That Time I Hiked Down A Chute – Barlow Road On The Oregon Trail

The historic Oregon Trail is well known for early setters making their way through the mountains exploring the country. They brought everything they had with them in their wagons and often navigated some of the most difficult routes. My husband and I stumbled upon Laurel Hill also known as Barlow Road was a part of the Oregon Trail. The hike is short and the trail head is located right on highway 26. The information said it was a mile to the top which is a view of the chute, also known as Barlow Road.

This hike isn’t necessarily impressive but the history is rich. Could you imagine using a rope to get a wagon down the chute, at the top my husband and I found some old trail markings. The only thing early settlers left behind to mark their trail.

At the top my husband and I looked below and the shredded rocks and imagined the large Oregon Trail party making it’s way down. So we decided to not take the trail and try our hand at the chute. I don’t ever recommend hiking off the trail but at the bottom is where the trail started so we knew where we were going and knew that if they could make it down with a wagon we could certainly make it down with only a camera and water bottle in hand.It was a short hike 1 mile total but was so well worth it to put ourselves in their shoes.


  1. Kathy Rambousek says

    Very cool – I’m always looking for interesting hikes around here. I’ve heard of Laurel Hill, but didn’t realize it had a trail for hiking. Thanks!

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