Pampers Dry Max – My Thoughts


Not too long ago Brooklin and I both were able to visit Proctor & Gamble Baby Care Headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio. The truth is I hope by now the whole Pampers Debate isn’t much of an issue but I’d still like to put in my two sense. The thing is, I’ve never reviewed anything for Pampers, I was invited to the headquarters merely as a mom who loved a brand.

Since learning more about how Dry Max is made and just how extensive the testing is I of course have purchased my boxes of Dry Max since then. I’m going to have a post up over this weekend that will show you just how Pampers is made, and just how safe the product is. As you can tell I have an organic and natural living section here on my blog. I am passionate about living a healthy life, but I won’t compromise on diapers. And I won’t use a brand other than Pampers.

I will let you know Pampers did pay my trip to their headquarters. But I will assure you it wasn’t an easy one. Tickets were messed up, Brooklin didn’t have a seat. Because of that mess United lost her car seat and stroller. I of course, had to carry Brooklin and all our bags the entire time and deal with a bulky extra car seat loaner. Imagine me carrying Brooklin, a purse, blankie, bulky car seat and pulling a roller. Oh and Pampers didn’t give me any free diapers for writing these posts, while yes I’d love some. At nearly $50 a box, I just support the brand.  The trip wasn’t all rainbows and skittles…. so know this before you read my next post.

I have to ask though. What do you think of Pampers? What diapers do you use?



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    a.) I would have possibly gone apeshit if I had the living hell trip you did.
    b.) I’m not big on Pampers. We actually buy Meijer brand diapers when we use disposables. I (surprisingly) am really big on cloth diapers. Now I’m curious….why aren’t you my Oregon hippie friend? 😉

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    I used pampers because, while they’re expensive, they definitely offered the best overnight protection. And it didn’t make sense to me to be buying day diapers and night diapers.
    I tried cloth, too, but either I’m inept at cleaning them, or Abby’s skin is very sensitive. Either way, they were a rashy nightmare.
    We very rarely had problems with Pampers.

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    we use cloth. Regardless of how well sposies are made (ANY brand), they still contain chemicals that I don’t feel safe allowing on my daughter’s skin. The only rashes that we have had in cloth were during teething times.

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    I feel the same as Katie. I use cloth mainly because (although I also hate the thought of producing massive amounts of garbage…) I don’t want chemicals and plastics on my sons’ skin. We do occasionally use ‘sposies, but the one time I bought Pampers, my toddler get a very bad open sore rash…just shortly before this Pampers hysteria came out in the news. We’ve done well with those Tushies gel-free disposables.

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    I only buy Pampers…my BFF’s mom just give us a bunch of off brand diapers I’ve never heard of…never can argue with free diapers so that’s what we’ve been using, they hold up, but I still prefer Pampers.