Fun Foods For The 4th – Spice Up Your Burgers With Mini Chicken Burgers


Nothing says BBQ  without burgers, I’m sure chicken burgers aren’t sounding too great right about now but it’s such a fun little burger I wanted to inspire you all right before 4th of July. Lets face it, chicken isn’t exactly cheap compared to mass produced ground beef. I found these adorable mini burger buns at the grocery store. Most stores are carrying them so to stretch my chicken I put them on small burger buns. That also allowed me to cut up the breast and made 8 burgers with just two organic chicken breasts.

I topped the burger with organic iceburg lettuce, tomato and organic ketchup which is slightly sweet. I also seasoned the breast before it went on the grill.

Easy and fun, why not spice up your burger!



  1. says

    Crazy as it sounds, my son LOVES grilled chicken and has never eaten beef. I’ve offered him beef plenty of times and for some reason he doesn’t like the look of it. He’d like these chicken burgers.

  2. Janice Cooper says

    I love chicken sandwiches as I don’t eat beef. This looks really good. Good idea to make mini chicken burgers. These would be good with bbq sauce also. Thanks for sharing :)