Mom Bloggers Promoting Corn Syrup? Has A Line Been Crossed?


I have a dear friend Louise and I respect her and think she’s wonderful, but I came across this blog post she recently wrote. Now keep in mind that this has nothing to do with Louise. In fact, a quick search of Google provided me with a whole list of mom bloggers who did this same post. This has nothing personally to do with any of the bloggers. I hope they were compensated, and hopefully it was for more than a $20 gift card. I know many of us blogging moms think we deserve more for what we do and the fact that not many make much at all off all of it. I do understand why people do what they do sometimes.




What the fridge has happened to mom blogs? When did we actually allow ourselves to, for a little compensation from a review network,  team up with The Corn Refiners Association and actually pump word for word their pretty little story. Corn syrup is natural, um yeah okay… I just don’t like the idea of lobbyists infiltrating the mom blogging community and actually using mom bloggers to promote these things. If we are at this point then I can’t believe we are here.

I’m serious and so was Diabetes Health Magazine  in 2005.

I’m baffled. You don’t have to agree, (maybe high fructose corn syrup is in your diet) but there’s more than one blogger who did this post for the review network.

Honey is harvested from bee hives naturally and has been for centuries. Cane sugar has been made by being pressed from sugar can, but how do they make gas, sweetener, kitty litter, etc from corn?!?! You know the stuff we put butter on to make it sweet. And what about all the GMO concerns on our nations crops. Be careful people these are our lives and our children’s futures lives. They can grow knowing what we know about sugars, not what the Corn Refiners Association wants us and our kids to believe.

Maybe I’m just disturbed by it and I shouldn’t be…



  1. Susan @my2boyz says

    OMG!!! HFCS is the WROST and it freaks me out that the Corn Growers Association is trying to get it called Corn Sugar. My son is ADHD and HFCS sends him over the edge! Sugar does not have the same effect on him as the HFCS…you should see him, it is crazy!

  2. says

    Totally agree with you, Kristen! I got that email and immediately deleted it. I actively try to avoid HFCS, why the heck would I promote it? Ugh.

  3. says

    I would like to think that bloggers that joined this blog tour had their own opinions and agreed with the CGA beforehand. That, to me, would make sense. For some families high fructose corn syrup isn’t a concern. Each family is different. For those families, this blog tour would be a good fit. Whereas, the bloggers that think high fructose corn syrup is the root of all evil? Probably better off declining that blog tour opp. LOL

    Part of me {maybe the wishful thinking/naive side} has a hard time believing that one would promote {in essence} something they don’t agree with or wouldn’t serve their family. The other part of me {the realist/it is what it is side} wouldn’t be surprised.

  4. says

    I try to stay away from HFCS, but if those moms really are convinced it’s ok…OH, WHO AM I KIDDING? If these people asked me to blog for them, I’d take the money and then tell the world what their crap does to my and my son’s adhd! And I’d buy food without HFCS with the $. And it would serve them right for lobbying our crooked government to keep tarriffs on sugar so high that people have had to resort to their product for sweetening, while making 3rd world sugar growers unable to sell their products here. Wicked, wicked. Making people sick here, and poor everywhere else.

    Ah. That felt good. I should rant more often. :0)

  5. says

    Let’s be honest. Some people don’t have real standards. A fifteen dollar gift card could have been all it took for some of these people.

    kraft dinner (mac n cheese) is now made partially of cauliflower, and people actually think that makes it healthy.
    They refined the crap out of the starchiest, most useless vegetables available, and that’s the market angle they use….

    But the other aspect is that garbage is cheap, and some people don’t have a choice.
    We do have a choice which brands we work with.
    I refuse to give up the upper hand. The consumer is powerful, a voice you’re willing to use and a space you can create yourself is an amazing advantage, and if you’re a good enough writer, or expressionist… I truly believe that the work you want will eventually find you.
    Someone recently told me, “Blog like someone us paying you and someone will.”

    I’m gunna continue being picky about who that is.

  6. Abby says

    I don’t normally comment on posts, but just wanted to give you props for this one. This is mommy bloggers selling out in a bad way.

  7. Ria says

    I usually reserve comments for things that I feel strongly about (or if it’s a reader appreciation giveaway for $$$ – lol). A couple weeks ago heard that the good makers of HFCS wanted to change the name to corn sugar and then next thing I know mom bloggers everywhere were touting the benefits of HFCS/corn sugar. Then I wondered if everyone forgot or if they had lost their minds. HFCS is poison! Or at least it used to be 1 week ago- but I guess every man has his price- kwim. Thanks for being the lone voice in the wilderness.

