Safeway Home Grocery Delivery


As a busy mom I often don’t have time for everything in my day, or often I can’t seem to find the time {between naps, sick children, temper tantrums} to make it to the store. I am kind of a naptime freak, Brooklin has to have her nap at the same time every day. It gives me time to be able to do things I need to do. But with my naptime rituals I’d love to be able to get grocery shopping during our downtime.

Last week I had the unique opportunity to create an order with and have it delivered to my house. I do a lot of my shopping at Safeway, I often talk about their organic store brand. It’s a really great affordable organic line and you don’t have to shop at special isles in the store. Safeway has been ingenious enough to mix in the organics with your normal brands. On every isle you can find an organic alternative to almost anything you usually buy.

Enough about the organics I do shop at Safeway for other reasons. The produce is fresh and mostly local, I also find bread that is made locally that is almost impossible to find. Safeway carries all of my favorite brands and the organics to boot.

The Online Shopping Experience:

I found it extremely easy to shop online, I set up an account within minutes and was shopping the virtual isles. Everything online is organized by isle and anything you buy in the store is located in the isles. You can even shop the “buy one get one free” and Club Card Specials. I of course found there were some organics in the specials and picked up a few things. I even ordered some personal hygiene items. Literally everything, even alcoholic beverages.

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I have an additional $100 gift card to give away.

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  1. Amber G says

    I have not used the delivery system but I would definitely love to try! I shop at Safeway because they have quality food at affordable prices and the sales associates are always helpful.

  2. Denise says

    I have not used the delivery system and I shop at Safeway because of the location and large variety.

  3. Jaque says

    I have never used the delivery system…sounds like a good idea. I shop at Safeway because their produce is always so very fresh!

    Thank you. :-)

  4. Carol Harrity says

    Since moving to Kent WA we no longer have a car. My husband walks the 1/2 mile to Safeway for small items. About twice a month I place an order online with Safeway. The delivery is great and the drivers terrific. Living on Social Security does not allow for mistakes in grocery shopping so I am doubly pleased to shop Safeway.

  5. 409cope says

    I have never used the new delivery system but it would be great for heavy items. I shop at Safeway for the convenience and variety.

  6. Nancy says

    I haven’t used the new delivery system but it would be handy if someone in our house was sick. I shop at Safeway because I love their deli counter and produce selection.

  7. Adrienne Gordon says

    I haven’t used the delivery system. I shop there when I am at my parents house.

  8. Annette D says

    I have not used the delivery system before, I did not know that it was an option! I love Safeway! I shop there all the time! It is the closest grocery store to my house and I’m in there several times a week.

  9. Judith says

    I can walk to safeway. I have not used their delivery system but as I get older I am glad that it is available.

  10. Louise Gilbert says

    I have not used the delivery system but I would love to try
    I shop at Safeway is because the fresh veggies and fruit produce is always so very fresh, and they last alot longer then others stores

  11. Mari says

    I haven’t used it before. However this would be a great service for someone like my cousin, who is a resident and works 16 hour days and literally has no time to shop!
    I like safe way because of it’s selection of organic produce.

  12. merle says

    i would love a deliver service when i’m sick. and can’t leave the house. i’ve never tried it before.

  13. R Hicks says

    I have not used it yet but it would be useful for the person who is too busy to shop for groceries. Perfect for those consumables you routinely use. I shop there for their prices and nice selection of groceries

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  14. Sarah G says

    I’ve never tried a home delivery system, yet – but, it looks like a really great way to save money! We absolutely love Safeway, because it has so many terrific deals!

  15. Mary Ward says

    I have not used it yet but I run a daycare and i can see how easy it would be to have something delivered instead of having to run out. It’s not as easy with a houseful of kids!

  16. Heather S says

    I haven’t used it but I can see how it would help when I travel and to come home and just have everything delivered immediately. It would save time.

  17. Sharon Harmon says

    I would use the delivery system if I had the flu or a cold and have them deliver medicine. I’ve never used it before. We shop Safeway because it’s jut around the corner from where we live!

  18. Melissa Zimmerman says

    I’ve never used them before. I would use them to get cold supplies delivered when I am too sick to go out. I shop Safeway because the staff is always friendly and helpful.

  19. Michelle Stice says

    I follow Safeway on twitter. I would use the delivery service when the weather is bad or my 2 year old or 3 month old were sick. I have not used delivery service before. I like Safeways sales and organic/natural product selection.

