A Stroller Designed For Active Families – The Bumbleride Movement Edition

Living in Oregon our family lives a very active lifestyle from hiking near waterfalls to camping in the mountains we need a stroller that will keep up with our family.

Our Bumbleride stroller has easily kept up with our family but now that Brooklin is getting older we need something that can continue to grow, and that’s exactly what Bumbleride has done. Designing a stroller that is made for active families like ours.

The Bumbleride Movement Edition will be released in Spring of this year and has a sleek modern design with some actual practical features. The Movement Edition features water-resistant sport fabrics, SPF 45 sun canopies and striking color combinations. This collection was inspired by and designed for the active, action/sports lifestyle and has a very unique and sophisticated look when compared to other strollers in the industry.

This collection will be shipping in March and featured in two colors- Jet, a sleek black; and Fog, a warm grey. It will be fitted on both the Indie (all-terrain model), and the Indie Twin (double all-terrain model) and Flite (lightweight/umbrella model).

Inspired by Southern California’s surf and skate culture, Movement Edition strives to offer what action sports parents have long been waiting for- cool functional products suited to their lifestyle that make their lives easier with baby.Being from California and now living in Oregon I see the practical uses, like the simple fact that it’s waterproof. We live, eat, and breathe rain here, if it were up to me all strollers sold in Oregon would be required to be waterproof.

Bumbleride Movement Edition will start being shipped in March, get one while you can!


  1. Wendy W says

    I still love mine from my first child, it was very versatile. I’m glad I’m out of this phase, now we are into cars. (a new kind of “sleek”)

  2. Jessica says

    This is the stroller I’m in loveeee with. My husband laughed at the price tag :( I’m still dreaming though and good to know they will be out in March I may still have time to win him over.

  3. Eileen says

    Am back to looking for great new baby items (with a new grandchild coming next month! Yippee!) This does look very sleek and lightweight. But only black and grey for colors surprises me. Nice stowage compartment too! My son’s family is very active too…so this would be so great. Perhaps a nice little Bumbleride promo will be coming next month when they come out? lol!

  4. Kimberly says

    I don’t think this looks like it would tip over at all. It looks sleek and chic, but still rugged enough for my husband. He gave me carte blanche for selecting a stroller, but I know he secretly was hoping I wouldn’t select a pastel teddy bear creation. That being said, I do wish this came in something besides grey and black, maybe a dark plum?