Gift Guide – American Girl Retires Felicity, Plus One Great Giveaway

I started reading American Girl books after my sister Amanda brought one home from school. I’ve been reading them just about as long as I’ve been able to read chapter books. My sister Amanda’s favorite was always Felicity but she let me read all her books. As an original American Girl I’m a little sad to see Felicity being retired in fact, this Christmas is the last that you will be able to purchase this treasured historical character.Since a big part of the American Girl Company is the books, you will still be able to purchase her books at And even though Felicity is being moved to the archives she still retains her place in the hearts of 9 year old girls everywhere. Including my own.

Kai got her very first American Girl book 6 months ago. We’ve gone through the first two books in the Kit collection. She picked Kit to start her collection, which is fine by me I know nothing about the new American Girl’s. I know as my girls continue to get older their love for American Girl will blossom. There’s something about losing yourself in a book, with such an imagination a girl can dream big!

Through the Christmas season you can purchase Felicity online at or in any American Girl store. Get this classic doll before she’s gone. And the perfect gift for any American Girl on your list.

American Girl is going to offer one lucky little girl her wish. One winner will receive a Felicity doll, and one book.

Follow These Rules For Entry:

  • This is simple, I want to know about your American Girl. Who will get this prize, and why will she like it? What on her wish list this year? Who’s her favorite American Girl? Or tell me about the American Girl who you remember most.

(Winner chosen is based off a combination of answers, effort, and entries. I pick several people, then use entries and effort further determine the winner. I cannot pick at random.)

Extra Entry Methods:

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Giveaway will end December 1st.

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  1. Katherine says

    That would be my daughter Julianne, I think she has read every American Girl book. Her favorite was KIt

  2. Margaret Smith says

    My daughter Anna would get this doll. She adores the American Girl Dolls so much and has been begging us for one…guess whats ontop of her Christmas wish list.
    Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway.

  3. Kristi C says

    This would be for my youngest daughter who loves all things American Girl. She has a great many of the books and has been wanting one of the dolls. Her wish list includes new games for the Wii, new books, and quite a few other items. Her favorite has always been Kit.

  4. Adrienne Gordon says

    My daughter would love this, she has never had an American Girl doll, just a generic one which her friend nicely pointed out was not an American Doll, this would definitely be on her list.

  5. says

    This would go to my daughter Alex, she looks like felicity with her brown golden locks. I have not introduced her to the books yet, but she loved seeing the store in NYC and really wants a doll.

  6. Maureen says

    I would love to get this for my niece. I am not sure if she has any of these but I gave her an older Madame Alexander doll of mine from when I was a child and she loved it. I think this would be wonderful for her because it would be new and special.

  7. meeyeehere aka Rachel Crisman says

    My sweet and wonderful Darling Delilah would be getting this for Christmas if I won.She is my 3 year old niece and I would love to give her a new and lovely doll for Christmas.
    Thank you

  8. Jenn S. says

    My daughter would be the recipient of this doll. She loves history,playing her cello, reading and playing with her dolls. Felicity has been on her wishlist ever since she heard she was being retired. The only thing she ever plays with are her American Girl dolls, of which her favorite is Jessie, which was the doll of the year a couple of years ago. The other things on her wishlist include a lot of books, some fabric so she can design clothes for her dolls, and she wants her Jessie dolls ears pierced.

  9. Jennifer Manthei says

    My little american girl is 4 and she is carring around the catalog like it’s a warm cozy blanket. She knows when they were born and is just in love with their pj’s. They are on the top of her ‘list’.

  10. says

    My daughter is very much a girly girl and would absolutely LOVE this doll! She just got the American Girl doll catalog in the mail last week and even though she doesn’t have a doll yet, she was doing a lot of shopping for doll clothes and furniture! 😉 I don’t think she has a favorite doll and even though she is only 4 I’m sure she will treasure this if she were to receive it as a gift! :-)

  11. says

    Both my daughters love American Girl dolls but especially my oldest. She has a just like me doll and she takes her everywhere with her. It would be such an amazing Christmas surprise to give her Felicity. My daughter is so good, she knows we can’t really afford another American Girl doll, and would be so happy and surprised to receive Felicity.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. Heather Jenkins says

    My American Girl is my daughter Kelly. Although at 13 she’s a little old for playing with dolls, she still takes care of the dolls she has. She recently showed generosity like a real American Girl by giving away many of her doll accessories to a poster on Freecycle who was looking for some birthday gifts for her daughter and couldn’t afford to buy expensive doll clothes.

  13. says

    Where do we enter? Just here in a comment? email? how? I guess I’ll just put it here, feel free to move it, if it’s not where it goes.

    My 7 yr old daughter would be the recipient of Felicity should I win. She just got her first American Girl for her birthday. She chose a My American Girl that looks like her. My Mom and I went in together on it, she LOVES her doll, and that’s putting it lightly, she has check out a few of the American Girl books from the library and loves to read them. Her favorite so far is Samantha, but she hasn’t read the Felicity stories yet. On her wishlist this year is a ‘friend’ for her AG doll, she’s just sure that Emily(her doll) needs someone to play w/. She would LOVE Felicity because she loves her clothes, all her pretty dresses are a big hit w/ my daughter, and she(my DD) also loves horses so the fact that Felicity has a horse is a good thing too. Thanks for the chance to win this doll, it’s a very generous offer.

