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My mom came to get me in 1989. I was three and she was in her 20’s. It was like that’s the way life was supposed to be. For everything my Mother gave me I can never repay her. It’s days like Mother’s Day that makes me step back and truly appreciate my mother. I often send her letters and cards telling her how much she means to me, but nothing is quite like Mother’s Day. I’ve never had a love like the way my Mom loves me. And I know you feel the same.

This Mother’s Day Western Union is helping to give moms the perfect gifts. Western Union set up a Flickr page where users can submit pictures of their moms. And each week Western Union will select photos from the gallery to share on their homepage. In fact, this past weekend Western Union hosted a concert at Camp Pendleton, in San Diego, for military families which featured Wyclef Jean and Paulina Rubio. It’s was a wonderful celebration of love!

Western Union just sent me an Mother’s Day gift — a $50 Western Union gift card. What mom couldn’t use $50? They also sent me some additional $50 Western Union-branded gift cards to give to my favorite moms (my readers!) on Mother’s Day!


I have FIVE $50 Western Union Gift Cards to give away!

Follow These Rules For Entry:

  • Tell me: What’s the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. What are you getting your mom?
  • I’d like to encourage you to submit your moms photo on the Flickr page.
  • Connect with Western Union on Facebook

Extra Entry Methods:

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Giveaway will end May 25th

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  1. Jill Hayes says

    The perfect mother’s day gift would be spending the day with my son with a nice brunch and movies. He’s growing up so fast I don’t get enough one-on-one time with him. We’re taking my Mom out to brunch with us and then I’m giving her a nice gift basket with some of her favorite things.

  2. SANDY says

    perfect gift is something from the heart- seriously- I love things with a little personalitzation-

  3. Ellen Beck says

    My Mom is gone, and Aunt Mary lives in Minnesota- we will be calling her- she is supposed to come down to Iowa the end of May so then we will do Mothers Day. She loves crafts so we were going to get her a nice yarn caddy, and a gift card to Michaels or Joannes.

  4. Ellen Beck says

    Follow you on Twitter as @tannawings
    Left a comment on the IUD nightmare…………

  5. Linda Fish says

    i think the perfect gift is flowers , My mom doesn’t live close so I sent her a gift card

  6. Amber G says

    I’m making my mom a beautiful card and then taking her out to brunch, followed by a spa day!

  7. Nicole L. says

    I’m giving my mom cash this year (as well as treating her to lunch and an afternoon out walking around.) She’s been out of work for so long that all she wants is some spending money to treat herself to little things like having her hair and nails done.

  8. McDuffy says

    There is an elegant brunch at a local historic hotel that would be great for Mother’s Day.

  9. Judith (from Israel) says

    My mom loves reading so the perfect Mother’s Day gift for her are books.

  10. Sarah D. says

    The perfect Mother’s Day gift is a day off from chores/making meals. I have no idea what I’m getting my mom yet. I work better under pressure. :)

  11. McKim says

    The perfect mother’s day gift is something my kids have made. I used to plant my mom’s porch boxes for her for Mother’s Day.

  12. Alicia Webster says

    I am not in contact with my mom, but I think that a GC to a favorite store(Borders, LUSH, Anthropologie) would be a great Mother’s day gift.
    Alicia Webster

  13. says

    I think my perfect mothers day gift would be well behaved kids, even if its just for the day. No whining, no pouting, no crying… I’d be in heaven!

  14. Mary says

    I no longer have a mom to spend Mother’s Day with, but I am a mom and the best gift to me is to have my children come and spend time with me. That is more important to me than any gifts. And if they can’t come then a phone call is also very precious.

  15. Judy Bradley says

    For me the perfect gift would be just to have all of my 9 children together – sigh, not gonna happen. My mom only likes to receive gift cards to stores or restaurants she likes so she can afford to go or to buy things she needs. I ordered flowers & sent her 2 20’s saying they were gift cards accepted everywhere! I live on a small income so I spent some time working with a friend to earn that money, I won a flower gift card that paid for most of the flower cost and I made her card & wrote the verse. My mom is 83 this month. I live on SS survivor benefits (not much!) so I appreciate hand made or garage sale buys as gifts! The perfect gift no matter who it comes from is something that requires thought, effort, and will mean something to the recipient. That is different for different people.

