Throw An Expecting Mom A Baby Sprinkle With Pampers – $300 Gift Card Giveaway

Whether she’s 3 moths early, or 10 years late. Whether he has a young mom or a surrogate. Whether she has special needs or a lot of needs. Every baby is a little miracle, to celebrate, support, and protect. Whether she has one sister or two, every baby deserves to be celebrated in some way. Every mother, whether it’s her first baby or second.

I am one of the rare moms who never had a shower, I was one of those young moms with no family. My husband and I never had a party to celebrate so I wanted to celebrate those moms who are gearing up for baby. Whether it’s a shower or just a sprinkle if you’re a mom already or a first timer Pampers and Our Ordinary Life wants to celebrate you!

This year Pampers is celebrating little miracles everywhere and in doing that they’ve hosted baby showers and daddy cookouts. The showers have been in celebration of moms everywhere and the stories behind them are quite heartwarming. There is a video below that features a om Jessica who’s baby was born too soon. What you don’t know is there was another baby who passed away. Also what you don’t see are all the tears and the fear. This is what I truly love about the Miracle Missions program. This ordinary mom had someone share her story on Pampers Facebook page and I know just how much love went into throwing her that shower, and guess what? Pampers is doing this all year long. They’re simply asking for you to share a story.

Right now Pampers is asking for you to hit the “I support” button and they will help families affected by natural disasters by giving one diaper one pack of wipes and $1 for every person who hits the button. It’s simple, and then share a story. Know someone who has been affected, share the story and you never know who will make your load lighter. It’s a year of miracles after all!

Please visit the Pampers Facebook page and pledge your support.


I’m a mom who’s never gotten a baby shower and I know there are moms out there too just like me. Do you know a mom who is expected a second, third, etc. baby?  Would you like to nominate her to win a $300 Amex Gift Card to throw her a sprinkle? I have one $300 gift card thanks to Pampers to give to one lucky mom! Whether she has a shower or a sprinkle she and her baby should be celebrated!

Follow These Rules For Entry:

  • Tell me about the deserving mom, and pledge your support of Miracle Missions on the Pampers Facebook page.

Extra Entry Methods:

  • Follow Pampers on Twitter
  • Like Pampers on Facebook  and pledge your support.
  • BLOG ABOUT IT!!! 5 entries.
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  • SUBSCRIBE: (located home page, right hand side) 2 entries.
  • Gain an extra entry by tweeting and following me on twitter, becoming a Google follower, and also by sharing this giveaway on Facebook. Let me know in a comment if you can. :)
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Giveaway ends July 15th

I am a Pampers Baby Board and truly love and support the brand that has protected my babies for so long. I am proud to simply give this to one lucky mom.

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  1. brian e. says

    Thanks for the giveaway…we supported the latest Miracle Mission on the Pampers Facebook page.

    …my wife & I would like to throw a baby shower for my sister who recently told us she is expecting; she & her husband are deserving since, like many others, her family took a big economic hit the past few years i.e. losing jobs, a house, etc.

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  2. Tammy Greer says

    My nephew and his wife have a two year old boy and really want a second child. With money being so tight, I know they won’t be able to buy a lot of new things for their second child. People just don’t give showers for the second and third babies so I’d like to gift them this card. Emily is such a great mom and is so deserving of this. She is such a special mama!

    I pledged my support. (Tammy Greer)
    LuckyTJG at cs dot com