  14. Kim L. says

    The doll would be for my daughter!! She has been recieving the catalog for over a year now! We sit and look through it when it comes and she gets so excited! We have gotten one American Girl story as a gift which she loves! We can’t afford a American Girl doll right now. This would be a fantastic way for her to recieve one. She would treasure it and so would I!!! xo Thanks for the chance

    kimberly.long at gmail dot com

  15. cathy miller says

    I do not yet know who the little girl will be that would get this doll if I should win. I would give this to toys for tots or a local organization who provides Christmas gifts to those who wouldn’t otherwise have any. Each year i like to have a few gifts to give to a girl because I had 2 boys so I never got to buy girls things. I think this girl would love Felicity and take tender loving of her.

  16. Melissa Brox says

    Ellie is my American girl and though she doesn’t yet have an American Girl doll of her own, she longs for one. We are enjoying reading the AG short stories that she has been checking out from the school library. Since we are just getting to know the American Girls, she does not yet have a favorite. I look forward to starting the “Meet…” series with her, maybe over the Christmas holiday. Thanks for this chance to win!

  17. Anita K. says

    I am so saddened that they are getting rid of so many of the original girls. I remember spending many hours as a child reading the books, and examining the catalogues so closely! I am not sure if I had just one favorite–the personalities, looks, clothes, etc. of each “girl” were so unique–although I dearly loved Kirsten’s braids! I must say that the American girl dolls and books were one of the very few things that interested me in history as a child, and I spent many years thinking of time periods by matching them with the appropriate girl!

    I remember that Felicity in particular taught some wonderful lessons about self-reliance and integrity, and loving your family and friends even when you may not agree (although to be honest, poor Kirsten’s stories always stuck with me most closely–her best friend dying on the ship to America, the accidental fire that burned down the cabin, etc).

    If I won Felicity, I would give her to my cousin’s baby girl, to look at for now and play with as she gets old enough, and hopefully to spark her interest in history a bit!

  18. M.S. says

    I have been reluctant to introduce my daughter to American Girl because I know she would love the dolls and books, but we don’t have the budget right now. I love the concept of Felicity being able to help teach history to young children and I know my daughter would absolutely fall in love with her.

  19. Melissa says

    If I were to win this doll would be given to my daughter’s best friend Hope. My daughter just received Felicity for her birthday this past week, and loves her & her other AG dolls to pieces. I remember reading through Samantha, Molly & Kirsten’s stories as a child at the library and loving them…eventually getting to the point where my mom told me I couldn’t keep checking them out because other girls would like to read them too!

  20. says

    My Princess R. is nearly 8 and loves her Rebecca doll. It’s so sad the Felicity is being retired. We studied her with a book club last year and had so much fun doing weekly tea together with her. It would be a delight to win her before she’s gone, but we are actually entering this drawing in hopes of winning Felicity for a friend who does not have and American Girl doll. As most of the little girls in our circle of friends do have these dolls and it’s not in the budget for our friend, we would love to be able to share this wonderful gift for her so that she can join in the play with the rest of our friends. :)

  21. TheAmericanGirlMom says

    My 11 year old daughter loves American Girl so I would give it to her. She is in 6th grade and some people might think she is too old for dolls but all she says is “Never grow up, it will ruin you.” She just loves them and she likes playing with them and taking great care of them. She really wants Felicity but we can’t buy her Felicity since we can’t afford it this Christmas. But My daughter, Megan, is in love with American Girl.

  22. Tabitha P says

    My 7 soon to be 8 year old right after Christmas on the 30th would get this doll. We have had the American Girl catalogue coming to our house, seems like EVERY WEEK. Of course she has gone through and written her name on everything thing she wants out of it. She keeps saying you think Santa will bring me this, and this, and this, and this….you get the picture. I say I don’t know but I know we can’t afford it. So This would be great if I could win. I think Abby would Love it, she has always been the little mommy of the house and plays with her babies, which most are ones of mine when I was growing up! Her Wish list is pretty short actually, The American Girl doll, a bike, a pillow pet, and a snuggie. I got everything covered except the Doll! The Pillow Pet came in today, bought it off ebay! I think she she marked the Doll Savannah and Addy alot in the book, which she isn’t getting two, that’s for sure!

    Thank You

  23. says

    My daughter Lora would love this Felicity American Girl doll. She received her 1st doll for her 6th B’day this past August and since then has been wanting Santa to bring her another. We recently took a rode trip to visit the American Girl Store in Boston which she went nuts over. It was like a child in a candy store. I’ve never seen her so excited, happy and grinning ear to ear. Thank U.

  24. Courtney says

    My daughter use to love the American Girl dolls but she outgrew them. I’d love to win this so I could gift it to someone from the Salvation Army tree they have up evey year. I think this would make their Christmas.

  25. Nicole C. says

    My 8 year old daughter would get the doll! She hasn’t wanted one for a long time, and Felicity is actually her favorite!

  26. Tina H. says

    I would give this doll to my daughter Rachael who is 10. She received Kit last year from Santa, and just loves her. AMerican girl reflects a positive imagine for girls, and that is what I want my daughter to learn.. especially love the books. Thanks for the contest. :)


  27. says

    my niece would get this, she’s got a great smile and is so funny! She loves American Girl and would be so happy to win this! she has many things on her wish list including american girl, bratz dolls, and littliest pet shop

  28. M Whitten says

    My American Girl is my daughter- she would get this for either her b-day (Dec24) or christmas. This would be great because she just recently started getting into American Girl Dolls! This would be a great gift to be able to give her. Thanks

    bsyb100 at gmail dot com

  29. Soha Molina says

    My American Girl is my daughter. She is my world and she embodies the American Girl spirit. On Sunday, as she was trick or treating, she saw the AAA man helping tow a car in the street we were on. She went up to him and offered him some candy from her bag becasue “he was working so hard. That’s my special girl.