  16. Ellie W says

    The perfect gift for my on Mother’s Day would just be a nice dinner with all my kids, their spouses, and my two little grandsons.

  17. Jaque says

    Sadly, my mom lives far away, so I will be calling her and have already sent her her favorite treat….cashews in every imaginable variety!

    Thank you. :-)

  18. Carolyn says

    My perfect gift is a bus ride to the beach (my husband usually won’t ride the bus and Mexican food. I ‘m getting my mother in law Lavender scented items. I fanned on facebook.

  19. Donna L says

    My Mother In law lives 2 1/2 hours away from us. We will be going to see her and take her out to dinner

  20. Pat says

    The perfect gift for Mother’s Day is dinner at her favorite restaurant. That’s the gift I’m giving my Mom.

  21. Gail Crawford says

    My perfect gift for Mothers Day is to help clean up her house. Because she is 75 years old and is having trouble with her high blood pressure.

  22. Ro says

    Personally, the best gift for Mother’s Day is a massage at a nice spa! I let my mom pick her present because she loves to do that. She wants to go out for a family dinner at a favorite restaurant. So that’s what I am getting her this year :). Now about that mom pic, my mom would kill me if I posted her pic. Seriously. She is the one behind the camera, never in the pic. That reminds me; I need to get some new pics of her. She is great at dodging the camera and I have no new ones lately :-P. Anyways, I “liked” Western Union on Facebook.

  23. hminnesota says

    I got good bonus last year so this year I am getting her a coach handbag.

  24. Marcia says

    My Mom is no longer around to share the day with but the highlight of Mother’s Day will be talking to and seeing my granddaughters on Skype. Even though we can’t be together we will be sharing part of the day and that is the perfect gift.

  25. says

    I’m getting my mom a gift card to a garden center. She grows amazing flowers, plus has a gigantic garden every year, so I’ll let her decide what it is she most needs to continue on her horticultural way!

  26. Denise B. says

    I sent my mother a flower arrangement. I don’t expect anything. I really have everything I need. Most importantly, my husband and children.

  27. allison says

    well, I am unemployed right now and see no end to it, so I am just getting mom a card and calling her!

  28. Kay Swed says

    I sent my Mom a bowl that she always talked about from when she was little, with Shirley Temple on it.

  29. Kelly Ann T. says

    Target gift cards make the perfect gift. Its the whole family’s favorite store.

  30. Angela C says

    The perfect Mother’s Day gift would be a day alone, for any mom including me! I will probably get a homemade card from my kids! :)

  31. sherry mcelroy says

    My Mom loves plants. Her yard looks like a nursery. :) I’m going to get her a gift card to Home Depot so she can buy all the plants she likes! :)

  32. Linda F says

    The perfect gift for Mother’s Day is No Cooking. Sadly, my mother is no longer here on earth.

  33. Jean D. says

    My mom is dead, but the perfect gift for me is being with my kids Sunday. The plan is to order take-out pizza (Who needs a crowded restaurant?) and relax with a movie or two at home.

    Thanks for a generous giveaway!

  34. Wendi P says

    I am taking my Mom to lunch and then to the Scrapbook store so that she can buy some new FUN.

    My perfect Mother’s Day would be breakfast and a walk with my hub and kids, a half-day at the spa and dinner with my friends, coming home early enough to tuck my kids into bed.

  35. Micaela says

    My mom always seems to enjoy gifts that don’t cost a lot or anything at all. This year I’m making her a playlist of music that she can listen to while she goes running, which she does everyday.

  36. Mari says

    My mom and I are going out to dinner to her favorite restaurant, Olive garden.

    runningmatey at hotmail dot com

  37. Jenna says

    I’m giving my mom a shopping and pampering day! Connected with western union – j. osborne

  38. says

    My brother and sisters and I all pitched in and bought my mom a Keurig brewer for her office. She’s a coffee lover and I know sometimes she only wants to have a cup and not brew a whole pot…so this is perfect for her. We also bought her some k-cups and a carousel.

  39. Shawna OBrien says

    In my opinion, the perfect gift for Mother’s Day is a Coffee maker. At least that is what I would love to get tomorrow because my perculator broke and I have not had a good cup of brew made at home in awhile now. I’m getting my mom flowers, candy and a card and were going out to dinner with the whole family.