  20. Annalisa says

    I could use it for those days when the kids are sick at home and I can’t really get away to shop. I’ve never tried home delivery before.I shop at Safeway for the specials especially the 5 dollar Friday specials

  21. McKim says

    I have never used the delivery before, in fact I didn’t even know they had it. Sometimes we get down to the bare bones in the cupboard and frig because I just don’t have time to make it to the store. This would come in handy during those times. I shop at Safeway because I like their meats and produce better than anywhere else in town.

  22. Shawna OBrien says

    I always do my grocery shopping at Safeway. I absolutely love Safeway because they have excellent sales an excellent customer service and all the products that I purchase. There is a Safeway between my work and my home so it is very conveinent for me to shop there too. I do know about there delivery system, but I have never used it yet. I’d like to use it sometime just to get a break really! I work long hours and sometimes I’m just too tired to do the grocery shopping.

  23. mickeyfan says

    I”ll bet they won’t deliver to me (I’m 50 mi from nearest store), but I do like to shop Safeway when we go to that city. Great selection of produce, etc.

  24. wcc says

    I haven’t used it before, but, oh my, I would love to! It would come in so handy if you were ill. I like shopping Safeway because because I like their prices and produce. Thanks so much for the chance! :)

  25. says

    I would love to use the service for my Grandma! She’s used the Vons special grocery ordering before.
    Following Safeway via twitter (@erinxduh)

  26. Holly says

    wow, I did not know you could order online and have it delivered. I also like safeway because of their organic line!

  27. Lynn says

    I would use the home delivery system if I were sick and needed groceries.
    I have not used it before.
    I shop at Safeway because I love their produce selection.
    I follow Safeway on Twitter.

  28. Julie says

    I would love to use this system and save myself a whole bunch of time and hassle!

  29. OlyveOyl says

    Having never experienced home delivery since the milk man growing up, I would try it for non-perishable items making sure that everything came without problems. I really enjoy going to the store and picking out the items I want in the produce section, so I am not certain that I woudl like someone else having this treat – but would allow any help if I were unable to get out of the house.

  30. Megan says

    I would use the delivery on a week I needed a break. I worked at Safeway for 3 years and saw everything “behind the scenes” and it quickly became my favorite place to shop. Lately, the prices have been even cheaper and the produce is still awesome. I’m a huge Safeway advocate and would love to win this giftcard!

  31. Jacob LaFountaine says

    I don’t use it. I’d use it so I could be lazy. I shop at Safeway because they have a decent bakery

  32. shel772 says

    I have used home delivery before. I was home with a broken ankle in a cast for 6 weeks and found the delivery service invaluable.

  33. Schmitt says

    I have a tendency to make lots of little shopping runs throughout the month. I think using a delivery service would help me plan longer term and actually make substantial grocery lists for once.

  34. says

    Well, I know that you just got your licence, but I’m still on the learner’s. I need to be TAKEN shopping, and I really don’t feel very independent. That’s why I’d like $100 to Safeway. To feel independent and do it myself. And I imagine that that’s the major benefit to a LOT of people who aren’t able to get around. Finding a store that still offers friendly delivery is near impossible. 😉

  35. christopher h says

    i’d use it in an emergency, but i work near a safeway and it’s no trouble for me to stop on the way home

  36. Benita says

    I’ve not used the new system, but it sounds great and I would definitely give it a try. I shop here because I love the variety and the products.


  37. augrim says

    I’m disbled and shopping can be a real chore. Using Safeway delivery once a month would be a big help.

  38. says

    I am following Safeway on twitter as ptowngirl. I shop at Safeway weekly because their produce and meat is so good! I have never used their delivery system because Safeway is only a couple of miles away from me.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  39. Lauren Weber says

    Shopping at Safeway is fantastic, I love that they have a home delivery system. It would be great for a busy mom!

  40. Alicia says

    I love to shop online, except for food. I’m very visual with food. So I probably wouldn’t use home delivery unless I was unable to get to the store for an extended period of time.

    I love Vons (Safeway sister in my area) because it’s close & convenient.

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  41. julieh says

    I haven’t used it before, but it sounds great for those times when I am too busy to get to the store. I shop of Safeway because of the great meat and produce departments.

  42. reallycool31 says

    I would use it in a pinch, if injury or an emergency arose. I have not used it before and shop almost exclusively at Safeway due to its proximity to my home and the regular sale items. Thanks for sponsoring the contest !

  43. Eileen Tahara says

    Delivery is not available in hawaii, but i would use it if i were sick. I shop at safeway because of the location and good prices.

  44. Jeanette says

    I haven’t used this system before, but how convenient! I love Safeway (Vons in my area) because they double coupons everyday!

  45. Kayte CookWatts says

    I have used it before and it is really fun. I do tend to buy more though. I like the bakery at our Safeway and their store brands are good a lot of the time.