  30. says

    My American girl is my daughter , Macy . She loves the american girl dolls , as well as read also . I have seen her bring back American girl Samantha books . I love her bond between her one American girl doll who is losing her hair . Macy will not let me send her back because she says she can fix her hair with a used brush and scissiors! I do not know what else to do , exept hope I somehow whin this contest . Her wishlist is : warrior cat books , American girl magazine subscription for two years , a new barbie doll , a bean bag chair , and felicity . I can’t stand to break her heart , and at least a got a slim chance of getting her that Felicity doll . That website is my daughters by the way . I would never have enough time to make a website if I wanted to !

  31. Amy says

    American Girl has done it right! I wish I had something like this growing up. American Girl is helping my daughters learn that is awesome to be who you are. My 4 year old is motivated to learn to read so she can read the books by herself. She has a Just Like Me doll that she adores. She wants to add to her collection by asking Santa for all the dolls and books from American Girl. It would be awesome if Felicity was under the tree this x-mas. My 2 year old will be getting her first Bitty Baby.

  32. Gloria Walshver says

    My granddaughters were born in USA who I want to give the doll to. How american is that?

  33. W Wangen says

    My American Girl is my 9 yr old daughter. She has been saving for 4 yrs to buy her own doll. She has asked Santa every year for one, but he’s on a tight budget. We spent 4 hrs in the American Girl store in MN on our 1st trip this past weekend. She was in awe, as was I. All of her friends have at least one AG. She begged for two dolls that are now retired, and I couldn’t even afford their clothes for her. She hasn’t complained, which makes her a better person than myself. She continues to offer her money to me for bills I can’t pay, but I won’t take a penny. I know its all she has too.

    I love Julie because she reminds me of myself; I grew up in the 70’s with the long blonde hair. My daughter loves her too, as well as Felicity, Ivy, Laney, and Kaya. She really likes them all, but especially Kaya now. I asked her why. She told me because Kaya belonged to a family that was more than just her parents, that her tribe and her culture were all part of the family life. She feels that is very important and wants to share that. We are a very close family: my parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. Her father left us (me and my 3 kids) when she was only 5 yrs old. He just packed up one day and left. She has never really understood that since family sticks together.

    I don’t have a website, nor do I blog or other techno-savy stuff. I barely have time to check my email but a couple times each month, but I happened to see this today while I was on and was deteremined to give it my best effort. My children deserve that and more.

    I don’t envy the choice you will have to make on the winner, and if it is not my daughter, then God has a different plan for us and we shall wait on Him. Thanks you at least for the opportunity for my daughter and the other girls out there to receive such a wonderful gift. You are very generous. I wish the girl that wins this American Girl all the happiness and love that her heart can hold.

  34. Denise B. says

    This would be for our daughter. She really likes this doll. We don’t have any wish lists for Christmas.

  35. Cassie says

    My American Girl is Abigail. She is nine and loves her doll endlessly. Fleicity would be such a great gift for her and a great teaching tool. She is starting to read chapter books on her own. My family is from the east coast and we live on the west coast. It would e nice to have a doll that could teach a little of the east coast history as well as love.

  36. busiemommie says

    I have a 7 year old daughter named Isabella who will turn 8 in March and she is my “American Girl”. Topping her wish list this year is the American Girl doll. She has been asking for this doll for 2 years now, but I was never sure that she was mature enough to take care of it. She still plays with her baby dolls and has proved to me that she is now responsible enough to have such a beautiful doll. When she received the latest catalog in the mail, she asked me once again if I could buy her a doll. She explained to me that in school there is an American Girl Bookclub and anyone who has an American Girl Doll is allowed to bring their doll in to class with them. She was so excited to tell me about the bookclub that I have finally been convinced that this doll is the doll for her. Because of the bookclub, she has become interested in the story behind the doll and we have been having so much fun learning about the historical characters. I think my daughter is really enjoying Julie’s story because my husband has taken a new job out of state and we are preparing to move to a new place where she will have to adjust to some of the same changes Julie did.

  37. Diane Eral says

    I would love to win this American Girl Felicity for my 8 year old granddaughter. She has always wanted an American Girl doll. She would be so in awe if I won this for her. I’d wrap it for Christmas and watch her excitement on Christmas Day when she opened her present (from Santa, of course)! Because if you don’t believe in Santa…you get underwear!!!

  38. Kristie says

    I have 3 daughters all of whom love American Girl dolls. We were planning on surprising them at Christmas with a doll. A few years ago, we gave them the Our Generation dolls from Target. They were super excited and still love those dolls. I have heard from so many AG doll owners how the quality is so much better. My oldest (9) would love to have the Rebecca or Josephina doll. My next daughter (7) would love to have Lanie or Felicity. My youngest daughter would love a Bitty Baby doll.

    This would be such an awesome blessing to our family if we won! It would definitely help with Christmas this year!

  39. says

    I remember Felicity the most b/c I have always loved the time period of the American Revolution, I’m not sure if my love of the era started with Felicity or if I loved Felicity b/c of that, but I just love her stories and her clothes. thank you so much for the chance to win!

