HEXBUG Nano In-Home Party


This past weekend my closet friends and I all gathered for a HexBug Nano In-Home Party from Mom Select. The kids were all provided with plenty of the little creatures and even a playground for them to play on.

We moms watched as the kids all happily chased their bugs as they zoomed around the playground. We even gave away a door prize! The winner won the HEXBUG Nano Habitat Set that contains two extremely rare Nano mutations that every kid will want to brag about. Also included are four easy connect curved pieces, three easy connect straight pieces, and three easy connect hexagon pieces.

The children all created a big playground, which I thought might be difficult but they quickly figured it out without any help.

What I think is really unique about the HexBug Nano is that they come in every color. You can find pink, and blue, and even a combo of colors. Of course for children you wouldn’t think that’s a big deal but every one had their preferred color and even the girls had as much fun as the boys.

The little creatures (Nano’s) come in little test tubes, and when you turn them on they actually vibrate on rubber legs to move. I believe there’s a few of this buggers under my couch since they work so great on hardwood floors, or build a multi-level battle area and see which Nano wins.

If you’re looking for Christmas suggestions or birthday party gifts for kids I highly recommend the HexBug Nano they were a huge hit at the party and are really affordable gift wise. The test tubes would be great stocking stuffers too!



  1. says

    Hmmm… I haven’t seen these yet. What age are they for? I assume school age for small parts? I have some friends’ older children to shop for this Christmas and I will keep an eye out for these.

    I was also wondering… battery powered?

  2. Alex says

    this was such a FUN party!!!! Konnor is totally obsessed with his HexBugs and even sleeps with them (they are in a container).

  3. ppe says

    I take care of kids and have seen how excited they get over the hexbugs, but they tend to get over them pretty quick.

    I was surprised to see someone at Costco today (2 months before Christmas), stocking up on hexbugs. The boxed battle set was $24, and this guy picked out at least 20 boxes. He carefully picked out the boxes in perfect condition and left the dented ones. My assumption was that this was a great effort to get matching gifts for everyone in the family or perhaps his company… maybe even donate them to foster kids! I had to ask him why and he said his wife had an idea. Another shopper asked what they were for and he said to ask his wife. My new assumption here is that they are predicting a Christmas shortage and preparing to re-sell for a higher price on craigslist. As someone who suffered for months and finally paid too much for a Wii, I really find that mark up to be ridiculous. But everyone’s gotta make a buck I guess.

    I did take pleasure in seeing the pouring rain as I left the store. I noticed the cart stacked high and a poor attempt at a flattened cardboard box to cover them. Hehe, this guy is going to have to work to get them into the car dry.