Pampers Dry Max – From A Pampers Mom Point Of View


In June Brooklin and I traveled to Pampers Baby Care Headquarters to discuss the then recent, diaper rash scare. While there I learned quite a bit about the brand I’ve trusted for so many years. I will be very clear from this point I so reviews on this website but I’ve never reviewed or been given any sort of compensation from Pampers.

What I found interesting is the fact that (this is proven) every time Pampers changes it’s diapers customers call in with complaints. No one likes change especially when it comes to moms and our children. Pampers has kept records since they started making diapers years ago. You can see statistically the number of complaints grow as a new diaper is released. Ever wonder why there is an Elmo on every diaper? Moms complained that their children would only wear the ones with Elmo on it. It’s funny because even as much as a character change can spark a huge debate.

So when Pampers started to receive complaints they were already aware this would happen. Even though the new Pampers Dry Max is made with the same exact ingredients complaints came in about diaper rashes. Only once it hit social media via Facebook did the word “burn” become thrown into the mix. Pampers has been making diapers for generations, their business is babies and as a customer I would never trust my child’s bum to another brand. So was Pampers putting babies at risk with this new Dry Max technology? The truth is, they sought answers and pulled in some of the brightest minds to take an unbiased view at the new diaper.

Here is where my own use as a real mother using a brand I’ve always trusted comes into play. Last month Brooklin suffered an ear infection, and major allergies set in. The doctor prescribed antibiotics but with the allergies we’d come to find out it wasn’t strong enough. Two weeks later Brooklin was put on an even stronger antibiotic and I was given a warning from her doctor. Diaper rash and possible infection can happen, antibiotics do that. I didn’t put much thought since both my children never have gotten a rash from an antibiotic. Both have done rounds, and with Kai being 5 she’s had them more times than Brooklin.

Sure enough diaper rash set in and I started my butt paste with constant diaper changes. I of course have been using Dry Max since it’s premiere so I knew it would go away. Usually her rash goes away within two days of doing the paste. Of course we were busy preparing for BlogHer and right before I left I noticed three red bumps. They were deep red and seemed to be up more towards her leg. I thought they looked odd and thought back to all the Facebook posts. I asked myself, was it the diaper? What am I doing wrong here? With all the commotion I didn’t think too much about it and kept doing my butt paste regimen.

Two days after arriving in New York my MIL called and said Brooklin was unusually grumpy. She too didn’t think too much about the diaper rash and took Brooklin on a long car ride. Brooklin was acting strange my normally overly happy child screamed the entire drive. My MIL also noticed she’d scream at points throughout the day. At this time the rash had gotten worse. Much worse, and after talking with her super crunchy friend she suggested she put her on a probiotic. After being on an antibiotic she thought her body could use it. And somehow over that day the topic of yeast came up, grown women it was bound to.

The next day my MIL says Brooklin has to go to a doctor and be seen. Her rash was not better and Brooklin was grabbing at herself, and just wasn’t doing any better. Sure enough that next day the doctor diagnoses Brooklin with a yeast infection.Every time she went to the bathroom it hurt so bad that she was screaming. Needless to say she got a prescription and the next day Brooklin was already in better spirits. By the time we came home Brooklin’s infection was gone.

This is where it all came back to me. My meetings at Pampers included a session with two doctors. One knows children and knows skin. He saw the pictures posted on Facebook and as a doctor came to this conclusion1. those children have yeast infections and skin infections 2. yeast infections causes deep red irritations 3 those children should have seen a doctor sooner 3. it’s not the diaper

I as a mom can see where the concerns come from. Brooklin should have been taken to a doctor sooner, but life happens. I as a mom thought I was doing my best. I thought I had everything right and I knew what I was doing.

I can tell you as a mom, a real mom with a baby who has been through it that the

Pampers Dry Max diaper did not cause the rash. And that’s okay.



  1. says

    Kristin and I have been buying Pampers since Kaila was a baby and before Kristin ever got anything for free from running her blog. We/she has never been given anything from Pampers and use their diapers with no bias. We’ve tried all brands and had best results and know our babies get the softest and most comfortable feel in some Pampers. Swaddlers and any of their toddler products are soft, good smelling, leak holding diapers.