  40. says

    My daughter Mika has never owned an American Girl doll, and I’d love for her to fall in love with the dolls and stories! They are so timeless, and beautiful.

  41. SusanW says

    My beautiful daughter loves American girl and she is trying to buy one but she gives her money to animal shelters since she loves animals so much. She cries so hard when she hears about an animal being abused and died not of old age. Her favorite is Felicity but I can’t buy her one since I had another baby a few months ago and money has been tight. Thank you for an oppurtunity for my dear daughter to have a chance on winning. good luck to everyone.

  42. Kathy says

    This would be a wonderful gift for my niece. Money is tight for my brother and sister-in-law, and this would be a great way to introduce her to these wonderful dolls. I never had an American Girl doll, but I live in Chicago, and I love to see the little girls on their way to the American Girl Store with all of their dolls!

  43. Sarah says

    My American Girl is my daughter, Anna. She is a creative, loving 7 year old who loves reading the American Girl books and imagining with her dolls. She recieved her first doll last Christmas (Elizabeth) and would love to have Elizabeth’s best friend to join her! Anna is fascinated with history and enjoys learning about how girls lived in the past in America. The books and dolls make historical events “real” to her. She is sad that Elizabeth and Felicity are going to be retired, and has asked for a few of their items for Christmas this year. We are all American Girl fans here and appreciate the quality and timelessness of these great dolls!

  44. Mia J says

    My daughter has read a lot of the American Girl books and done some of the puzzles but doesn’t have a doll yet. I know she would love a doll. Her favorite I think is Julie.

  45. Summer says

    My daughter has read the American Girl magazine for years. She is now 14 her favorite Doll in the collection is the My American Girl doll. We would be giving this doll to my niece to start her doll collection

  46. Tracey Byram says

    8 year old Liz recently discovered the American Girl series of books and it sparked her interest in the dolls.

  47. Joyce Harrell says

    My little granddaughter, Lindsay, has on her wishlist for Christmas an American Girl doll. This would be her first one. A little neighbor girlfriend got one for her birthday and now our little Lindsay fell in love with it and would like one too. We are not sure she is old enough as she is only 5, but she does love her dolls and takes really good care of them. So we will see.

  48. says

    My American Girl is my Daughter Macayla. She is my only girl, surrounded by boys! We love American Girl dolls. Her favorite would have to be Kit Kittredge (even though she doesn’t have that one yet). On her wish list for Christmas is accessories for her American Girl doll. American Girl just added some braces accessories to their catalogue, as a suprise we were going to get her those since she herself just got braces. As a young girl I remember reading the American Girl books. I loved them! So glad theres a who American Girl doll world for my daughter to explore and be a part of.

  49. says

    I would love to win this for my niece. She lost her daddy in a car accident this past year. She loves American Girl and I think this would make her Christmas.

    donnyandshelly at yahoo dot com

  50. Heather McDonough says

    My god-daughter will get this for Christmas if I win it. I’m sure she will love it!

  51. says

    My daughter, Aubrey, who is turning seven at the end of November, loves Felicity and Elizabeth. She has read many of their adventures and was drawn to the pair because we are lucky enough to be stationed (with the Air Force) close to Williamsburg, Va. Aubrey actually attends a school that is literally blocks from where many of Felicity’s adventures took place and we have enjoyed touring the Historical Williamsburg area during the different seasons. Felicity and Elizabeth are both at the top of her Birthday and Christmas wish lists this year as well as a replica colonial dress for herself.

  52. says

    ■This is simple, I want to know about your American Girl. Who will get this prize, and why will she like it? What on her wish list this year? Who’s her favorite American Girl? Or tell me about the American Girl who you remember most.
    Emily Kay is my American Girl. She will be 10 next week and is a spirited and fun-loving young lady. She has one American Girl doll–a look alike–and she so loves her Emma! Emily’s Emma has been so special to her this past year when she was in the hospital for lung infections, a major issue with cystic fibrosis, a disease she battles every single day. Emma was a great source of love and entertainment for Emily in the weeks she was in the hospital and the long days she had to spend at home for weeks on end. Emily’s other love, besides her American Girl doll, is horses. She rides at a therapeutic horse center and aspires to be a veternarian to care for horses. With that said you can imagine that Felicity would be one of her favorites. She saw the movie a few years ago, read some Felicity books, and has been in love with her ever since. If my American Girl Emily had been born during Felicity’s time, I would dare say she would have been Felicity to a “t”. She has the same spirit and determination as Felicity, so having the doll would be a natural fit. I wish I could get it for her, but the medicines that are required to keep Emily healthy are quite costly and naturally, her health comes first. But, I would greatly appreciate consideration for Emily to be the American Girl to receive Felicity. Thanks!

  53. says

    My oldest just recently started reading the American girl books. Feclicty books rae her favorite series. She would love to win an American doll as she has already asked if Santa could bring her one this year

  54. Jill L says

    I certainly can’t tell you about the American Girl that I remember because I don’t remember American Girls being around when I was growing up and I loved dolls. This would be my own American Girl. She is 7 years old and a natural beauty. She loves being a girl but that doesn’t mean she is all into tons of makeup and she LOVES being a tomboy too. She would love an American Girl for Christmas. She still believes in Santa and this would make such a great Christmas morning.

  55. Crystal F says

    My american girl is my 6 yr. old daughter. She’s the sweetest kindest little thing. She doesn’t know anything about American Girl dolls because we haven’t introduced them to her because we don’t have the money. I’ve never had one and no one in my family has either. She loves dolls and stuffed animals though. She treats them just like little people. It’s so cute to watch. I know she would love to have one of these dolls. thank you!

