Dear Kaila, Oh How We Miss You!

Hey babe, you know how we told you we would be really busy this weekend? Well boy were we!!! Daddy and I keep talking about just how much we miss you so I wanted to share more of what we’ve been up to at BlogHer.

We met Elmo and Cookie Monster!

Remember my friend Lindsay who you met at Great Wolf Lodge? Well I got to see her, and I wore that pretty yellow dress that I bought to a really fun party with my friends. See Lindsay is the one in the middle and Annie is the other one, she’s really nice too you’d like her.

And remember my friend Jenny, you and her daughter Lucy played together at Great Wolf Lodge. Aren’t our dresses so pretty?

Today daddy and I left BlogHer and visited a really cool place called La Brea Tar Pits. I promise I’ll take you next time we visit Grandma in California. You’d like it because it’s such an amazing place. See a long time ago when there was an Ice Age animals gathered at this pit thinking there was water but ended up being trapped in the tar that is boiling to the surface. It’s a bubbling pit or tar and there’s even oil that boils on the surface. Here let me show you:

Such a neat place, and I’m glad daddy and I got to see it. Tomorrow we’re going to the happiest place on earth. Can you guess where that is? I’ll write you again tomorrow night.

We love you, be kind always.

Mommy and Daddy

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  1. says

    These are the sweetest letters! Kaila is a lucky girl. So glad we got a chance to hang for a bit on the boat! Can’t believe you were in my hood – at the tar pits! so fun. Hope you had fun. Have an amazing time at D-Land xo Jenny

  2. Auntie Mea & Kaila says

    Hi Mommy and Daddy
    I miss you guys alot too! And so does Brooklin! Auntie Mea and I went to the Sunday Market today and I got a really cool picture of a zebra! And I also got some really good smelling soap! It smells like peppermint! Yum!
    Brooklin has been giving Auntie Mea a hard time going to sleep at night but I think she is having fun.
    See you soon!
    I love you
    Kaila & Brooklin (and Auntie Mea too!)