Portland Family Fun – Water Fountains Around Downtown Portland, Oregon


With an abundance of water here, Oregonians are no strangers to rivers, lakes, beaches, and being soaked by rain. Portland residents have a diverse and artistic collections of outdoor water fountains, being among the top in the U.S. That’s right, we my not swim in pools that often but we sure love our water fountains!!

When the weather gets hot,  us Portlanders love to spend our time outdoors which includes spending time at the Portland metro area vast number of fountains. Whether for recreation, relaxation or just a cold drink, Portland’s water fountains truly offer something for everyone.

Below you will find more information about our love affair with Portland’s water and all the fountains in the city.

The Benson Bubblers Famous Gifts From Portland’s Past

Best known of all the the Portland fountains are Portland’s Benson Bubblers. These  ornate, bronze drinking-fountain bowls provide free and fresh drinking water throughout downtown.

Salmon Street Springs Fountain Portland’s Most Popular?

Known as the heart of Tom McCall Waterfront Park a picturesque span of green landscape along the western banks of the Willamette River and at its center is Salmon Street Springs.  Children of all ages delight at the fountains rhythmic, changing patterns that cycle through Bollard, Mister and Wedding Cake formations as sprays from its arching, inward-facing jets converge in the fountain’s center all controlled by a computer underneath the main structure.

The Salmon Street Springs Fountain is located at Salmon Street and Front Ave. Portland, OR 97205, in Waterfront Park, near the Portland Visitor’s Center.

Ira Keller Forecourt Fountain – A Great Place To Get Your Feet Wet.

Dip your feet in this cascading water falls and pools, and can be seen as an ode to Oregon’s magnificent waterfalls. Remember this fountain has steep steps so please be careful with children.

The Ira Keller Forecourt Fountain is located between S.W. 3rd and 4th Avenues and Market and Clay Streets in downtown Portland.

Skidmore Fountain Commissioned For Horses, Men and Dogs

A Portland icon inspired by the beauty of Paris. Skidmore Fountain is the centerpiece of a Portland retail institution the Portland Saturday Market, which runs every weekend each year from March through December 24. The city’s unofficial motto, Good citizens are the riches of a city, is inscribed in its base.

One of the many fountains in downtown Portland, Oregon.

Salmon Street Springs Fountain

The Skidmore Fountain is located between SW Burnside and Ankeny Streets and 1st Street and Front Avenue in downtown Portland’s historic Old Town District.

Pioneer Courthouse Square Fountain  AKA Portland’s Living Room

Pioneer Courthouse Square also known as Portlands Living Room features at its center a mesmerizing and multi-leveled cascade of water.

The Lovejoy Fountain Plaza A Romantic Escape

Immersed in the middle of a natural park like setting, the Lovejoy Fountain Plaza is the perfect place to share a romantic and relaxing picnic during one of Portland’s famously mild spring afternoons.

There are more to find and great to see. Be sure to check them out this summer!