Photography – Fireworks

There’s something so easy about photographing fireworks, or so it seems. The 4th of July gave me ample opportunity t get some great pictures of family memories being made. We had planned on going to a large event but after really thinking about it, the hours of waiting to get a good spot for the big fireworks with a toddler just didn’t seem reasonable. Come to find out Brooklin was so scared of the fireworks. She was fine at first but there was “BOOM!” “BOOM!” all around us, I’m not sure she knew what to think.

We had a fun day, had lunch at the park and did cartwheels in the grass. Time at the pool, and dinner outside. We went and bought our own fireworks and lit them off when it got dark. My husband took Kaila to the top of the hill that overlooks the valley and they watched as fireworks went off below.

Here’s a few of our favorites!

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  1. says

    This year I gave Mat the camera. He’s more savvy with settings than I am, since he took photography courses in high school and college {granted not using digital cameras, but the same applies}. I only wish we didn’t have powerlines obstructing the shots! LOL

  2. Tina says

    Photography is my hobby, and I remember trying to get fireworks one year and it was HARD!!! Lol! You did a great job!!!