Dear Tooth Fairy,


It’s official Kaila lost her second tooth yesterday! Her auntie gave her a little jar with a fairy on top since Kaila collects fairy’s. Kaila had the bright idea that she didn’t want to give her tooth to the tooth fairy. Keep in mind she got $10.00 when she lost her first tooth so she really has no concept of money, yet.

So she wrote the tooth fairy a letter.

So the tooth fairy let her keep her tooth.



  1. Christine M says

    Aww that is so cute! My 5 yr old lost her first tooth a few weeks ago and another one is almost ready to fall out. Her bottom 2 permanent teeth have grown in and pushed the baby ones out. Last yr after watching the movie Tooth Fairy she said she was going to put it under her pillow and get some money. Well this year she told us she just wanted a pink toothbrush and that’s what she picked out at the store a double pack of Barbie toothbrushes. I asked what she wants for the next tooth thinking it would be money and she said toothpaste! Love that girl =)

  2. says

    Yeah..the tooth fairy sure sounds nice :)

    *I always wonder why we say they “lost a tooth”. Nothing is lost…kwim?

  3. MamiS says

    My baby finally got her first two teeth and it’s been a very LONG and tiring process. I don’t think her losing her teeth will be any more fun.