  8. says

    I personally and ethically don’t like what is happening. These companies and now a private interest lobby group the Corn Refiners Association (millions of dollars at their disposal) is paying Stacy and her company Mom Central a lot of money to get mom bloggers to post blogs trying to convince other moms and parents that high fructose corn syrup and all shitty foods is perfectly fine and great to use. Great parenting, moms. Then many mom blogs do blog posts talking that packaged foods are great. I know it’s nothing by advertising, but many of these mom bloggers claim they are ‘ethical bloggers’ and some ‘blog with integrity.’ They know no better and spread some message from people who have a goal to make money at the expense of societal effects Plus much of it, is probably responsible for a large part of the ridiculous health costs today.

    The Corn Refiners Association is currently lobbying hard in Washington for current legislation to rename HFCS to corn sugar. This is a great example of a private interest affect bloggers, parents, and the people by using people with their money to spread their message (I partly look at this type of distribution of information as a form of propaganda, regardless of its lack of severity.) I know this may not be a big deal, but this is important to realize that what in essence is happening is the input of outside ideas into the reality of those who do not know the causality of food and health.

    Current Lobby info (got to look good for it):

    Not as good for us as cane sugar or agave, which I only use 4 now:

  9. says

    @: I am having a hard time figuring out what kind of family HFCS wouldnt be a concern for… If it isnt a concern for someone then that someone is choosing ignorance over facts.

  10. c y says

    I have read too many scientific articles about how bad HFCS really is and there is no way I would buy it. All you have to do is look it up and you will see for yourself. It makes me sick when I see their commercials. So many of the food companies produce nothing but junk. We buy better foods at the health food store and I rarely ever shop regular grocery stores now. People are being manipulated.

  11. says

    I just wanted to say, I never did address Louise’s post directly. After going through a reading the list of moms who did these blog posts she was one of the only ones who took a middle ground. She opened herself up for conversation without taking sides. She didn’t claim HFCP was the great thing ever, however she did listen to what they said and posted on the things she learned during the meeting.

    I respect Louise for still keeping her values and holding her head up high for the moms within our community. After reading the posts myself I wanted to address Louise specifically since she was linked within my blog post.

    I do think people are being manipulated, and moms should be promoting things like healthy homecooked meals. Not boxed crap that only costs us $2.00 at the store anyway. Cook a meal with your kids, set the table, and enjoy them.

    It was good to see a few moms who did keep their values while addressing the issue and opening up themselves for great conversation. Because that’s what this is all about, right?

  12. Rose says

    While I think what the HFCS did wasn’t right, (and I certainly don’t advocate for the “safety” of using corn syrup)…is it really any different than many other companies that are sponsors for mom bloggers?
    You can’t convince me that the chemical companies with their cleaning products aren’t spreading their gargabe (I don’t care how “green” they tell us they are going, it is THEM that are the largest polluters of our environment–outdoors and indoors).
    What about the sponsors of leather clothing…shoes…belts?
    If you talk about mommy bloggers “selling out”, isn’t it all just a sales pitch?
    So being judgmental of anyone isn’t right, either.

  13. says

    As long as the FDA continues to ignore valid scientific research on the effects of Yellow #5, #6, and Red #40 on child behavior, I have little respect for what they say is okay for our food.

    I commented over at Louise’s blog so I won’t repeat that lengthy comment here, but I basically said we have to question the source of information – the CRA is deeply invested in HFCS sales.

    We should question if healthy weight is tied only to quantity of food, as Louise promoted, or does QUALITY of food place a large factor too. In my experience HFCS foods have less quality in taste so I end up eating more to satisfy my taste buds. If I do that with my homemade cookies I make myself sick.

    Also, I call BS on our body not recognizing the difference between table sugar and HFCS. Our mind/body connection is much smarter than we give it credit.

  14. says

    I recently stumbled upon this post from a Registered Dietitian regarding HFCS and thought it applied to the conversation here.

    I think that, as a nation, we just need to limit all types of sugar/sweetener instead of focusing on just one type.