  40. Stacy says

    We’re celebrating Mother’s Day next weekend when my daughter is in town. I’m going to buy my mom a Pandora charm. We started a bracelet for her on her last birthday and I like to mark each special occasion with another charm.

  41. Erica Best says

    The perfect gift for Mother’s Day is a kindle. Because it very simple to use plus my mom loves to read. For mom day this im getting her a some books for her kindle that i got her last year for her b-day.

  42. Erin from Long Island says

    I got her lotion (she swims a lot and her skin gets dry), chocolates, and an adorable card. We spent the day wandering Westbury Manor (google it, it’s gorgeous), Hicks Garden Center, and then went to an Indian restaurant between the lunch buffet and the dinner crowd. It was PERFECT!

  43. says

    I gave my mom and myself mother’s day presents by going out for breakfast. Time to ourselves is the one gift us moms hardly ever get. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  44. Margaret Smith says

    The perfect gift for my Mom is plants and us planting a garden for her. My Mom always loved gardening, but isn’t able to bend down and garden herself anymore. For the past few years now, my kids, hubby and I, get Mom a bunch of plants for her garden and we do all the planting for her. She loves this gift more than any.
    Thanks so much.

  45. Margaret Smith says

    I’m a fan of Western Union on FB (Margaret E. Smith)
    Thanks again

  46. Margaret Smith says

    I’m a google follower (rickpeggysmith)

  47. says

    I got my mom exactly what she hoped for!a botox-like face cream that works good but kind of blew my wallet.
    Oh well, Love ya mom!

  48. says

    -I got my mom exactly what she hoped for!a botox-like face cream that works good but kind of blew my wallet.
    Oh well, Love ya mom!
    -LIKE Western Union on Facebook (Erin M.)
    -Mom’s picture is now on Filckr

  49. Rachel Grimes says

    This year for mothers day I got my mom an Orchid from the local florist and gave her a bunch of bath and body works products so she could enjoy the quiet moments she gets in the shower.

    Like Western Union on FB (Rachel Grimes)

  50. Holly B says

    I’m making her a bouquet of gumpaste/sugar roses. I learned how to make them in a Wilton cake decorating class..they came out really cute!

  51. Christine Sarkauskas says

    I got my mom books to make jewerly, and a candles to relax. She was happy. We spend the day together

  52. Christine Sarkauskas says

    I got my mom books to make jewerly, and a candles to relax. She was happy. We spend the day together

    “like” westren union on facebook.

  53. says

    I spent mother’s day {with my younger daughter} helping my older daughter move. At least we were together and it was a lovely day! lol. I bought my mom {who lives 1600 miles away} some special soaps but she doesn’t care for them so I will get them when I go there in Oct. :) Works for me. Next mother’s day hopefully she {and dad} will be moved out here – that will be better.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    cokelush at gmail
    Oh, and I’m connected with WU on FB. My initials are Robin P-K.

  54. Kerrie Mayans says

    I think the perfect gift for mom is spending time with her or giving her your time. I spent Mother’s day weekend staining the decks on her house for her since they needed done and she is unable to do it.

  55. mary says

    I will be spending time with my mom, and that is my favorite gift from my kids as well. It is the absolute BEST

  56. Linda says

    My perfect gift for Mother’s Day is to be with my family and I always love to receive a hanging basket.

  57. Jenn S. says

    Mom lives pretty far away, so sent flowers and a homemade card. I called and we talked for hours, it was great. :)

  58. Amanda A says

    I sent my mom 2 dozen assorted roses, since she lives far away from me. She loved them and it was the perfect gift for her! I didn’t have a current picture of us together, so I posted pics of me with my kids on the flikr page (winnieayala)! I also like western union on facebook (amanda mcfall ayala)

  59. Cynthia R says

    Perfect Mother’s Day would gift would be for hubby and kids to make breakfast and keep the house clean and spend lots of time together

  60. karen says

    the perfect Mothers Day gift is breakfast in bed. Unfortunately, my mother lives in a different state. I did send flowers.

  61. Amanda D. says

    I carved an “ex libris” stamp for her, since she’s such a bibliophile. She’s the best! Thanks for the opportunity to win, Kristin!

  62. julieh says

    I think the perfect gift for mother’s day is to have the whole famiy cater to her for an entire day!

