Remember – Do Not Use Old Fireworks!!


Tonight we decided to break out the fireworks! We bought them last year and had every intention of lighting them off. They’re the good kind, you know the ones that shoot into the sky. The ones the guys go crazy over!! We didn’t think about the possibility of them being too old. My husband set it up outside, and it lit like normal.

And then came time for it to shoot into the sky and burst into a red circle.

It exploded.

I happened to snap this picture as I began to run.

Do not use old fireworks!!! This should be said more often!!



  1. Eileen says

    We didnt buy any this year and my husband is planning on doing LAST years tonight also. We keep them in huge ziploc bags he got from a work project. Hope the are OK as I know he wont listen to me on this. Thanks though. I will tell all to stay clear.

  2. says

    I saw this on your twitter stream and retweeted it. It’s a very timely message that I hope reaches someone that needs to read it.

  3. Kasey says

    I actually had no idea that old fireworks were not still usable – I had never even thought about that! Thanks for the info, we were saving some and will get rid of them.