Easy BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

Now that the weather is starting to warm up we can finally cook outdoors. I love coming up with different ideas for my ordinary bbq favorites. I also believe that some of the best tasting recipes have simple ingredients.Sometimes all you need is a good bread and in this case, this sandwich is all about the bun.

What You Will Need:

I simply slathered my favorite bbq sauce on some organic chicken and grilled it. Then I chopped it up.

You could easily add lettuce and tomato and use any bun but I used Blues Buns. A bun made form my favorite bread company Dave’s Killer Bread. They’re organic, and packed full of flavor. You could easily find a good bun like it in your grocery store.

I simply put the chicken in the bun then added a little extra of the sauce that I used.

This sammy is all about the bun and the sauce. If you can locate the Organicville BBQ Sauce I think you’ll be delightfully surprised by it. Pair it with a healthy bun and you have a tasty summer sandwich.

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