Throw An Expecting Mom A Baby Sprinkle With Pampers – $300 Gift Card Giveaway


Whether she’s 3 moths early, or 10 years late. Whether he has a young mom or a surrogate. Whether she has special needs or a lot of needs. Every baby is a little miracle, to celebrate, support, and protect. Whether she has one sister or two, every baby deserves to be celebrated in some way. Every mother, whether it’s her first baby or second.

I am one of the rare moms who never had a shower, I was one of those young moms with no family. My husband and I never had a party to celebrate so I wanted to celebrate those moms who are gearing up for baby. Whether it’s a shower or just a sprinkle if you’re a mom already or a first timer Pampers and Our Ordinary Life wants to celebrate you!

This year Pampers is celebrating little miracles everywhere and in doing that they’ve hosted baby showers and daddy cookouts. The showers have been in celebration of moms everywhere and the stories behind them are quite heartwarming. There is a video below that features a om Jessica who’s baby was born too soon. What you don’t know is there was another baby who passed away. Also what you don’t see are all the tears and the fear. This is what I truly love about the Miracle Missions program. This ordinary mom had someone share her story on Pampers Facebook page and I know just how much love went into throwing her that shower, and guess what? Pampers is doing this all year long. They’re simply asking for you to share a story.

Right now Pampers is asking for you to hit the “I support” button and they will help families affected by natural disasters by giving one diaper one pack of wipes and $1 for every person who hits the button. It’s simple, and then share a story. Know someone who has been affected, share the story and you never know who will make your load lighter. It’s a year of miracles after all!

Please visit the Pampers Facebook page and pledge your support.


I’m a mom who’s never gotten a baby shower and I know there are moms out there too just like me. Do you know a mom who is expected a second, third, etc. baby?  Would you like to nominate her to win a $300 Amex Gift Card to throw her a sprinkle? I have one $300 gift card thanks to Pampers to give to one lucky mom! Whether she has a shower or a sprinkle she and her baby should be celebrated!

Follow These Rules For Entry:

  • Tell me about the deserving mom, and pledge your support of Miracle Missions on the Pampers Facebook page.

Extra Entry Methods:

  • Follow Pampers on Twitter
  • Like Pampers on Facebook  and pledge your support.
  • BLOG ABOUT IT!!! 5 entries.
  • Grab my banner (shoot me an email I’m willing to exchange banners) 1 entry.
  • SUBSCRIBE: (located home page, right hand side) 2 entries.
  • Gain an extra entry by tweeting and following me on twitter, becoming a Google follower, and also by sharing this giveaway on Facebook. Let me know in a comment if you can. :)
  • Tweet once a day for an extra entry.
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  • You can always leave a comment on any non-giveaway post. (1 extra entry per post commented on. just go to “home” posts are up front, please comment on all new posts and leave your extra entry comment)

Giveaway ends July 15th

I am a Pampers Baby Board and truly love and support the brand that has protected my babies for so long. I am proud to simply give this to one lucky mom.



  1. Randi Kobielnik says

    My BF is pregnant and due the end of July with her second child. Her 1st child is 9 yr old so she doesn’t have much for the coming baby! Her friends have gotten her some things but this would really help get her a bigger item she needs or even just to give it to her to use for the baby when he arrives! Would love to surprise her with this she really deserves it!

  2. Dragos says

    I cannot think of anyone more deserving than my wife… I know many men would claim this.. BUT I have every reason to nominate my better half. I am a cancer survivor (at the young age of 26) .. when we found out about my diagnosis we also found out my wife was pregnant with our first. Even through her terrible morning sickness that lasted all 9 months, she NEVER left my bedside at the hospital when I underwent treatment for my osteo-sarcoma.. She pushed me in a wheelchair, and took me to all my doctor appointments and rehab after surgery. She never complained, and always catered to my needs. I can admit I wasn’t the best husband during her first pregnancy, since I couldn’t give her back rubs or a foot massage as others do to their wives.. but I want to show her my gratitude through this testimony.. My wife is pregnant AGAIN Against ALL ODDS!! We are expecting our 2nd miracle (Another princess!) at the end of October. My three girls are my world, and I say it with all my heart.

  3. Pauline Milner says

    One of my best friends is definitely a deserving Mum and I will be throwing one heck of a shower for her.