    As for mommy bloggers reviewing it…it’s a free country and they can review and recommend anything they want. It’s up to the readers to determine whether or not the information presented is valid and then do with the recommendation what they want.

  15. says

    Your right Michelle, but this is not just about being free to say what people want. Mom blogs are used as a way to influence people, and many use the mom term to act like they are a person of substance and nurture and caring. Not just another way to get advertising into moms and dads faces. Just something to think about, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to because it is a free country.

    Rose, I dont think this has to do with working to promote, what you said is a very narrow view. We all love stuff, but when an interest group tries to tell people otherwise, that signals red flags to me. I dont like the interests dictating what we need to consume and do. Sorry. If its true that HFCS is bad (which to many who are level headed, its looks that way), then people promoting it are doing it out of knowing no better or just wanting the Walmart gift cards. What if you don’t have a walmart? Many parents feel that HFCS is bad, and we are speaking up while an interest group is using a mom review network to do their dirty work. Don’t shoot down others opinions, and then put in your own. Cheerio!

  16. says

    @Heather, Queen of Shake Shake: wow, that’s scary. and other bloggers are clueless, they only care about that small one time fee. sign up for blog tours and promote anything. just scary!!

  17. says

    Also Michelle, many highly knowledgeable ‘mommy bloggers’ feel along the lines of people against all this. I dont know how much you do, but mom blogging is a multi-million dollar business, and if you know what happened last summer/year, there was a ‘ethical blogging’ and ‘blog with integrity’ insurgence. So there is a lot more going on then I think you know. But pay attention, there is much to learn from this. Personally and business wise. These issues are a good way to test your values, beliefs, principles, and integrity.

    And I saw your website, and wonder if you would do something for the CRA if they hired you? You do agriculture and social media work and advocacy? DO you work with them now? Just some questions. Have a nice day.

  18. says

    @: I don’t own Cause Matters Corp. I just blog there once a week from a mom’s perspective regarding raising a family on a farm and on trying to feed my baby healthy foods. It’s confusing b/c the woman who does own it is also named Michele (spelled differently). Sorry about that! (And to my knowledge, she has not worked for the CRA and I don’t know what her views are on HFCS.)

    I realize that there are mommy bloggers out there who pass themselves off as experts when they shouldn’t and there are those that are highly knowledgeable. And that was kind of my point. Unless they are a doctor, researcher or dietitian what they are saying is just opinion. Even if it is based on research. We should all do our own research and come to our own conclusions – even if they disagree.

  19. says

    two thumbs up for your post. Bloggers too easily sell out and forget what they stand for – but then again there’s that saying “if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”. It makes me sad that ANY mother could be coerced into supporting something that is so bad for you.

  20. Huguette English says

    Great post. I was those several places and wondered why they were promoting corn syrup? Thanks for sharing!

  21. says


    As I noted on Twitter – I am sorry that you feel the way you do, but some of your opinions are misguided. I have to admit, your post has me upset, and not because I work for the Corn Refiners Association, but because this is personal – who I am as a person and what I do for a job, they interconnect, they are not separate for me.

    We did sponsor and present two educational blogger events on added sugars – where experts that work with the Corn Refiners Association spoke to the bloggers and responded to their specific questions. We clearly noted that this was sponsored and presented by the Corn Refiners Association. Although, I think it is important to point out that most people, specifically experts in specialty areas do not want to give their time away for free, so even if these experts had not worked with the Corn Refiners prior then we still would be paying them for their time. However, I can absolutely point you to third party experts that have never worked with the Corn Refiners Association.

    I would like to respond to a few things you said in particular:

    “When did we actually allow ourselves to, for a little compensation from a review network, team up with The Corn Refiners Association and actually pump word for word their pretty little story.” As a blogger I am sure you know the way these efforts work. We do not compensate the bloggers for their positive review, we compensate them and then they write their own opinion in their own voice. In fact, we want to hear their true feelings and our goal is not to present high fructose corn syrup as a health food, nor is our goal to increase consumption of high fructose corn syrup. Our goal is to clear up confusion about its role in the food and beverages Americans consume. I find it interesting, that it seems to be such a stretch that these bloggers actually went to this webinar, they asked their questions and they saw the facts. We present facts and data, and others have the right as you have to share their opinions.

