When Your Heart Really Wants Something And Your Mind Just Says No


When I first read the job description for the Hopscout editor’s position I knew this was a job that was meant for me. My heart said go for it, so I did. For the past week I have personally messaged many of you asking for your vote to be the next Hopscout editor. As a mom blogger I have worked for the past 6 years building the brand you all know so well. Building a brand around myself, my family, and our ordinary and sometimes not-so-ordinary life. This job has many rewards but as you all well know, very little pay. the ability to put my experience to work is in my eyes once in a lifetime. Opportunities like this rarely come along.

I know so many women have what it takes to be the next editor and they want it just as bad as I do. I have felt all along that if given the chance to give my resume (besides being a creative stay at home mom) I feel I could get the job on my resume alone. For a company starting out like Hopscout I also felt they could use the experience of a mom like myself.

Today Hopscout decided to extend the vote because of some technical issues. Wanting to be fair voting is now extended until Monday! While I believe you should never show up for a job interview late I understand wanting to make the process fair for all who wished to enter.

All too often in the mom blogsphere we feel alone. We feel this job has little rewards. This week I have felt more love and support than in the years I have been blogging. I had friends who didn’t agree with the process yet stood up and went out on a limb for me. I have had reps from the companies I’ve worked so hard for step up and tell me how qualified I was for the job, how proud they were of me for trying and just how much they wished I would finally get my big break. I had friends old and new take the time out of their day to support me. Unselfishly helping me along the way you all went out on a limb for me. If I leave with nothing other than this I have won so much more than a paying job in the media I love.

I want to say thank you. I attempted to make a video but all I had were tears. I wanted you all to see my face and hear from my own words just how much this and you mean to me. Thank you. For helping me believe in myself again, for seeing my dream and helping push me to get there. My video was far from creative, and nervously I didn’t say half of what I had wanted to. Not one of you thought I wasn’t qualified. Not one of you told me I couldn’t do this!

I realize how powerful we are if we stand together. How supportive we are if we stand together.

That all said….

I will not be asking for any more votes.

My heart tells me to keep going but my rational mind says no. I want this so bad but I spent every waking moment this week consumed with this job contest. My husband has been incredibly supportive of my preoccupied mind but it’s time for me to get this website that has kept us going for so many years back in order. It’s time for me to stop and accept it as is.

If I happen to make it into the top 20 then this was truly meant for me.

For the wonderful people at Hopscout, I wish you all the best over the weekend. I know this won’t be easy. Your business model is one I admire and the message of keeping things simple resonates so well with my family.I hope that I can continue on as part of your family. To all my new friends I wish you all a stress free Easter with your family. I am so happy I was able to meet with you and I’m not going anywhere!!

{lets out big sigh, as tears stream down my face}

I’m going for a good cry and an enjoyable and much needed afternoon at the park with my children.

I feel better now.



  1. says

    Nicely said. I feel exactly the same way.

    About the contest, about the job, about my supporters, about the extension, about not asking for anymore votes this weekend(maybe) and about Hopscout.

    Good luck to you. I hope we’re both in the Top 20!

  2. Joanna says

    Thank you for being honest Kristin! Now I’m going to be as well. I voted for you and I hope you get this. You are someone that I look up to in this big ol’ blogosphere. You deserve this and you’d be great at it! Now with that being said…I didn’t really read all about this job/company and what it is about, other than I know you’d be great at ANYTHING media related. However, I think the whole voting process for a career is just ridiculous. Not that I am looking down on you for applying and asking for the votes. Otherwise I wouldn’t have voted. Heck, this was the ONLY way that you can get the job. I think that this makes it a popularity contest more than anything else. I really hope that whoever does end up making it {if you don’t} is somebody that knows what they are doing and is the right person for the job. Otherwise it was not only a waste of a lot of people’s time {those who entered} but it was a waste of a company’s time as well. Good luck, I’m pulling for you!!

  3. Tiffany Hansen says

    I just came across your blog for the first time through this competition. I too am a candidate. I too was sad to hear about the extension. I too don’t want to beg my friends any longer. I too want a stress free Easter. Though, I understand why Hopscout needed to make this decision. All to say, I am sending a vote in for you right now :). Enjoy your holiday and Good Luck!

  4. says

    It’s definitely not the only way you can get the job. We’ve tried to be as transparent as possible about the process and stated that votes will not be the only determinant. Kristen, we really hope you don’t get discouraged and don’t stress too much about it. If you can’t stay in the Top 20, that will ABSOLUTELY NOT eliminate you from making it to the next round. We know how many of you want this and there is no way we can generate enough jobs to make everyone happy but we are doing our best to make this fair for everyone. Please enjoy your time with your family and have a lovely Easter. I’m sure your new friends up on the hopscout page would love to hear about it on Monday.

