Cheesy Broccolini Mashed Potatoes Recipe


I love turning ordinary meals into elegant and healthy family meals. I didn’t want a traditional steak and potatoes with veggies meal so I was able to feed my family of four for about $20 with a filet mignon and cheesy broccolini mashed potatoes. Our family eats a lot of organic broccolini but I really wanted to fix things up so I simple mashed my potatoes and 2 minutes prior to them being done added the cut up broccolini so it could also cook. I strained then drained potatoes and added some organic butter and cheddar cheese. I was able to buy the grass fed filet mignon really affordably at my local grocery store and my kids raved about how wonderful the meat was. Simple, oragnic and elegant just my kind of meal.



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    Looks soooo good. I love broccoli so I am sure I would love this. I have a great recipe for Broccoli soup on my blog if you would like to take a look.