    “Honey is harvested from bee hives naturally and has been for centuries. Cane sugar has been made by being pressed from sugar cane.” This is not correct – most all caloric sweeteners are processed similarly. Please see the webinar that we presented – production of sweeteners starts at 9:53. If you watch the whole webinar you will see that we make recommendations on how to lower your overall consumption and have facilitated an eBook to help with this effort as well.

    “Be careful people these are our lives and our children’s futures lives.” – Who’s life? I am a mom, I have children and there are bloggers in the blogger community that I care deeply about. We are not doing anything wrong, and I am so sorry that you see it this way. We provided an educational webinar to clear up misinformation – people’s opinions are all over the internet, and are for the most part incorrect, but we also talked about the “bigger picture” – moderation of all of your caloric sweeteners and provided helpful information to do so.

    We have an open door policy. If you want to ask any questions or have an open dialogue you can reach out to me personally at

    Therese Pompa
    Social Media Manager
    Corn Refiners Association

  22. says

    @: @Susan @my2boyz – The Corn Growers and The Corn Refiners Association are two separate organizations. It is the Corn Refiners Association who has conducted this blogger outreach.

    Therese Pompa, Social Media Manager, Corn Refiners Association

  23. says


    Cindy – And that would be your right, as it was the right of every blogger that participated in the tour. When you talk about resorting to HFCS as a sweetener, I think it is important to point out that per capita consumption of sugar has always exceeded the per capita consumption of high fructose corn syrup with sugar maintaining its position as the most widely consumed fructose-containing sweetener in the U.S. food supply. In fact annual per capita consumption of high fructose corn syrup for 2009 was 35.7 pounds. The 2009 sugar consumption estimate was nearly 10 pounds greater at 45.3 pounds per person. It is made from corn by an American industry that creates jobs. Conversely, sugar is imported from 40 countries. It is not subsidized. Sugar and honey are the only caloric sweeteners that benefit directly from government support.

    Therese Pompa, Social Media Manager, Corn Refiners Association

  24. says

    @: Abby

    I feel really bad for any of the participating bloggers that see this comment. You weren’t part of this webinar, nor part of anything to do with it, so how can you speak to what they chose to write.

    Therese Pompa, Social Media Manager, Corn Refiners Association

  25. says

    Theresa @ Corn Refiners Association,

    Nobody cares for @Abby’s comment. My wife is a mom blogger and does not like to be lumped with every other mom blogger or what I call it “moms who blog” (plug: But I think she feels there is an obligation to be honest, and working with an interest group trying to sway moms/dads/all who-read-online and their feelings on a MAJOR ISSUE is not cool to me and many out here.

    You should have reached out directly to the bloggers, not Mom Central. She has had problem with large interests ( keyword find Mom in PDF file.) But companies like you pay her the CASH, and the bloggers don’t make any…but as in this case and many gift cards. Do you even know that mom bloggers want to make cash to support their families? Not all want to rely on their other. But many of the companies like you want to give little, when you give others a lot. This is outside my point right now.

    I know this is not the type of things you want to see, but many of us feel that corn syrup is not as good as you’re trying to pass it off for. And many of us may be just as educated as you. Plus many of us know the right people to trust and how to come up with real answers, not just be told them. But to top it, you’re using mom bloggers to do your bidding in essence. You may be working with many more bloggers and hopefully they are making something, but as far as internet saturation you know you’re on the right track, heck we all do so will the media I am sure.

    Hopefully you will come to realize that bloggers are not as naïve as some may think. Many feel (and many are) they are worth more in terms of not just compensation, but also in adding value. Your campaign clearly shows you don’t care about the bloggers per-se, but the idea that that SEO and keywords are put out there for future web searches and visitors, and to be spread it around the blogosphere and social media communities. It is working.

    If you want to chime in and be honest, which no one here expects you would, how much did you pay mom central? We found out how much the bloggers got paid. Also, have you seen or heard of the Bayer Mirena problem (I didn’t until this all came up?) Your kind of doing what they did last year, using mom central and paid spokesman (docs, scientist, etc) to build a paid following. And finally is this the only time you have spent talking time with the “bloggers” or have you been participating in this from the beginning or is to clear up the mess that was started?

    You may also want to respond to @jessicagottlieb on twitter or her post on this all:

    Sorry to put you on the spot, but please do not try to control this post. Thanks.