    Her and her husband have been married for 15years. She was told after several years of trying to get pregnant that they could not find anything wrong but since it had been so long, her chances of getting pregnant were nil.

    They put themselves on the adoption list, but it was going to take years to get a child under the age of 2. Just before Christmas, this past year, they got frustrated with waiting and took themselves off the adoption list and resigned themselves to the fact that they were not going to have children.

    In March, she started feeling awful. She went to the doctor, thinking she had the flu. Well, it was not the flu, she was pregnant!

    She is doing fine. Her and the baby are both healthy. I cannot think of two people who deserve a baby more than them. This baby will be so blessed.

    I cannot wait to have a shower. I am going to make it a co ed shower and it will be a ton of fun!

    I pledged my support to Pamper’s Miracle Mission on their Facebook page.

    Facebook ID: Pauline Milner Pike

    Thanks for the great giveaway! ~Pauline

  4. Pauline Milner says

    I am following your blog publically with Google Friend Connect.

    GFC ID: dod

  5. Adrienne Gordon says

    I know my neighbor across the street could use this…shes expecting and lost her job.

  6. Margaret Smith says

    I pledged my support of Miracle Missions on the Pampers Facebook page.
    My niece Katie and her husband are expecting their first child. They are just starting out and could really use some help.
    Thanks so much.

  7. Margaret Smith says

    I Like Pampers on Facebook and pledge your support (Margaret E. Smith)

  8. Margaret Smith says

    I’m a GFC follower (rickpeggysmith).

  9. says

    I pledged my support on the Pampers FB page under the name Mary Happymommy. I would love to throw a shower for my friend who is expecting her 2nd baby. She is a teacher and her husband is a pastor and they could definitely use some baby gifts.

  10. says

    I shared on Facebook with my username Mary Happymommy-

  11. Cynthia C says

    I pledged at Pampers. I’d love to throw a shower for my friend’s daughter in law. She’s so excited to be expecting her first.

  12. Alicia Webster says

    I pledged my support on Pampers’ FB page (Alicia Webster). The deserving mom is pregnant for the first time after 10 years of trying. She is employed full-time at a good job, but will have to take some time off when the baby is born. Her husband is unemployed, so she is worried about this.
    Alicia Webster

  13. Jessie C. says

    I pledged my support of Miracle Missions on the Pampers Facebook page. I’d like to throw a baby shower party for my sister in law . They’re expecting their first blessing and I was just told they’re having triplet. I’m pretty sure they’ll appreciate any help they can get.

  14. Amanda S says

    I pledged and Im throwing my friend Jen a baby shower so this would really help

  15. Janice Cooper says

    I pledged my support and I would love to surprise my sister. She recently had her first baby and we did not throw her a shower. I would love to surprise her with some diapers and other essentials for my new precious niece or have a surprise shower: )

  16. Donna B. says

    I pledged your support of Miracle Missions on the Pampers Facebook page for Missions 1 and 2 when they were posted earlier in the campaign, and I just pledged Mission 3.

    I have a friend of mine who’s pregnant and a single mom like me, I’d throw her a baby shower. To make it memorable…hmmm well having a baby shower at all would be memorable for her, but I’d get one of those diaper cakes. I think they’re very memorable and super-cute!

    I’m not sure of the theme, I’d have to do some recon to find out what her thoughts are on the room design. I know the bedding she registered for has a zoo animal theme so something along those lines, I think.

    I know she’d be touched by the gesture and very appreciative of the baby shower and gifts!

  17. Amanda @MommyMandy says

    I’m entering for myself. First off I never got a baby shower with my 2nd daughter, I was told “oh you jsut don’t do that after your first child”
    As you can imagine, the past three years have been a struggle and then with the miscarriage in November I felt like such a failure, like it was my fault, I did something wrong. It was the worst experience I have ever gone through, and no mother should ever experience it.
    Trying to add to your family for some people can be so hard, and some couples never experience being parents.
    When I first saw the new Pampers commercial I cried, and now I cry.
    The miracle I have growing inside me will be our last baby, and I feel so blessed, yet so scared.
    I would love to win this card, and use it to buy a crib and other things we need.

