A Quick Few #BlogHer11 Highlights


Some of the best moments at BlogHer happen in a spur of the moment kind of way. I think while conferences are great for gaining valuable skills and reflection they are also great for those one on one conversations. It’s those conversations that are valuable, it’s those that build bonds and create lasting memories. In those conversations is where I truly learn from my peers.

Of all my BlogHer highlights this year are those moments, and actually feeling like I belong. I know exactly what I wanted out of my BlogHer experience and I got it.

I’ve known both Audrey and Coleen for years and this year they released a book called “The Digital Mom Handbook” (I’ll share more about this book soon!) and it was nice actually being able to connect with them both and wanted to congratulate them on the release of the book.

I am a Kmart Gordon Ramsay brand ambassador and while at the Cheap Sally Party snapped this picture with Jenny.I also spent some time with my good friend Lindsay and Annie.

I spent time with my wonderful  Blog World Expo crew on a gorgeous boat. Here’s Kim, Janice and I on the boat. It was wonderful!!

I connected with pr reps that I’ve known for years!

And old friends.

I happened to score some cash in the expo hall this year!!

I’ll write more in depth about our time at  BlogHer.



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    It was so much fun to meet new people and see old friends. I love that we all got to get together for a mini-reunion of GWL, too. You looked FABULOUS as the Kmart ambassador!