    Also I did a couple of posts, but I am not the one who you need to convert:

  26. says

    @Therese Pompa (CRA): I don’t need your facts presented to Mom Central or the other bloggers who attended (who got paid for watching) to change my opinion. If you’d like to pay me for my time I’d be glad to watch it. Otherwise please don’t come here and talk to me like I’m stupid.

  27. says

    Also Theresa saying,
    ““Honey is harvested from bee hives naturally and has been for centuries. Cane sugar has been made by being pressed from sugar cane.” This is not correct – most all caloric sweeteners are processed similarly. Please see the webinar that we presented ( – production of sweeteners starts at 9:53. If you watch the whole webinar you will see that we make recommendations on how to lower your overall consumption and have facilitated an eBook to help with this effort as well.”

    You making it harder to believe you. I know you disclosed as per FTC requirements, but its more than that. I guess you dont understand where US parents are coming from. If we dont change many of our minds, you make less money. We dont want to jeopardize our health by pumping it full of a goopy sweetener. Also there is plenty of links I can give you from reputable institutions that say its is NOT the same as othert, not just a website and partner than says otherwise. Only one that doesn’t say its flat out BAD is the FDA, whom you are fighting to change the name to Corn Sugar. What do you think about this:

    We do not want to use YOUR facts to make our decisions, and you may have not paid directly, but you paid Mom Central to pay the mom bloggers. All you did by responding here is insult anyone who says other than what you say.

    Also Kristin is my wife, so we talk and you can also answer my questions to.

    Concerned Parent

  28. says

    @: Holy crap, there’s a social media manager for CRA?

    I want to talk to you. I want to know how many gallons of fuel it takes to make a gallon of high fructose corn syrup.

    I want to know why you recommend canned fruits?

    I want to know if deep in your soul you really believe that this isn’t harming children.

    I want to know why you think food requires so much sweetening? Fruit IS sweet. Corn used to be sweet (before y’all modified the way it grows).

    We used to bite into our food and recognize the flavors, now all we know is sweet and salty.

    Corn doesn’t need to be refined. I would have 10,000 happy dances if the Corn Refiners Association folded tomorrow.

  29. says

    I am kind of giggling that there is a social media manager for the Corn Refiners Association. But it is a little discouraging that she is coming to your blog to basically insult you and your readers. Not a great way to promote the HFCS cause in my opinion.

  30. Susan @my2boyz says

    Theresa @ Corn Refiners Association
    Sorry I called your corupt organization by the wrong name. HFCS is BANNED in Europe, why is that? It is becasue it is AWFUL for humans, our bodies are not programed to break HFCS down thus the high rate in the US of diabiates, it freaaks the body out. The childhood obeasity rate is OUT OF CONTROL in this country. My son is ADHD and there is a DIRCET link between that and his ADHD, even his DR will not give his children anything with HFCS in it. Like I said if I give him anything with HFCS in it he FREAKS out, out of control. Sugar does not have that same effect on him. So you can sit there and tell people it is good for you all you want but we know the truth and soon enough it will banned in this country and you my dear will be out of a job. I honestly do not know how you sleep at night.

  31. says

    @: Del

    “But I think she feels there is an obligation to be honest, and working with an interest group trying to sway moms/dads/all who-read-online and their feelings on a MAJOR ISSUE is not cool to me and many out here.”

    I am not debating the right to each of your views. I am frustrated by her insinuating that bloggers are selling out and that the CRA is horrible and shouldn’t be trusted. Just because the bloggers decided to participate in this campaign does not mean they are selling out or that there is something wrong with what they are doing. You may not feel this is right, but those bloggers have their own individual choice and it is frustrating for me to see them being called out and attacked because of it. Just because we are an interest group, does not mean that there are not real people behind this effort; we are just as transparent and honest as any other normal, legitimate organization. We presented the facts that are backed by USDA data and peer reviewed studies, and we were transparent about where the efforts were coming from, and we talked about how to lower overall sugar intake. This is not a promotional campaign, it is an educational one.

    Further, we encourage others to do their own research (from credible sources, i.e. experts, peer reviewed journals) you can read another POV from Brian Dunning at the Skeptoid, he speaks more to the research part ( We are simply trying to clear up misinformation that is currently out there. We are not using bloggers to do our bidding – again this an educational campaign and we are clearing up misinformation.

    Just as an FYI – we do care about the relationships that we are building with bloggers, and there have been no keywords or SEO tactics given to the bloggers. We held the webinar, responded to their questions, provided links to our website properties, and then they wrote their post, so not sure what you are alluding to exactly.