  46. Melissa B says

    I haven’t used safeway before but seems like it would come in handy if your car broke down, you were sick, or in a wheelchair, just unable to shop. This is pretty cool and I will keep in mind !

  47. Valeen N says

    I would use this especially in the summer. It is so hot, and it’s miserable to climb in the car and drive to the store. The car is just starting to cool down when it’s time to turn it off. Then it’s all heated up again while I’ve been inside shopping. This would be a wonderful alternative,and woud also help me find the sales better!

  48. Jill H says

    Safeway delivery system is not yet available in our area, although I’m hoping it will be soon ’cause I could sure use it. However, Safeway is only a mile from our house so I tend to shop there the most and I love that they have great fruits, vegetables and meat and guarantee them all if I’m not happy with their quality. That is very important to me. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome GC for their store!!

  49. Angela Winesburg says

    I haven’t used it yet, but it sounds like a time saver! I love Safeway because of their low prices and clean/well-kept store. Following on twitter (@hotsnotty2) Thanks!

  50. Melissa D says

    I’m following Safeway on Twitter (@turboterpmd).
    I’ve never used Safeway’s delivery service, but I do shop at my local Safeway all the time. They have the most beautiful, fresh produce, and the nicest employees, too! Safeway is honestly my favorite place to shop for everything my family needs.

  51. Brittney Hayes says

    I shop at safeway because of their good produce! The staff is excellent and if I was able to use the delivery i would use it for my mom because she can’t shop by herself.

  52. Mary Ward says

    I run a daycare and Safeway’s prices are always so good. I am able to feed the kids for a very good price. I’d love to use the delivery service in the summer when the kids are out of school and I just don’t have much time to shop.

  53. Deanna G. says

    I’ve never used the home delivery before & I like to shop at Safeway because they’re really close to my house & the sales are great! :)

    (I follow Safeway on Twitter as “calidreamin87”)

  54. Tracy Robertson says

    I shop at Safeway all the time, it’s only about a mile from my front door. I haven’t tried the delivery system yet as the actual store is so close, but I have definitely thought about it. I would use it if I had the flu and didn’t want to go out. I also may try it sometime just for the fun of it.

  55. Eryn says

    Man, home delivery of groceries would solve, oh, all of my problems. We’re 20 miles from town & I just can’t run to town for milk, eggs, etc.

    I love safeway because they run regular sales on the staples we need to buy every time we shop. & they have the most helpful staff, I love how even the Starbucks guy will walk you directly to what you’re looking for. That sort of thing makes a difference!!

  56. Karen says

    Home delivery from Safeway is not available in my area, but I think it would be great for shut-ins, or to get heavy things delivered.

  57. JRG says

    Not available in my area (home delivery), but I like Safeway because they have most everything.

  58. Shannon Adams says

    I have never used the home delivery before because it is not available in my area. I love Safeways Angus meats! They are always fresh!

  59. Melissa James says

    The home delivery isn’t available in my area either but I shop at Safeway because I LOVE their meat section!

  60. says

    This would be so handy for my parents! My dad is battling colon cancer and with taking chemo once a week, is usually too tired and weak for shopping trips. Mom, as his sole caretaker, has a hard time getting out to do the shopping. I love Saftway’s prices.

  61. says

    I use the Safeway home delivery to order office supplies/ coffee at work. I love how they just bring everything in right into the kitchen the next day! Pretty great. If I lived any further away from our store I’d surely use it at home (but we’re just right around the corner from Von’s.)

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!! :)

  62. Jessica says

    I would use it for fresh products that are nice to have every day, like fruit and bread. I’ve never tried it before but it sounds great!

  63. Louis says

    I would use the new delivery system for bulky heavy items like beverages and laundry detergent. I haven’t tried it before but I love safeway beause of it’s wide selection

    following Safeway on twitter at rosidentevil

  64. says

    I’ve used it before when I was really sick with vertigo. It saved me from a horrible trip to the store, and I plan to use it after baby’s born, so I don’t have to go out but so I know that I get what I want (since hubby has brand-blindness, so I get what he grabs!)

  65. says

    I haven’t used it before, but I would use it to stock up on the awkward things, like cat litter, canned goods, etc. I usually shop at Safeway because they have the best meat in town.

  66. Annette E says

    I haven’t used it before, but I’d like to try the delivery. I love Safeway because they make the best Boston Cream cake.

  67. says

    I shop at Safeway when we are on vacation because they have great selection and good deals. I always travel with my Safeway club card!