  56. Terri L says

    My daughter loves all 3 of her American Girl dolls. She wants another one for Christmas and I can’t afford to get her one so this would be a fabulous thing to win.

  57. Sharon says

    My mother, knowing that the American Girl Dolls were on my daughters’ Christmas wish list, bought Felicity and Samantha for them. My mom died of breast cancer later that year and my girls, now grown up, still cherish those dolls from their grandmother. My younger brother has daughter who is just four years old. She never knew her grandmother and I would love to give her
    Felicity since I know my mom would have bought the doll for her had she still been her with us.

  58. Shelley says

    If I win this, this will be going to my 5 year old neice Ava, my older neices, now 21 & 19, loved their American Girl Dolls when they were little and they our so looking forward to seeing the excitment on Ava’s when she get her American Girl Doll. Felicity was one of their favorite dolls, so this makes it all the more special.

  59. says

    I had a Molly doll when I was little. My three year old sister wanted to play with her the other day but her leg is broken. Yet she “read” all the book and then watched all the American Girl movies. She would LOVE to have this doll.

  60. Kathi says

    My 12 year old and 8 year old daughters are my American Girls! They love their dolls and enjoy playing with them together. They both want an American Girl for Christmas. I think they have more than one favorite American Girl doll. They would be so excited if they received Felicity for Christmas.

  61. says

    My American Girl is my baby sister, she deserves the world and only gets a tiny bit. Every year since I can remember an American Girl Doll has been on her wish list, and she always gets a knock off, but is just as grateful. She has gone through many favorites, her current being Kaya, because she looks the most like her.

  62. says

    My daughter has been specifically wanting Felicity for at least 6 years now. We had bought her Marisal in 05 for the doll of the year because she is a dancer, and have never been able to get her the Felicity she has wanted longer. On her wishlist this year is clothes for her 18″ doll & an ipod :)

  63. says

    My daughter Madison is my American Girl. She is 7 years old and loves horses, fun loving, and very helpful. My husband has been working a lot and she helps me around the house all the time. I often find her cleaning up after her baby sister without being asked to and offer to help fold laundry or dust. This Chirstmas we are moving in with my dad while my husband deploys for the third time in four years. I want to make this Christmas special for her since she is worried about moving and making new friends. I know that all the changes will be hard on her and have a “friend” to talk to will help her ease into her new surroundings. Her Christmas lish actually includes a fake American Girl doll as she knows we can not afford the real thing now. She has wanted an American Girl doll for a few years now, one that has blonde hair like her but it hasn’t happend. A friend gave her a fake one and she enjoys playing with it and dressing alike. This would bring a smile to her face.

  64. Randy Bailey says

    Our youngest granddaughter [8] has been wanting an American Girl Doll for quite some time now, she would be the recipient for this doll, and she is our American Girl because she is so giving, sweet, funny, & always has a smile & a hug to give to you!! Thanks for the chance to win Felicity. If we won I know she would be loved!

  65. Heather M says

    My 3 1/2 yr old daughter will get this. She LOVES dolls of all kind and I know she will love Felicity as well. She’s just getting to the age of American Girl Dolls so I know she’ll love this one.

  66. says

    for my 9 year old, she has wanted one for years but we can not afford her one, she is always sad christmas morning when its not there. I think her name is Kayla..with blond hair. I don’t remember them when I was little but she loved them more than words can express! We bought a cheap off brand on e-bay she new the difference and kids made fun of her that hers was not real. it was sad. would love to win this for her!

  67. Jacqueline Griffin says

    Our newest family edition is little Tiffany Griffin. She is 4 years old and definatly an American Girl! I would love for her to have an American Girl doll!
    Thnak You!

  68. Terri S. says

    I would give this Felicity doll to my almost 5 yr. old granddaughter. It would be her 1st American Girl Doll. When I recently showed her their catalog, she checked off nearly every item for her Christmas Wish List. She seemed to identify mostly to Molly as she started to wear eyeglasses to correct a “lazy eye”and has long braids like Molly too. I think she’d love Felicity because she too loves horses just like her Mommy (my daughter). My granddaughter took her 1st riding lesson on a pony and loved it. She told me how she groomed him after the lesson. I love that they have books for their dolls to teach children about America’s history. By the way, (Saint) Felicity is the name that my daughter chose for her confirmation name.

  69. says

    Hi Kristin. I’d love to win this so that I could give it to my 8 year old Granddaughter for Christmas. She’s lives in NY (we’re in FL) so I don’t get to see her often and don’t know her wish list yet. I’m a certain this girly girl granddaughter of mine would love to have this beautiful doll.

    Thanks for a chance…Tracy

  70. Katelyn says

    If I win my little sister will get the doll, my sister has fallen completely in love with American Girl dolls and if I could win one for her, for once I might be her hero. To me this is a way to thank her, for staying up talking me through my broken heart, for laughing with me instead of at me. And for being the best baby sister anyone could ever ask for!
    I know that my sister really wants this doll and I would love to see her face if on Christmas she opened the box to find her very own Felicity doll!

    Thank you for the chance to win and be my sister’s hero!

