Triscuit Encourages Home Farming


I am all about natural living, I’d like to one day have an entire farm and grow all of my own fresh herbs. We have several small farms in our community but I’d love to see a large one. Something everyone could really use and benefit from.

Triscuit has teamed up with Urban Farming, a non-profit organization, to create 50 new community-based home farms throughout the United States. As part of the Home Farming Movement, Triscuit has included plantable herb seed cards in 4 million boxes of Triscuits to help encourage people to grow their own vegetables and herbs! Triscuit has also created a website that includes information about growing vegetables at home, a crop guide, community forums, and lots more!

What Triscuit is doing is helping to make a difference. They actually sent my family a few boxes of crackers along with money to start our own mini garden. I of course love basil and dill so we planted those in pots. Living in a condo doesn’t allow much room for a garden so pots are what we have to use. With as much rain as we have here in Oregon it didn’t take very long for our plants to take off. My husband waters them as it’s gotten warmer.

We were able to create a fun cheeseball with the herbs. Cheese balls are kind of a family favorite so we actually enjoyed doing something different this time. You can use almost any kind of cheese, throw in some pecans or your favorite nuts and some fresh herbs and you have a delightful snack.

Throw it on a Triscuit and you have a healthy snack!

Please visit Triscuit Home Farming for more information.



  1. says

    We love the garlic triangle triscuits. They’re delicious. And I’m a huge fan of putting garden dip together. Our garden is taking off, too… And it’s really cool to see because last year we moved in in August and so, it was too late to do anything. This year I’m going to have to GIVE things away (or learn how to pickle and jar stuff).
    Herbs are such a great place to start. I accidentally over watered my dill- it’s almost completely dead. But our oregano is looking great, and I’m even growing chamomile!
    Ahhh! It’s great to see a large company giving families an opportunity to get in touch with the land and it’s so great for the girls. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Doreen Riopel says

    Great looking cheese ball. I have to say that I didn’t know this about this company. This is awesome how they help and encourage people to grown their own vegetables and herbs. Big Wows from me.