  18. says

    I am already apart of the mission. I would love to throw my sprinkle my friend with gifts. Its hard to throw her a shower since I am in NY and she is in CA. She doesn’t have anything and is scared. I think this would be the perfect pick me up.

    I never had a baby shower either, and I have 3 kids.

  19. says

    My sister is pregnant with her first and trying to get it all together! I would LOVE to sprinkle her like she did me years ago when we brought our twins home from Korea!

  20. says

    Baby showers are so great. I would throw a huge shower for my friend. She is in need of some help right now. As a mom of two kids and having many friends and family members having had babies, I have some tips to have a fun shower on a limited budget. First off, the invitations- I like to use evite or Facebook invitation so it is free. There is no need to waste money sending out invitations with paper and stamps. As for decorations, who doesn’t like a diaper cake? I also like to go to the dollar store and purchase decor for a really great price- who can beat $1? I also like to use things that we already have around the house, or borrow items that family members have for decorations (table centerpieces and other items). Food is always a fun part of a shower. I would do a little hawaain style food. Hawaiian haystacks (cooked rice topped with a chicken and sauce mixture) in addition to various toppings which you build yourself buffet style (cheese, olives, onions, pineapple, hard noodles, tomatoes, carrots, celery, cucumber, bell peppers). The drinks would be water and then a punch mixture that is really good- sherbet ice cream, red fruit punch, ice and Sprite. As for gifts, baby registries are great. And you can never go wrong with diapers. My first baby shower I let everyone know that if they didnt get anything off the registry, diapers were much appreciated. Sure enough I got plenty of diapers. Games- who doesn’t like that game with the clothes pins? You know the game. You can’t say “baby” or the name of the soon to be born baby. It is so funny to see who wins by the end of the shower. I also would put together a memory baby game. I did this for my shower and it was so fun. You go buy a bunch of candy bars with different names that you can incorporate with the baby theme. example- the baby square would say baby’s college tuition and if the person matches up two squares that match, they would get a hundred grand candy bar. It gets so fun and everyone gets really excited.

    sassysasha817 at gmail dot com

  21. Mandy says

    My younger sister is preggers and due in 10 weeks with her second and needs so much stuff – a Sprinkle would be JUST PERFECT!

  22. sandy says

    well I have a fiend who is having a baby and would love the help but would do something small for her and she would agree we would do a clothes/toy/diaper drive for joplin tornado victims

  23. Tina M says

    I’d throw a baby shower for my best friend, Jess. She work so hard for her family. I am already apart of the mission.

  24. Jennifer Marie says

    My friend could really use this. She just had her second baby. This one is a boy and her fist was a girl. She really didn’t get a lot of boy items and I would love to give her boy clothes, toys, and lots of diapers/wipes. thanks for the chance!

  25. Jeff says

    I comitted to helping the mission. My mom worked my hours and still made home cooked meals all by herself. She is a most deserving mom. She just got it done instead of complaining.

  26. says

    I pledged my support of Miracle Missions on the Pampers Facebook page as Tofu Fairy. I honestly do not have any pregnant friends right now. I do have a friend who had a baby for her best friend and his life partner so that the two could have a child. If anyone deserved a great shower, it was the three of them, but that’s been a year ago. If they decide to do it again though, I would love to throw them a shower!

  27. Amber says

    My friend Angela deserves a shower for her first baby! I’d like to make it special and let her use the card to have snacks, gifts, color themed decorations, cool games, and gifts for the baby!

  28. Debbie jackson says

    oops sorry, I wasn’t paying attention
    this would be for my sis who is expecting a little girl and i pledged at their site
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  29. Jacob says

    I would do the shower for a young couple I know in which I was the official at their wedding. They really want to start a family but are a little tight right now. I would make it special by inviting friends and family from their wedding that really want to help and support them and have people but the very basic necessities like diapers and soap, etc and I took the pledge at Pampers on Facebook and my homepage is

  30. says

    I know so many deserving moms, I just found out a friend is expecting, I would love to throw her a baby shower and this would allow me to do so! I took the pledge.

  31. tracey byram says

    My daughter’s friend deserves a wonderful baby shower and all the help she can get. I pledged my support on Pampers FB page-tracey byram.