    Despite what you think, I am being honest, and unfortunately only those who know me (which includes some bloggers) know who I am as a person. Sorry you feel differently. I cannot control this post, I am merely adding to the discussion, if that is okay?

    I have read your posts that you have linked to prior and your wife’s – I am assuming she does not remember me, but I have read her posts in particular before this transpired.

    Therese, Social Media Manager, Corn Refiners Association

  32. says

    @: Kristen

    I am not talking to you like you are stupid, my efforts are to clear up misinformation and I felt compelled to comment as I felt bloggers were being attacked without a full understanding of what the campaign was about. As far as paying you to watch the webinar, I am sorry we do not do things this way. We do want to open the dialogue and we do want to provide helpful information. We also value bloggers, and will compensate them for their time when there is an organized effort, but we don’t do things the way you have proposed.

    Therese, Social Media Manager, Corn Refiners Association

  33. says

    @: Susan – my2boyz

    According to the American Dietetic Association (ADA), “high fructose corn syrup…is nutritionally equivalent to sucrose. Once absorbed into the blood stream, the two sweeteners are indistinguishable.” The ADA also noted that “Both sweeteners contain the same number of calories (4 per gram) and consist of about equal parts of fructose and glucose.” ( Further, The European Union does not ban high fructose corn syrup. Since 1977, the EU sugar policy regime has limited the supply of competitive sweeteners including “high fructose syrup” (sometimes referred to as isoglucose) on the EU market to protect domestic sugar producers. The goal of the EU sugar policy regime is to regulate competition between sweeteners. It is not intended to address other issues like health or nutrition.

    Therese, Social Media Manager, Corn Refiners Association

  34. says

    @Therese :

    “I am frustrated by her insinuating that bloggers are selling out and that the CRA is horrible and shouldn’t be trusted.”

    How can you say that, if you knew me personally than you would know how I went back and fourth with even talking about the issue. Because of the bloggers involved. This had nothing to do with the bloggers, or selling out. If someone said that in comments that’s not my perspective. In fact, Louise is a friend of mine. You have no idea how badly I feel because I could have hurt her. In no way do I think she is a sellout, I know her and her family personally and I would never generalize her in that way.

    I think you’re trying to make an issue when there is none there. My SOLE problem is with Mom Central working with the CRA. If you didn’t know she also worked with some medical companies and got in trouble with the FTC for not fully disclosing info. Like your post written on Mom Central by a doctor has this FTC disclosure. “Advertorial Content” that’s it. I had no idea because it’s right above the ads, so I assumed without looking it was just a doctor writing on their website. Someone else actually pointed out to me that was not the case. That’s my problem. I simply don’t like the fact that the CRA is getting moms to talk about high fructose corn syrup.

    I don’t like the feeling that a huge interest group such as yours is now working within mom blogs through an outside review network. If you really wanted to talk to moms, you would have invited bloggers personally yourself to discuss this. And only after they did their blog post did they get paid. What about those bloggers who attended but chose not to post? If you didn’t really care about content all of them would have been paid. Paid for taking the time to listen to what you had to say, which of course is biased.

    It’s not like you teamed up with Mom Central to promote a new toy, or even diapers. It’s the simple fact that you teamed up in the first place to receive blog posts from moms who are well respected to say that corn syrup isn’t so bad. Or am I not right? Which of course from your perspective corn syrup isn’t so bad.

    It’s all about moderation. I get that. Gasp, even I have a soda every once in a while. I know a lot of moms who say they can’t afford NOT to buy cheap foods with HFCS in it. I just like to think one day, families will eat healthy foods. That have no added hormones, corn syrups, additives. I hate thinking I have to pay extra at the store just to buy foods that are free of these things. To me that’s not fair. Food should be food, it shouldn’t have additives. And trust me I vote every week, with my grocery cart. I vote for healthy organic foods and hope that other moms will too.

    That’s my hope. And I hope that the CRA more specially you wouldn’t insinuate or make issues where there are none. I have a lot of respect for my fellow moms and bloggers so just to reiterate my point. My problem is that the CRA is now within well respected mom blogs. Period.

  35. Michele Price says

    WOW, I saw a tweet fly by and came to see what was being said. This concerns me that the HF Corn Syrup industry has a social media manager but small businesses do not.

