Portland Family Fun – U Pick Farms Portland and Orchards Near The Metro Area

There’s nothing quite like picking your own fresh fruits, berry’s and  fresh locally grown vegetables. There are so many farms around the Portland metro area and all of them are worth visiting at some point in the year.

U Pick Farms Portland and Orchards Near The Portland Metro Area

A visitor writes on November 09, 2010: “We visited the Dairy Creek Farm and had a WONDERFUL experience. My husband enjoyed chatting with the very friendly farmer and his young sons while I picked bushels of gorgeous chemical-free tomatoes of all types. We also came away with a ton of winter squash, all for a twenty dollar bill. What a generous family and they allowed us to have our dog with us on a leash too. A bonus is that the farm is located in a beautiful area. We spent the rest of the afternoon hiking the Vernonia-Banks trail. Wish we’d found them sooner in the season! Thanks for your wonderful site and for connecting us with these great folks. Looking forward to next harvest season!!”

Farmer’s Markets, Farm Stands and Roadside Stands

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  1. Kasey says

    Gosh, you all have quite a few of them! We don’t have as many, but it’s still a great thing to have access too, and fun on top of that.