  32. karen M says

    I would love to throw my best friend a baby shower, she is expecting number baby number 4. Her family doesn’t live very close, and it would be wonderful to invite friends to share and celebrate the event. I know it would be a big surprise and can’t wait for memories to be made.
    I took the Pledge

  33. karen M says

    shared on facebook=

  34. tess says

    i pledged and the deserving mom is my next door neighbor- the home she is living in is getting foreclosed on her and she is having that extra stress while being pregnant.
    tcogbill at live dot com

  35. Kim says

    My friend REALLY needs the cash – she is about 7 weeks from her due date and they are very broke. They tried for 5 years to get pregnant, so this is a MIRACLE.. but I wish they could enjoy it more by being able to buy more of the things they need. I’d give them the cash – straight up! To buy all the little things that baby requires. :) – and I clicked SUPPORT!

  36. says

    Though I had a shower with my first, I’m not having one with this baby due in 2 weeks. I’d love to give this to my sister-in-law, who’s due in December with twins (yikes! Her first pregnancy too). She and my brother will definitely need this.

  37. Chanelle says

    I would love to throw a shower for my cousin/friend, who is going to be a single mom so she needs some love and support right now. I would make her shower owl-themed (partly because she is a hoot :) and I would use some of the Amex money to purchase a train ticket that would enable her mother to be here for the baby’s birth. Thanks!

  38. Kasey says

    Pledged support – my deserving mom is my friend Christina, who is due sooner than they thought and really, really needs to get some basics and some fun stuff asap!

  39. Debra Hall says

    a friend of mine just had a baby but no shower this would help her buy for baby

  40. says

    I’m going to nominate myself…we’re about to have our fourth baby and I only had a small baby shower with my first. We recently bought our first house and our first new car so with those 2 payments it’s really hard to get all the necessities for the new baby.

    I also pledged my support on Pampers FB page :)

  41. says

    I commented on this post-

  42. says

    I’d love to throw one for my best friend who is finally having a boy! She has two girls already. I have also pledged my support on the Pampers FB page.

  43. says

    The deserving mom is one of my late daughter’s classmates. She just graduated and is expecting a baby. I’d love to help her out the most I possibly can. She’s going to need a lot of support.

  44. kathy says

    My sister is a deserving mom, this is her first kid and her hubby is going through med school right now so every little bit helps.

  45. pink flip flops says

    I would give my next door neighbor a baby shower. She and her DH have
    been waiting to adopt a baby girl from Thailand for 3 years and August
    it is finally time to go and fetch her. So I would make it special by
    inviting all her friends and her old college room mates as a huge
    surprise. And have this awesome baby shower so she wants for nothing
    where she flies back from Asia with her little one.

    I pledged my support for the Pampers Campaign!
    on Facebook= rose-ally manning

  46. Eileen says

    I have two daughters due to have babies, one is rather young and baby was very unexpected. They both deserve a shower but after a nephew and girlfriend had a baby VERY early last year and they spent countless miles running back and forth to the NICU for 4 months, Id love to choose a deserving family in the same situation to surprise with some gas cards, a gc for dinner out, and maybe a reasonably prices point and shoot digital camera. The stress on their schedule, emotional and financial lives really was tough on them so I think this would be helpful for some parents of a premie or sick baby who spend a lot of time at the hospital.

  47. Eileen says

    I commented on your My View – How Mom Blogging Came To Be post!

  48. Heather H. says

    I pledged my support on FB page and the deserving mom I’m thinking of is my best friend from college. She’s pregnant with her second child but because she was so young with her first child she never got a proper shower so I want to make this one special.
    hendymartin1 at yahoo dot com

  49. Heather H. says

    Like Pampers on FB and pledged my support as Hendy Martin
    hendymartin1 at yahoo dot com

  50. Georgia says

    I would throw a shower for my niece who just had her first baby boy a couple of days ago and she is in need of so many things including and air conditioner for her trailer.

    I pledged my support again. Love what pampers is doing.

    gmissycat at yahoo dot com

  51. says

    I pledged.

    My cousin was surprised with her pregnancy – she’s still young and in college. I’d love to help her out with the extras she is going to need.

