Disney’s Epic Mickey


We love all things Disney and we were sent the new Disney’s Epic Mickey for the Wii to review. I’m not into playing too many Wii games myself but Epic Mickey is a great game. For Wii game the graphics are classic Disney, clear and crisp. The game sends Mickey on an epic adventure, you use a paint brush and paint thinner to alter the world. There are forgotten characters and morphing worlds.

Warren Spector is really pushing the “playstyle matters” idea, that is what the whole game is based on in that every choice you make and what you do matters. Every time you use the paint brush or interact with a character there is a change of events. I think it makes the game more interactive and actually allows you to have a choice in the game and also makes the game change giving it variety. As a Disney fan we love this game, it’s a great gift for any Wii owner this Christmas. I think it’s one of the best game picks this season.



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    Hey Kristin, thanks for reviewing this game. I was on the fence about it and finding good games for preschoolers is really hard. After reading your review, it’s on my list to get!