Little Tikes – Deluxe Ride & Relax® Wagon


For the past year my family has taken great strides to try and live healthier. One way we spend time together as a family and get exercise is by taking family walks. Growing up my family did the same so it only feel natural. My children are able to experience nature and spend time together as a family. Living in Oregon has it’s advantages!

When looking at wagons I went straight for Little Tikes which they actually allowed me to review the Little Tikes Deluxe Ride & Relax Wagon (with umbrella) . We’ve had such a great time testing out this luxury ride that I wanted to share our favorite features.

  • Storage compartment that can transform into two single facing seats.
  • Seats have seatbelts perfect for little ones.
  • Cooler attached to the back.
  • Can easily turn into a bench, great for park trips.
  • An umbrella that easily can be popped up for sunny days.
  • Wagon handle is able to be flipped under the wagon for extra storage.
  • Cup holders galore!!!
  • It’s easy to pull and we often do hills.



  1. says

    That is SO cute! I love it. I could just see Charlie chillin’ in one, she’d love it. Thanks for sharing…making a mental note of this one for sure.

  2. karen M says

    Ooooh I love the wagon! The cup holders are a nice feature with this, keeps the sippy cups from rolling inside the wagon

  3. says

    The wagon is cool. Has a lot of space for both girls, and extra space for storage. The umbrella is nice too especially during the summertime. And pulling it is not too bad, we took them for a 1/2 mile walk in our hilly area. Good workout. 😉

    Out of all the wagons I have seen in stores, I would say this one is well worth the extra cost.