  52. says

    I commented on this post-‏/

  53. ANGEL JACKLYN says


  54. ferriz says

    i pledged!

    my friend is a worthy mom. she has a 7 year old that she had very young and has picked her life up, finished school, got a job, married a wonderful man, survived cancer, and is making it work.


  55. ky2here says

    My niece is due any day so the shower would be ex post facto unless we do this right now. My niece deserves a break, their budget is about shot.

    ky2here at msn dot com

  56. julieh says

    My young neighbor is really deserving of extra support as she will be a single mother. I pledged on pampers fb (julie hawkins)

  57. Tara V says

    I would love to throw a shower for my cousin. She has 3 kids and has never had a shower.

  58. Tara L says

    My sister just had a baby and I would love to throw a baby shower. I cannot afford to do it but this GC would make it happen. She does not have alot of money and a shower would be great! I pledged my support on Pampers FB page

  59. says

    My daughter is the most amazing mom I have ever seen! I pledged my support on Pampers FB page


  60. Tara O. says

    My friend Mary has been a tireless mother to a 4 year-old daughter with special needs. She has been so proactive in getting her daughter treatment for both mobility and speech issues, and I know she has spent quite a bit of money in doing so. They were unsure of having more children due to time and effort they must put into their first born, however, Mary and her husband just announced that they are having another child and I would love to throw a shower for her to celebrate.

  61. R Hicks says

    My sister in law is expecting and this would let me get her a super baby shower gift. ALso pledged.

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  62. MamiS says

    I would use this to throw a shower for a fellow military mom who’s husband is deployed with mine. I took the pledge.

  63. Carol F says

    My friend’s daughter is deserving,I pledged my support
    carolkfoster at comcast dot net

  64. April Bever says

    My friend just has a baby born early and not breating. She is making it and is a miracle. Would love to throw her a Disney shower for the babies homecoming.

  65. Erica C. says

    I pledged support on fb :) I’d love to throw a baby shower for a coworker/friend. She would definitely be surprised.

  66. Stacy says

    My deserving Mom would be my nephew’s wife. She is an ovarian cancer survivor and she is pregnant with their first child. He is a Marine, so they don’t know where they will be stationed when they have the baby in March. I pledged my support.

  67. Lyndsey R. says

    I would throw it for my bestfriend who just moved to Florida and has no friends out there. I would love to throw her a suprise shower!

    I took the pledge!

    Lyndsey.Rullman at hotmail dot com

  68. Lyndsey R. says

    I’m following pampers on Twitter as lyndsey1stunna

    Lyndsey.Rullman at hotmail dot com

  69. Lyndsey R. says

    I like Pampers on Fb as Lyndsey Rullman. I took the pledge.

    Lyndsey.Rullman at hotmail dot com

  70. Debra F says

    Pledged my support and I would throw a shower for a first time mom to be at work. She doesn’t have a lot of money so I’d make sure she’d get all the supplies she needs for the first months of her baby’s life. To make it extra special I’d make sure to invite the soon to be grandparents too.

  71. susan smoaks says

    i pledged support and there is a single mom at work who is expecting and already has 2 children. she is a deserving mom!

  72. Lisa G. says

    I never received a baby shower and know that it can leave you feeling really sad. I would love to nominate my sister in law who is pregnant with her 3rd child. This special little one definitely deserves a baby shower!
    I pledged my support of Miracle Missions on the Pampers Facebook page user Lisa Garner.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  73. Lisa G. says

    Liked Pampers on Facebook and pledged my support user Lisa Garner.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  74. Jill L says

    I would love to throw the Pregnancy Ministries program in my town a baby shower. I know they are expecting 8 little ones this summer and could really use the help. I helped do a baby shower for them back in May and their shelves were pretty bare when we arrived. Our bundles were definitely appreciated. Would love to do it again!!!

  75. Susan Smith says

    I pledge my support of Miracle Missions on the Pampers Facebook page and I’d love to give my niece a shower, she is struggling a bit and I think a shower would boost her up and show her that a lot of people care about her.

  76. sarah l. says

    Pledged: Slehan
    My friend’s granddaughter is only 18 and not married. She could really use a shower (baby kind).
    Thanks for the contest.

  77. dddiva says

    My deserving mom is our niece Jessica who had a few tragic experiences before finally being able to carry a baby before the second trimester. I pledged.

  78. dddiva