  71. says

    I would like to get Felicity for my 8 year old granddaughter. I already passed my Rebecca on to her and she idolizes her and takes such good care of her that I’d love to get the entire collection to pass on. She loves horses and her Christmas list has horses and a long list of accessories for her Rebecca not knowing that I am trying to surprise her with a companion for Rebecca. My favorite is Rebecca and I just noticed the new 2010 one.

  72. Annmarie W. says

    My American Girl is my daughter! She has wanted an American Girl doll and I know she’s old enough to really take care of one now!

  73. Melissa Burrow says

    I have 2 American Girl doll lovers. The obsession began when visiting the grandparents up north and they took them to the American Girl doll store in NYC. My eldest daughter is a fan of Jess and is given accessories as b-day and Christmas gifts. The youngest has been given the bitty baby as a “starter” but has Felicity on her wish list for Christmas!

  74. Marci says

    My 8yo daughter has wanted an American Girl doll for several years. She has already written her letter to Santa asking for one that looks like her. However, she would be so thrilled to have Felicity. She has a history class at school titled “American Girl History”. They study each American girl and learn all about their lives. In celebration of finishing up their studies on Felicity, their class will be having a tea party tomorrow, 11/17. Each family is encouraged to either dress up in colonial wear or their best tea party clothing. Each girl in the class is responsible for bringing something for the tea party. We will be bringing Strawberry Tarts. It should be great fun for everyone.

  75. says

    I am almost 26 years old and grown. The other day I saw a commercial for American Girl Doll and seriously wanted to cry. I had a foot high stack of AGD catalogs growing up. I would gaze at the magazine for hours wishing i could get one. And I never got one!!! I suppose money was just tight back then, but to this day, I have always wanted that i could pass on to my own future daughter. I would have wanted Felicity and it breaks my heart to know she is being retired:(

  76. Tina H. says

    My American Girl is 10. She never used to like dolls, until last year she saw Kit from AG and immedietly put her on the Christmas List. She was so excited to see Kit under the tree, and has had many fun adventures with her on a daily basis. Since Christmas is soon aproaching, another AG is on the list.. since Kit needs a friend ya know! Felicity is such a pretty doll, and my daughter loves her beautiful clothes and horses (as she is a horse lover as well). My daughter is sweet and loving,and a very giving girl and I would love to win this for her. Thank you for the opportunity to win this doll, and make some little girls dream come true.

  77. Donna C. says

    My American Girl is my 10 year old niece. She is such a “girlie girl:. She loves pretty things. She is still at an age where she likes dolls and will love this American Girl Doll

  78. says

    If I win I would give the doll to my only daughter. She is a total girly-girl and can look at the AG magazine for hours. She does not have a doll yet, but I was hoping to get one for her soon. She wants to get lots of matching doll & girl clothes too. AG has some CUTE matching outfits!

  79. michelle c says

    i have two american girl’s and both are very much into American girl dolls. They actually are playing with theirs right now. They would both just love to have this doll and read about her in her books. they love when we get clothes so they can match their american girl dolls. I can hear the screams at christmas if i win this doll!

    mouster71 at gmail dot com

  80. beccalecca says

    My three-year old loves to take care of dolls and babies. She tilts her head and gets that “I’m talking to a baby” high-pitched voice all moms get when she talks to her little baby sister. Her favorite color is red, and she loves pointing it out all over the place. I’m sure she would love a red-headed doll to treat so gently.

  81. Melanie says

    I hope to win this for my own American girl -Emily. She is nine years old. She can’t really seem to decide on her absolute favorite American girl character. She is torn between the Samantha and Felicity series. She is a girly girl with a healthy dose of adventerous spirit thrown in. She still loves to play with dolls and host tea parties with her sister. She also enjoys climbing trees – even if they have fuzzy green worms on them. Emily loves to sing and play the piano. She is an avid reader and also loves audiobooks. I gave her Elizabeth for her birthday. She was pre-loved but that did not temper her excitement at all. She had been asking for an AG doll for at least 2 years. Her wish list includes rollerblades, an American girl doll, a Nintendo DS, clothes, and books. Thanks for hosting this. Merry Christmas!

  82. Melanie says

    I commented on Great Wolf Lodge: Project Green Wolf. I described my daughter, Emily, in a previous comment. I forgot to mention that she has been diligently saving her money for an American Girl Doll. She has $35 put away so far.

  83. says

    My daughter really wants an American Girl doll for Christmas, but I’m just not sure we can swing it. I’d love to win this for her. Her face would be priceless.

  84. Melanie says

    commented on Yo Gabba Gabba: There’s a party in my city.
    My girls love “There’s a party in my tummy”

  85. Joyce Harrell says

    My granddaughter, Lindsay would get this doll….it would be her first. She is only five and maybe a tad too young….but she is yearning for one and has been looking thru the catalog all fall. They are her dream!

  86. says

    My granddaughter, Stephanie would be the lucky girl. She saw my catalog for American Girl dolls and fell in love with all of them.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  87. Laura C says

    My granddaughter will get it.She will like it cause it has no batteries and will be able to play with it right away.Favorite doll is Kit

  88. Aura says

    My little girl is stuck between 3 boys and would love a nice doll of her own. I always wanted Samantha but never got her and now she’s retired. My daughter is recieving a dollhouse for the holidays.

  89. Elisa says

    My daughter Stella would LOVE to finally have her very own American Girl doll! Stella is 4, and she loves dolls. American Girl dolls are so well-made, so realistic, and I know that will add to the fun for her. And as she grows older, she will be able to learn more about her doll’s character – I love that! Stella is a bit young to make a list, but I know this is one present that she won’t get tired of – if she was older, it would definitely make her list.