    Holy Kaw! talk about how evil empires can use the current day tools to push their message. this needs to be an outrage. I am tired of associations and lobbyist getting away with making public policy-that’s our right as citizens and consumers.

    Are you sleeping at night Therse by passing off these lies about High Fructose Corn Syrup really? The data is not in your favor not matter how many times you respond here. BTW the purpose of social media is to grow an audience and communicate.

    We are not your audience, ever heard to preaching to the wall.

    Mother’s Unite please and do not let this keep happening. I was on the edge when it was not popular and we did not have the data to back up this crap 30 years ago and we are still having the same dang conversations. SIGH

  36. Larry says

    HFCS is in every processed food. Meanwhile our intake of sugars versus fat is significantly higher. Why? Because HFCS are government subsidized through the corn subsidies initiatated by our favorite president Richard Nixon. The CRA is not the only culprit, but is by no means the innocent victim that Therese would make them out to be. In fact their thinly vailed attempt at playing victim makes them even more evil in my mind. So keep up the good fight all you anti HFCS all you well meaning bloggers.

    Why is the CRA a bunch of evil liars? I’m sure they aggressively promote the value of their products for example in addition to being a great sweetener HFCS turns out to be a great preservative, and it is still cheaper than any natural sugar or other preservatives because the corn it is made from is subsidized. Meanwhile every food processor is in competition to make cheaper products. Eliminating expensive sugars and preservatives is a great way to make that happen so they proceed. This is how we came to the point where HFCS are in everything today. Is it the industrys fault? Of course it is. So if Therese is really concerned about misinformation, how about telling the whole truth and not just the truth that benefits the CRA.

    Let me put it this way: Would you rather be hit by a truck or a person on roller skates? I’m sure you would choose the roller skater. The CRA keeps telling you that they are coming at you on roller skates when in truth they are being followed by a mack truck, the processed foods industry.

    Fructose is a mild form of poison that causes a disease known as obesity. Fructose does not suppress the hunger hormones: it does not increase insulin, which in turn does not trigger leptin production which in turn would trigger your belly to tell you that you are full. So you eat more, take in more sugars. I wonder why they aren’t asking to people to blog that?

  37. says

    Ultimately, I think they are hurting themselves. I wouldn’t trust the judgement of this blogger going forward. Either they are bought and paid for or worse they’re not very informed about things they write about.

  38. says

    I think people have moved on by trying to make Kristin as to be the bad person of this all. She spoke up and not many have the integrity and balls to do it. I think many people feel the same about all this.

  39. says

    As a “Mom blogger” myself, I would have to say that I most definitely do not/would not promote HFCS in any product! In fact, I avoid buying anything that lists HFCS as an ingredient. Which these days, is quite hard to do, considering that it seems to be added into even the least expected items (canned tomatoes?!). That being said, I steer clear of buying anything that is this refined/processed, especially in food that I feed my growing son!

  40. says

    What is important is that high fructose corn syrup is not natural at all like
    cane sugar or sugar beets. You can make sugar from beets and canes by
    pressing and evaporation. Corn sugar is mixed with chemical, heated and
    removed at different temps & times to create different sweetness. Good info here on the internet for corn syrup, cane sugar, sugar beets and many texts.

    Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology, explores the damage caused by sugary foods. He argues that fructose (too much) and fiber (not enough) appear to be cornerstones of the obesity epidemic through their effects on insulin. He agrees they share the same molecules. But HFCS has more fructose in it.

    Long video, but very educational.

    Watch at the 13 min mark on why more corn syrup/sugar has been added.
    19 mins to see his comments on the Corn Refiners Association.
    1 hr 5 min, reason not to feed Fructose corn syrup to kids
    1 hr 19 min for #HFCS fructose corn syrup and baby formula.

    He does agree that they are the same, to an extent.

  41. Briana says

    It $50 – $100:

    Participating bloggers will receive a $50 gift card that can be used at Wal-Mart and their affiliates as a thank you so you can shop for your family. Also, if you participate in the live webinar you will receive an additional $50 gift card to spend at Wal-Mart

  42. Brandy Byrne says

    All good points about corn sugar. I didn’t believe it from day one. All those stupid commercials where the people trying to interject about the bad benefits of the CS and “can’t come up with a good reason suddenly” deer caught in headlights look.

    And is $100 really worth your integrity? Just sayin’……..


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