    I know many bloggers who Pampers had sent to their HQ had been compensated before this whole Pampers problem was ever considered a possible problem, for those who had been given something, good for them. I know this is not a big deal, but Pampers are good diapers and we continue to and will use them till diapers are no longer needed. At $40 a box, I have paid them mucho money, and in turn gotten nothing. Maybe a thanks to a loyal customer could happen, but its not expected. This is true brand loyalty.

  2. Katie says

    It’s just way too coincidental to me, though, that ALL of these babies had yeast infections while using the new Pampers. I just have a hard time truly buying that NONE of it is related to the diapers. I have known a few moms personally (as in people I know IRL, not people I know from the Internet) that have had issues with these diapers. Neither of them were diagnosed with yeast infections when they had to go to the pedi about it.

    That said, I don’t use disposable diapers to begin with (we use cloth) but based on the controversy surrounding this if I HAD to use disposable, this wouldn’t be the brand I would choose. I can see that they’re trying to make good, but this will always be in the back of my mind.

  3. Sarah says

    Katie, i just heard someone from facebook in a pampers page that they used huggies and the son had bad blisters. Then obviously it’s not concerning just pampers.

  4. says

    I am glad you told your story. There are so many reasons why these “rashes” can be happening, but I don’t feel it’s right to instantly blame Pampers, without some type of proof (doctor, etc.)

  5. says

    So you mean to tell me that my 12 hour old baby girl had a yeast infection and not diaper burn or rash that lasted over 6 months??? It took 6 months for her diaper area to completely heal up, oh and using Triple Paste also. Butt Paste or Desitin didn’t help at all, in fact they made it worse.

    Pampers swaddlers were used on my newborn baby girl in the hospital, and she had this awful rash and her skin and it looked as if it had been burned. The ped. said at that time that it wasn’t yeast and they didn’t know what had caused it. Then I went to change my baby girl’s diaper again and the netting inside of the diaper was stuck to her bum and vaginal area. I gently pulled the diaper off and it tore her skin. So every time she peed or pooped she screamed because now she had open, bleeding sores from the netting inside of the Pampers. We immediately stopped using them and used a few Huggies diaper samples that I brought with me until my husband could get to the store and buy me some Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers. At this point, I didn’t even want to put regular Huggies on my newborn daughter. I wished we would of had clothe diapers or that I would of known how to use them at the time.

    I don’t trust Pampers at all! I did contact Pampers about this and got the response that yes, some babies have had this reaction but many of them hadn’t. So from Pampers to me, a small percentage of babies and toddlers DO have a bad reaction from using their diapers. It’s even posted on their website.

  6. says

    I started using Pampers 13 years ago with my oldest, of course they were quite different back then. My son’s pediatrician suggested we use Pampers to avoid rashes, so we did, and we never had problems! Thanks for posting your story!

  7. says

    @Heather Kelly: I didn’t mean at all that all babies get yeast infections. Honestly I can see how the term “burn” was thrown around that was my point. My daughter who is 14 moths old now had a yeast infection. I’m not saying that all babies have them or that yours was the same situation. I am just posting what happened to me and where I can relate.

    I can say without a doubt she should have been to a doctor sooner but I had been through it before so my thoughts were this was just another diaper rash.

    Back when there was netting at times it did stick to Kai’s skin but never caused a problem. I can only imagine how much pain your baby was in and in no way would I want my child to go through that. Even though she just did.

    Every babies skin is different. The difference between my two girls is amazing, although I have been using Pampers on both girls since their birth. My oldest daughter has very sensitive skin and I wouldn’t have used any other brand. That is my point of view but as you stated every babies skin is different.