  68. Carolsue says

    It is available in my area, but I have never used it. I like Safeway because it has good prices and great sales!
    digicat {AT} sbcglobal {DOT} net

  69. Molly Capel says

    Following Safeway on Twitter

    I shop at Safeway because they have great deals.

  70. Carolsue says

    I follow you publicly on Google Friends Connect (Carolsue)
    digicat {AT} sbcglobal {DOT} net

  71. Lindsay says

    I would use it because I can’t drive any more due to an injury and its hard making my husband to go to the store after a long workday. This would not only let me help out but also give me some self worth. I shop at Safeway because its always clean, organized, and it has great customer service. .

  72. Sarah L says

    I haven’t used it before, but I could have used it when I was sick. Safeway is just 3 blocks from my house.
    Follow Safeway on twitter: slehan
    Thanks for the contest.

  73. anna c says

    i would totally use the safeway delivery system if i could in my area. unfortunately, i live in a rural area. safeway is not deliverin’ to my house. i do go there once a week to shop though. i like their meats and produce.

  74. Kimberley W says

    I have used Safeway’s delivery system a few times before, and I LOVE it (especially when they send you a code for free shipping!)! Our driver is friendly, very thorough when going over the order with us, and attentive to where we want our products placed when he delivers them. It’s a great service, and I highly recommend it!

    Many thanks!!

  75. says

    I have never used it, but it would be good for me when my husband is out of town and I’m home along with the kids. It’s hard to get out.
    I follow Safeway on Twitter also….Jennai
    HobartsMama {AT} AOL.COM

  76. Geoff K says

    I would definitely use the delivery system to buy the go-to items on our weekly shopping list – our favorite cereals, coffee, juice, milk, bread, etc. – pretty much everything except the items I like to pick out in person (produce, meat, items from the bakery, etc.). It’s a great convenience, that’s for sure! My experiences at Safeway have been extremely positive – the employees are always friendly and helpful, I find terrific deals I don’t get elsewhere, and I always seem to find what I need. Thanks!

  77. Justine says

    I have not used the delivery system before but I could really use it when I’m just too busy to get to the store, awesome! I would feel comfortable getting most of my items this way cause Safeway has such great quality. I am also following Safeway via twitter


  78. Nikki Davis says

    Feeding three picky children, my hubby and I end up eating a lot of the same foods over and over. Slowly, they are learning to like new foods. However, this would be great for my hubby and I to eat a “grown up” meal every once and a while.

    Thank you for the entry,


  79. Marcia says

    I don’t think I would use the home grocery shopping feature but I love our Genuardi’s (here in NJ we have Genuardi’s instead of Safeway) but a $100 gift card would be a wonderful thing to have when I shop at the store myself.

  80. says

    I haven’t used it before but I’d surely use it ! and it’d give me a chance to shop at safeway

    jdmimi at gmail dot com

  81. Tracey Berry says

    Safeway is about 3 miles from my house. But somtimes when the kids are sick it gets hard to get to the store.

  82. Susan Smith says

    I haven’t used Safeway delivery system yet but I think it’s a good idea especially if I’m have a busy week.

  83. Nicole Greene says

    I haven’t used the delivery service yet but it sounds like it would be great to use when life gets kinda hectic and busy :)

  84. Jen says

    I would use it when I am stuck at home w/out a car and a 2 year old! I LOVE how fresh Safeway’s meat and dairy is. We also eat a lot of the eating right stuff.

  85. adrien says

    i have used the delivery system before and its pretty awesome and quick

    also subscribed to twitter

  86. susan smoaks says

    i would use the new delivery system to have my groceries delivered to me. i love the specials at safeway!

  87. Vern Burruss says

    I have not used Safeways delivery service but I might now because its a real pain to catch the bus to go shopping.

  88. Nicolle B. says

    I would use the delivery service instead of having to go to the store. I have not tried it yet. I love shopping at Safeway because they double coupons to a $1 and they store is clean and orderly.

  89. Maja Meza says

    Haven’t used it. I love shopping there because they have great meat selection and often on sale.

  90. Amanda O says

    I would use the Safeway Delivery to buy things needed for my grandmother’s 90th b-day party I’m throwing soon!

  91. Tammy Greer says

    I haven’t used their delivery system before but I know its very convenient for shut-ins and if you don’t have the time to do the shopping.

  92. brian e. says

    Thanks for the giveaway…we have not used Safeway’s delivery servive yet, but we may use it in the future. Our local Safeway has a superior Meat Dept. as well as a great Deli / Bakery !

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  93. Nancy S. says

    I’ve never used Safeway’s delivery system because I’m not in their delivery area but I did use another store’s service. It was very convenient and is really great for people who can’t get to the store. Safeway always has nice, modern stores.