    My personal favorite is Julie, I love her story, her character and her clothes. But Stella would be thrilled with any of the American Girl dolls! They are all special.

  90. Eliza Klinger says

    My 8 year old daughter is my “American Girl” who has just recently been introduced to the American Girl books and loves reading them. It inspires her to be like them as she learns about their adventures and hardships. She doesn’t own a doll quite yet (hopefully santa can get one for her:), but loves to look through the catalog and read each dolls description. She loves the Addy doll! She loves the way the dolls look and all those neat accessories that comes with them! She would be thrilled to receive one!

  91. Eliza Klinger says

    I subscribed to you blog via email. I’m a new follower as of today and i am excited to follow your blog and receive updates

  92. Grammy T. says

    My granddaughter loves American Girls dolls. She says her favorite is Molly but she has every American Girl on her list. I’m excited that Michaels is now carrying the craft line for American Girl.

  93. Melissa Duncan says

    My Daughter Ashlee would get it because she is a HUGE American Girl Fan. I have always wanted to get her one but could not afford it. Thank you for the opportunity.

  94. says

    My daughter has a My American Girl that is designed to look like her (she’s 6 yr). This year for Christmas she is getting some clothes and we are making her a bed ourselves (like Julie’s). We live near Williamsburg, VA so I would love to get the Felicity doll to start sharing our local history with her as well as the fun of having another doll!

  95. Teegan Briggs says

    My 8 year old would be the recipient, she has recently discovered American Girl Dolls and is obsessed with them! She doesn’t have one yet, and I’d love to win this for her!

  96. Christine says

    My daughter is 7 years old and I am entering this for her. She asked for an American Girl Doll this year and normally she doesnt ask for dolls. It would be a nice suprise for her to recieve this for a present.

  97. Debbie C says

    My niece would get Felicity if I won. She is my favorite American Girl doll and I am very sad she is being retired. Felicity’s era is integral in American History, the most important of all , one all American girls should read and learn about.

    dchrisg3 at gmail dot com

  98. Heather B says

    My American Doll is my 6 year old daughter. #2 on her Christmas list this year is an American Girl Doll so I KNOW she would love for me to win this for her! I too loved Felicity growing up,I would love for my daughter to have one of the last dolls available!

  99. Rebecca Peters says

    I would give this to my 7 year old daughter Bre-Anne. She would love this! Especially because they have the same color hair!

  100. Melanie says

    I commented on – I’m the Portland Correspondent for 5th annual The Red Robin Ki’s Cookoff in Denver.

  101. says

    This beautiful American girl would be gifted to my beautiful niece. I think this would be a beautiful addition to her doll collection, and one that she can grow up treasuring!

  102. says

    My daughter would go crazy for this! She’s wanted one for about a year now, and it’s just not something we can afford for Christmas. But it’s still on her list and it’d be a huge surprise to get one this year!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  103. Wendie Sprague says

    This American Girl doll would go to my second American Girl! She loves purple and loves horses, so of course, Felicity caught her eye! Her older sister received her first American Girl this year for her birthday, and since then, my other girls have been poring over the catalogs. I was sad to hear that Felicity was being retired, since I knew that there wasn’t any way to purchase her this year for Christmas. Because of that, I’ve managed to steer my daughter away from putting her on her Christmas list; if she won, it would be a TOTAL surprise under the tree!!

  104. amy d says

    my daughter britney who is 7.she has two heart defects , but shes still going strong

  105. shawna says

    My 5 year old has been asking for an American Girl doll for awhile, she’s a sweet girl with a huge heart, wish I could afford to buy her one!

  106. B.E. Ringer says

    This American Girl would be gifted to my daughter, she is three. She loves the dolls and likes to play with “Mommy’s Molly” doll. I had one growing up and I loved her. She is still in great condition and my daughter likes to play pretend and dress up with her. She would love to have her very own doll. It would be a fabulous surprise from “Santa.”

  107. Andrea d says

    This would be for my niece. I was just thinking how growing up, I had to have an American Girl doll. They were expensive and all my friends had them. My mother put her money aside and made sure I had a good Christmas. Under the tree that year was” Molly” the American Girl doll that I wanted.Molly was a part of my past time growing up. She came every where with me. My grandmother used to knit me and Molly matching sweaters since the catalog clothes were pricey and it was hard for my mother to buy them. I used to read the books as well, and I loved them because i learned a long with them about different ways of life and cultures . I would love to introduce my niece to the American Girl way of life.

  108. rebekah arnold says

    this would go to my granddaughter who is 3 and she loves all her babies we looked at the site and her favorites were the Bitty Twins and she wants anything that has to do with babies for christmas
    thanks for the giveaway

  109. Khloee Gurule says

    My daughters teacher has read many of the stories to her in school, she wants one really bad for christmas this year. I too read all the books when I was her age and loved them!!!

  110. Leah Graves says

    My American girl is my 4 yr old daughter, Jenna. She has seen a few American Girl dolls in a store we frequent while in Tulsa, OK visiting family a few times a year. She’s wanted one for over a year now, but they are just too pricey for me to afford, so she has asked Santa again for one this year. She’s a darling little sweetie who is in pre-k, has 2 siblings and wears a smile 90% of the time. I know she’s love this so very much!

