diego. I use my iphone to shoot video of my baby while my husband is deployed, but that camera sucks. I would love to win this.

  98. Dan M. says

    I like to record my boys’ soccer games and my daughter’s high school musicals…they’re not going to be this age forever, eh?


  99. Maria Gabriel says

    I also like the orange DXG-5B1VO HD 1080p Underwater Camcorder.

    I mainly use video cameras for the kids, and also at holidays and family-get-togethers.

    hookedonafeline999 at yahoo dot com

  100. Maria Gabriel says

    I like “our ordinary life” on facebook as m patricia gabriel

    hookedonafeline999 at yahoo dot com

  101. Kate Trevorrow says

    The underwater video camera would be so much fun, as we have family in Puerto Rico and a pool in the backyard! Maybe then we cold record the giant sea turtles while snorkeling that my hubby was too far behind to see.

  102. daniel healey says

    We could use the DXG Pro Gear Series DXG-A85V HD

    We have 4 kids in all types of activities from soccer to gymnastics and we film it all.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  103. michelle draveski says

    I would love to try the 3d view camera. That is sooooooooooooooooooooo cool. Yeah we do a lot of video tapping at out house but its my son who is the video nut.

  104. Selena West says

    i like the dxg 5bivy HD 1080p underwater camcorder. i do a whole lot of swimming and it would be great for underwater shots of the family.

    selenajowest at live dot com

  105. says

    The 3D view cam is AWESOME.

    I video my kids often, and I also have a company where my partner and I create videos for brands. I could see us spec’ing some of our scripts with the giveaway cam!

  106. Charlotte Varner says

    The camera that would fit my lifestyle is the, “DXG-5D7V 3D Camcorder and Media Player Bundle” because I love how it’s made but most of all it’s 3D!!

    I use cameras/video cameras for just about everything!!! That’s how people know me by is always seeing me with it. I’m always using it on my kids, unusual stuff that happens whenever everyone is like, “Wow do you see that?” I’ve caught quite a few things! I like sharing pics/videos with my friends and family. I’ve always been a picture person since I can remember. I’m the one who always catches something on film and everyone knows to come ask me for copies if they need it from a bday, wedding, graduation, family reunion, etc. The bad thing about the camera/video camera I have now is it’s always DELETING my pics & videos!! =*( I had Christmas from last year that had like 102 or more photos & videos and it erased every bit of them before I had a chance to get them printed. This has happened on more than one occasion and it seriously makes me cry.

  107. Shelley Mitchell says

    I like the DXG-5D7V 3D model also. I would use to video tape my kids sports & school events, birthdays, milestones, etc. I could really really use this to capture all these memories!! Thanks!

    msjem2001 at yahoo dot com

  108. Patricia Kennedy says

    I enjoy taking shots of the surrounding view and of course, of my best friend, Blaike, a Jack Russel dog.

  109. Amy says

    I’d like the 1080p Twist Camera. We use a camcorder for our kids. I like to capture them as they grow up. Also, just for special occasions like vacation or birthdays!

  110. Samantha says

    Would love the DXG-5D7V 3D Camcorder and Media Player Bundle. I would use the camera to videotape my soon-to-be nephew. Those first moments are too precious to miss!

  111. Jennifer Fiore says

    I like the DXG-5D7V 3D Camcorder and Media Player Bundle. Looks awesome! I would film my family special moments.

    winbigjenn at aol dot com

  112. Heidi Y says

    I like the Paisley HD Camcorder in violet paisley. I use video recorders to film interesting wildlife that I spot when I’m out on walks!

  113. Patricia Edwards says

    I would also pick a DXG A80V since it is an HD Hi Def video camera. I would make videos of my family with this camera.

  114. Kristie says

    I also like the dRiviera 720p HD Camcorder, Baby Blue. I use my camera to film every family event. I love taking pictures of our family.

  115. Thomas Gerber says

    I like the Riviera HD Camcorder in baby blue. I would use this to capture special moments with my family.

  116. julieh says

    I like the DXG Pro Gear Series DXG-5F0VK, Black, it would be so useful to videotape my twin babies growing up!

  117. Matt Ferrell says

    Nice giveaway! I “Liked” both facebook pages, and subscribed on the right side.

    I shoot alot of video, doing reviews of products. My camera sucks though, so this would be nice to have. And also just for family videos, etc. Thanks for the contest!

  118. Starla says

    I can see myself using the 1080p Twist Camera! I do video my children. I like to capture first moments on camera including things like first plan ride and first day of school. We recently moved to Florida and we have so many first moments to capture like Disney World and the beach!
    Thank you for the contest!