  5. Chrystal says

    i don’t know you and i’ve never read your blog before today. heck, i didn’t know what hopscout was a handful of days ago. but i will say that you are clearly a perfect candidate. you are putting your money where your mouth is in respect of balancing work, ambition, family, dreams, and your creativity. though one could consider the holiday weekend as a bit of extra time for one last push, i believe you are taking the road that illustrates the essence of why this job was created. blessings on all of your endeavors…

  6. Liz Scruggs says


    Nicely stated! I couldn’t agree with you more. Not only am I a SAHM of 3 children 3 & under I am a military spouse and this opportunity was a chance for me to finally grow with a company and to have a career that would PCS with us! Something to help get me through deployments and just the roller coaster of a life I live. With that being said my life is a fun ride, one from which I never want to get off. I enjoyed watching my friends get excited for me and watching them try to lobby for votes on my behalf. It has been exciting and humbling to read comments posted by my friends and family. I had no clue that many of them feel the way they do about me and my efforts! I feel so alone sometimes and this opportunity has lifted my spirits and provided me with motivation that if I do not make it into the top 20 to begin looking into pursuing my passions on my own!

    Thanks again for the post. Have a Happy Easter!
    Liz Scruggs

  7. says

    Some two cents here that I realize might be completely un-welcome.
    When I first started hearing of this contest, I thought long and hard about it. It would litterally change my life. I would be able to get my tooth fixed – yes that kind of life change. But something in my mind said no as well.
    So in talking to a friend who is a James Bond level web detective, we found a festival of red flags.
    First of all I hate voting shit. It’s just plain wrong. It pits women against each other in an ugly way that makes most people end up feeling like bad while the sponsor reaps the benefits of the traffic etc. It’s bad business. And, really, would you hire someone based on popular vote? Or would it maybe be a good idea to check them out and make a decision based on facts? This is not a wise business move – it’s a reality tv move. However, another red flag is the rules for the contest.
    They made it seem like votes were what mattered, but they have a big huge out -it’s all subjective
    it isn’t just the top 20 vote getters, they reserve the right to add in whatever other criteria they feel like before making the decision.
    What they are offering is big. Really big. Unrealistically big. To offer someone all that based on a vote sends up red flags . It’s not a one time prize – it’s a long term relationship with some one who can work the system ,use bots and multiple accounts and have groups that do nothing but vote for each other and votes can be purchased. Doesn’t make sense at all.
    They could have a huge financial backer behind them and end up being the next Groupon. A big backer like Linkedin???
    I hadn’t heard of the company before I started seeing stuff about this contest. Why? It would seem that a company like this should at least look slightly familiar to someone like me who is online all friggin day looking at similar sites.
    I checked them on Alexa.
    And their traffic and links in would all be due to this voting contest.
    So then I checked them on compete.com.
    Nothing. Zilch.
    So I noticed on the bottom of their site that they are through GoDaddy!!!!
    GoDaddy!!!!! That’s who people like me use – NOT big fancy companies who can afford to pay huge salaries.
    And – the site was started 3/30/11. Yes, 23 days ago. Brand new.
    Brand new company making ridiculously fabulous promises and using bloggers to give them traffic…
    Oh, and their their privacy policy is crappy, too –
    “Also, we may share personally identifiable or other information with our parent, subsidiaries, divisions, and affiliates. ”
    Your info is not safe with them & they require you to register to use the site.
    Warning. Warning. Red Flags Flying High!
    This would be fabulous AND would be appropriate compensation for a real job. What we do daily anyway.
    But real jobs don’t make people jump through hoops, play silly games and work for free for the chance of maybe getting a job.

  8. says

    Jamaise LilLuxe is now Hopscout

    please see this article for more information:


    You are right, the site is brand new just launched.

    While I understand your concerns, I have done a lot of research on the company and as a blogger I can stand behind them in every way. When I switched my URl and rebranded it took me half a year to even get noticed by search engines. Now my SEO is all back on track and I show up in all the systems. It takes a while, it takes creating content and generating links.

    I can tell you also because I know a lot of the women who have entered, there aren’t many well established bloggers in the contest. There are some wonderful web designers, toy designers, moms, knitters, you name it the contest has a wide variety of different types of women. In no way was this a ploy to get bloggers, although I’m sure if more had known more would have entered.

    I hope you look over the article and do a little more research. Maybe it’ll change your mind. 😉

  9. says

    I have my fingers crossed for you! I know you would do a great job… your blog is well done, you do thorough reviews and yes, it is about time you caught a break with compensation. I hope they look carefully at who they are choosing since voting can easily be skewed. But, yeah. The job sounds perfect for YOU!

  10. says

    In my opinion, it’s just crazy to hire someone for a job based on a popular vote. It should be based on skills and experience. I hope you get it.

  11. Diane says

    I’m glad you pointed this out — not so much just for this site but any of the brands who base any of their promotions on votes. I have seen in different places where votes can be ‘bought’ so how can there be a fair determination based on community or what is perceived as community response anyhow?

    This is a trying and tiring effort when the odds can be slanted unrealistically from the start.