  8. bw says

    When the new Pampers came out, all of a sudden my son’s diapers were leaking like crazy. I put some Huggies on him and problem solved, so I know it wasn’t that he was peeing a lot all of a sudden. Then I went on the Pampers site to find out some information about the new material, and found this horrible drivel about how disposables are better than cloth diapers (I mean, I use disposables but COME ON) which is no longer there, thanks to the very active cloth diapering mommy blogger community. That was a big turn off for me, so I just made the switch. Pampers might not have caused all those rashes, but they sure are suspect, and my theory with almost everything is, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The old Pampers were awesome, I had used them for 20 months. The new ones blow goats.

  9. says

    I love Pampers! I haven’t used the new dry max because I have been given plenty of packs of off brand diapers from a friend of mine (who argues with free?) but with having 3 kids (1 still in diapers) I can say Pampers was the best, my son had an allergic reaction to Huggies diapers and I wouldn’t buy them anymore for him, my daughter wasn’t allergic but we still preferred Pampers because of the price. Different kids have different reactions to some diapers. My youngest just recently got over a horrible skin infection that started as a diaper rash, I never once blamed the diaper.

    All it takes is 1 person to cause a panic, and then all of a sudden everyone thinks it’s the same thing that is wrong with their child….kids get diaper rashes…it happens. But all kids have different skins and different reactions to things.

  10. Lauralee Hensley says

    Too bad more doctors don’t tell moms to give their babies yogurt with probiotic to eat either two hours before or two hours after each antibiotic dose. It helps decrease the chance of the yeast infections related to antibiotic use. Another cause of diaper rash is often when babies/tot’s are cutting teeth they get tummy upsets, a higher acid base in the tummy/intestines, leading to a higher acid base stool, which of course is more caustic to the skin, leading to rashes and blisters.

  11. Helene says

    If my child has never had “yeast infection” in 3 years…why would it coincedentally happen when the diaper changed and would not go away until I switched the brand???? How did he get a yeast infection when NOTHING changed (not my changing habits, not his food intake, not sick…) except for the diaper. Why is it that I had not heard anything about this issue until my son had it and I went and searched for it AFTER the fact and saw all these other people having the same problem? (I don’t think this has been publicized ENOUGH btw.) Something is wrong with this diaper. It should be pulled and tested further before subjecting any other children to these issues. A recall is done if an item doesn’t LOOK right for pete sake, why isn’t this being handled differently? Ridiculous.

  12. says

    The ingredients are the exact same just less cotton, thus less waste.

    It’s proven and it’s already been looked in to. No recall was needed so none was given.

  13. Suziewoos says

    That is great for you. I can tell you that babies that were wearing the nappies before the chnage of manufacturing suddenly had extreame skin reactions. I can also tell you that there are many babies who have had swob tests done and medical reports and ped reports confirm that yeast/thrush is NOT Present. So DryMax IS effecting a small percentage of baies. Proctor & Gambles own paid GP stated in our meeting back that we had with P&G that some skin make ups are a time bomb waiting to happen. P&G say the numbers effected are not large enough for them to do anything about it – what a caring company. One baby effected SHOULD be one to many.

  14. jenn says

    My son is a month old we got started on pampers at the hospital, we were there for 1 week so we thought they must be good so we ended up buying 3 cases for at home. In the hospital a diaper rash started so we thought on my sons bum so as soon as we got home I was plastering on diaper rash cream with high zinc ingredients, pure sinc, and let him go diaperless for a full 3 days the rash got worse to the point I had to take him to the doctors his bum was scabby and bleeding I dont use wet wipes I use to use a warm wash cloth his bum got to the point where you couldnt wipe it we had to dip him in the sink to remove the feces. I ended up going through 2 different prescription cremes because he was diagnosed with a yeast infection, neither of the creams helped i then tried old wives tales of corn starch ect. nothing was helping my now one month old son was suffering every diaper change there was blood. I then heard from another lady about her son having the same problem and she told me to switch diapers so I have I went to costco brand diapers checked all ingredients they are not the same as pampers. I have now been with them for a week and his bum rash is FINALLY healing. I have just wrote pampers to tell them IT IS THERE DIAPERS THE DRY MAX PLASTIC WEAVE something in them is causing young babies to suffer. if you want the BEST for your kids DO NOT use pampers.