  111. Kellyann pounds says

    My American Girl is my 7 year old daughter. She loves American Girl and has read nearly a lot of the books. I love that she has found something that she loves that encourages her to be a girl and not a brat or a Barbie doll. I also love that while she plays she learns about history. She would love to receive a Felicity doll for Christmas. It is on her list ever since she learned that Felicity was retiring. She loves Felicity’s clothing. She hasn’t read the Felicity series yet, but I think she would really enjoy it since she is learning about this time period in school. Thanks for the chance.

  112. rebecca says

    This would be for my granddaughter, who finds she is spending more time with her books than her dolls. Felicity and her book would be welcome during this transition.

  113. Carla Pullum says

    My daughter would love this her favorite Dol is Kit Kittridge! She hasen’t gave me her list yet!

  114. Janette says

    My niece so wants Felicity. I think she loves her clothes and accessories the most. She has a My American Girl and my old Kirsten doll (she was my fave).

  115. Jackie says

    I had no idea Felicity will be retiring!! OMG.. now I’m really hoping I win this. I was an American Girl growing up too, and Felicity was definitely my favorite!! Since my daughter is still too young to play with dolls with ‘hair’ I would love to win this for my 8 year old niece. She has Molly, Emily & Rebecca… If I don’t win this, I’ll most likely end up ordering Felicity from the website.. Can’t pass up on my favorite American Girl!! :)

  116. Lyndsey Rullman says

    I would absolutley adore winning this. It would go to my neice. My sister and I had these dollls and books when we were younger! I always loved Samantha.

    Lyndsey.rullman at hotmail dot com

  117. says

    My daughter would get the American Girl if i win. She’s turning 7 next week and dolls are on her birthday wish list. she loves the American Girl dolls and when the catalog arrives in the mail she circles everyone she wants to get. Her favorite is Lanie and she likes the dogs and accesories.

  118. The Queen Nut says

    This would go to my daughter who has had an American Girl doll on her list for 3 years now. She loves all the american girl dolls and can not pick just one!

  119. Alison says

    My daughter wants a Pillow Pet this year, that’s it. But I’d love to give her an American Girl doll. I never had one as a child, always wanted one, so I’d like to give her one so she can see what they are all about. <3

    Thanks. :)

  120. says

    If I won the doll it would go to my Grand Niece. Her parents have separated and she is a little sad this holiday season.I think this doll would be a great friend for her at this time.

  121. says

    This will be for my niece who is currently living on a base in Japan while her daddy serves in the marines and is back and forth to Iraq and other war zones. She absolutely loves the American Girl dolls and has 3 of them now, but I emailed her mom and Felicity is not one of them. I think Kirsten is still her fave, because she has the same blonde looks.
    She’s a little trooper but it is so tough with daddy being gone so often and each time he’s called (he is an officer and usually has to go for 1-3 months at a time and the kids know he goes to the danger zones) it is very hard for her to say goodbye. I would so love to win Felicity for her, so her daddy could give it to her. She and her siblings are extremely proud to be Americans and even over in Japan salute every flag and celebrate every tradition and this would mean the world to her.

  122. Alisa Aikens says

    My favorite american girl is my 9 yr old granddaughter… I would like to start her on this journey and this would be a wonderful doll to add to her collection. She doesn’t play with Barbies. But she loves her American Girl collection.

  123. Diane Baum says

    This is for 8 year old Isabela from Brazil spending 3 years in the US, due to her dad’s job. I teach her English and American history.

  124. Tina Page says

    I would win this this for my daughter, Lilith. She has not ever had an American Girl doll but she has enjoyed the books as well as the movies. Her favorite is probably Kit Kitteredge. I think it is wonderful that the product line shows the strength of women in America and teaches our next generation about history and morals simultaneously….I think Lil likes it for how “adorable and sweet” they all are. It seems as if i would have loved this when I was a girl. I was recently in Chicago and went to the American Girl store and I was surprised to say the least. I have always thought of this company as morally upright and was saddened to see the hyper-consumer mindset there that seems antithetical to what American Girl stands for.
    trixie420247 at yahoo dot com

  125. says

    My favorite is my daughter Elizabeth, she is 8, loves Cheerleading..and has just now gotten into the American Girl series of books..I’m really not sure who her fave AG is because she “hasn’t read all the books yet mom…geesh..” out of her mouth..LOL

  126. susan smoaks says

    our daughter loves american girl dolls. kaya is her favorite, since we just had Thanksgiving and she learned about native americans.

  127. Samantha says

    If I won, this would be for my daughter. She is an All American Girl the entire way and loves to share her American Girl dolls and clothing with her friends. Our last sleepover was three girls but ELEVEN American Girl dolls. LOL!

  128. says

    Commented on The Advantages Of Real Christmas Trees Over Fake.
    (Hoping the contest is still open since it says it closes today. I haven’t been able to get on here sicne we have been busy packing. )

  129. says

    ~Commented on The Advantages Of Real Christmas Trees Over Fake.
    (Hoping the contest is still open since it says it closes today. I haven’t been able to get on here sicne we have been busy packing.)

  130. says

    My American Girl is Delilah, my seven year old. I know she’ll like it because she’s asked for Felicity for Christmas. She knows she’s being retired and wants to get her while she still can. She’s read all of the Felicity books.

  131. Vomonte says

    My American Girl is my niece. She is 7 1/2, and has not yet been introduced to American Girl, but she loves to read and is just now starting chapter books. I remember when I was growing up, going through the magazines and wishing for all the playsets that went with the wonderful books I read, and thought this would be a great way to introduce her to the American Girl series.