Microsoft Mobile Pink Wireless Mouse 4000 Goes Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness Month


I was provided the Microsoft Mobile Pink Wireless Mouse 4000 for review on my blog.  We have used this unit and found it as a great unit once again.  We have used many Microsoft products and have never had a problem.

Moving onto the the Microsoft Mobile Mouse 4000, it is a sleek and ergonomic unit that is comfortable in the hand and easy on the eyes.  The size is great for long time use because and is lightweight and a tad smaller than the normal large and bulky type of mouse.  It is sized perfect for all size hands and is comfortable on the hand since it is wrapped around the sides in a soft rubber.

It uses BlueTrack technology which allows for use on a wide number of surfaces which can include carpet, granite, wood, walls, pants, and more which is not at all typical for any optical or laser driven unit.  It has 4-way scrolling with the scrolling wheel and the ability to have 4 customizable buttons programmed for a multitude of uses.  Up to 10 months of life on a single battery and includes a low battery light status indicator.

One other nice feature, especially for laptop and mobile users is the nano transceiver which sticks out of the USB less and a quarter of an inch when in use on any system it is used on.  When you do remove the transceiver, it fits securely into the mouse activating a full power off mode for transportation and no power consumption.

The Mobile 4000 comes it a wide array of designs and colors.  For Breast Cancer Awareness month Microsoft has put out a pink ribbon edition in support for

The Microsoft Mobile 4000 mouse Includes a 3 year warranty from Microsoft for that added peace of mind.



  1. hbomb says

    These are really cute! I don’t need a mouse for my laptop, but my parents have been searching for one. My dad finds it a good idea to smack the mouse when the computer freezes..

  2. Elaine Soto says

    This Mouse is one of my Favorite all time purchases. It’s Adorable, and it supports a CAUSE!