A Dancer Was Born

She’s not the most graceful child, in fact I’ll leave that for her older sister. I always knew Kaila would be dainty from the moment she was born, however Brooklin. I knew Brooklin would be different. Born at a whopping 10 pounds, she’s always got into more trouble then Kaila even imaged doing.

She rough and yet delicate she’s a perfect medium, a blend all her own.She’s a dancer at heart, from bopping her head at 9 months to music to full on Dora dancing she was born to dance.

We’ll go ahead and add this one to our collection. I promise there will be no booty popping in our future.

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  1. says

    So cute! I just love it when they start to discover rhythm and music. Okay, not always so graceful at first, but it comes with time. My youngest is proving to be our family dancer. So glad she didn’t inherit her rhythm from my husband. Ha!

  2. karen M says

    She is so cute, with her tongue sticking out ! She is going to break a lot of boys hearts when she grows up.

  3. abbi says

    oh I so remember my kiddies at that age and their funny little dances. Sooo Cute!!! Thanks for sharing because it made me smile and remember the past