Buying Organic Foods At A Discount – FREE Organic Food Coupons


I can’t pay full price for organic foods anymore. Our budget every month has got to come down, so I’m going to coupon. And guess what? Like all you crazy couponers out there I have coupons too. See a quick Google search and an hour of research later and I figured it out. There are coupons for everything you want to buy these days! If you go to the website there is some way of getting a coupon.

Even getting a $1.00 off the Organic Valley eggs I love so much can drastically help the budget. Especially when a dozen eggs costs $4.00. I am embarking on a new mission. I’ve got a list of some of my favorites and I hope to just do more posts like this as I go. Like everything else in my day, couponing will take time.

What I learned: If you want a coupon call, email or write. Companies will even send you a FREE coupon for a free full product if you just ask.

Organic Food Coupons:

Organic Valley Coupons: Print a FREE online coupons for every kind of Organic Valley coupon.

Cascadian Farms Coupons: Get a $1 Cascadian Farm coupon when you sign up for their newsletter, plus more coupons in each issue.

Newmans Own Coupons: Newman’s Own dog products coupons two coupons per household.

Earthbound Farm Lettuce and Produce: $1 off coupon for taking a fun organic quiz.

Full Circle Organic Meats and Foods: Email and receive free coupons.

Morning Star Farms: Sign up for the newsletter and get coupons.

Knuden Juice Coupons: Coupons for all Knuden Juice brands.

Santa Cruz Juice and Soda Coupons: Coupons available online.

Naked Juice Coupons: Sign up for the newsletter and get coupons.

Annies Natural’s Condiments: Get $1.00 off coupons for signing up for the newsletter.

Horizon Organics: Sign up and get free coupons.

Spectrum Organic Oils Coupons: Write, email or call.

Simply Organics Spices and Sauce Mixes: Plenty of coupons on their website.

Earth’s Best Organic Baby and Foods: Print free coupons form the website.

Happy Baby Organic Foods: Enter some of their fun free giveaways and win foods and baby gear. Also sign up for the newsletter and get free coupons.

Gerber Baby Organics: FREE Gerber coupons in their online offers.

Grocery Stores:

Whole Foods Store Coupons: Print coupons online for FREE in store Whole Foods Coupons.

Safeway – Organic Store Brand O Organics: FREE coupons online and through your club card.

Albertson’s – Organic Store Brand – Wild Harvest: Coupons online and in store.

Super Target Stores – Organic Store Brand Anchor Farms: FREE coupons online



  1. Organic Coupon says

    I usually save my coupons for when non-perishable organic items go on sale. Then I stock up and get them for super cheap! Your right about contacting the company, it’s much easier to contact the company who makes the organic products you love than to search high and low on the internet for their coupon.

  2. says

    Its always nice to have a resource to look to. Some good coupons out there, but they also come in local papers and advertisement bundles.

  3. Wendy W says

    My family used to laugh at me for sitting down with my flyers and coupons each Sunday. Then they saw how much food I got for little money! My kids were embarrassed at first because we walked out one time with a gallon of milk, loaf of bread, bakery cookie and dunker donut for only $1! I frequently have to have the manager come over to override the register because I have so many coupons :)

  4. says


    I’m going to link to this article for an organic challenge I’m doing this week. It’s exactly what fits with the challenge. You are AWESOME!!