  63. Jacob says

    All my Mom really wanted was to go to the movies so I took her out to the movies and got her popcorn and whatever she wanted!

  64. says

    I think the perfect gifts for Moms are anything sentimental…especially handprints of their kids or grandkids (that’s my fave). We gave my Mom a personalized apron, a box of cheerios (her fave), and a garden stone with my son’s handprint on it.

  65. denyse says

    It may nopt be thoughful but I love money so I can get what I need when I find it. I sent my Mom $50 for Mother’s Day.

  66. Deanna G. says

    The perfect gift for Mother’s Day for my mom is flowers & chocolates, she loves them both :)
    I’m a fan of Western Union on Facebook.

  67. Christina says

    I think the perfect gift for Mother’s Day is something that reminds them of their own life – I got my mom a book that asks questions about her life and she can fill in the blanks and then after she’s gone we’ll learn things about her that we never knew!

  68. Jill Myrick says

    For my mom this year we surprised her with flowers, pajamas and chocolate.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  69. Jill Myrick says

    I am a fan of Western Union via Facebook as Jill Myrick.


  70. says

    Mandatory – The perfect gift for Mother’s Day isn’t a tangible gift – It’s quality time spent together. We did send my mom flowers to work a few days before, and rather than a vase they came in a reusable bag (which she says she’s giving to my daughter when the flowers are “done”). Mom doesn’t want any “crap’ in her house!

    Facebook fan of Western Union

  71. Tammy Kennedy says

    My Mother lives 1200 miles from me and I truly miss her everyday. I call her once a week and we chat for an hour or two.
    I’m unemployed and so we only have 1 income and money is tight.
    I enter contest in hopes of winning to help my family out.(if I’m a lucky winner this would help pay for gas to make the trip to visit my mother)
    Well my daughter is graduating from high school in June so that makes money even tighter, because my mother has never drove and can’t fly.
    Being 70 she feels she can’t make the long trip I knew she has been sad about not being here so I wanted to make this mothers day special so I saved all my change from groceries and sent her a plant for mothers day.
    Now trying to save up to go visit her.
    Since all I got for mothers day was a card I know that the plant really cheered her up more then a card would have ever done because she can look at the plant and know how much I love and miss her.

    Sorry I have no way to upload a picture also I have no recent picture to upload.

    I’m a facebook like/fan of Western Union on Facebook

    Thank you so very much for giving me a chance to be a winner

  72. Tammy Kennedy says

    I’m a google friend connect follower

    Thank you so very much for giving me a chance to be a winner

  73. Tammy Kennedy says

    I’m a twitter follower

    Thank you so very much for giving me a chance to be a winner

  74. Nancy Sloan says

    I always like to buy flowers or a nice shrub for the yard everyear, that way we keep adding to our landscape

  75. says

    My Mom never buys herself a new purse so I gave her a nice one with GC’s to her favs inside. They will keep her entertained for awhile! 😉
    Thanks hondaray6 at hotmail dot com

  76. Cujo says

    We always clean up my mother’s yard for her for Mother’s Day. Trim trees and shrubs, rake, fertilize and plant flowers – it helps her a lot.

  77. Jason says

    My mom really wanted some gardening stuff, so thats what I got her


  78. katie s. says

    The most perfect mothers day gift is just spending time with my family. No hussle, no bussle, no shenanigans, just hanging out at home watching movies and eating meals together. I spent half the day with my mom and half the day with my family at home. This was my first M’day as a mother, so it was pretty cool!

  79. Daniel M says

    my mom likes her gardens so we all got her plants (she picked them) and put them where she wanted

  80. Julie K says

    The perfect mother’s day gift for me would be a Kindle or a day trip all together. I checked out the Facebook page, too! Thanks.

  81. says

    It doesn’t matter what I give my Mom. She will insist I spent too much and tell me that all she really wants for Mother’s day is to spend time with those she loves.

  82. says

    Everyday is Mothers day for me. Just having my daughter made me realize how truly lucky I was. I do not have a good relationship with my mom, we have not spoke in over 5 years, but I am okay with that.

  83. Valeen N says

    I think the perfect gift for Mother’s Day is a gift from the heart. Something that some thought went into. It doesn’t have to be expensive or even store bought. It just needs to come from the heart.

  84. julie reuter says

    The perfect Mother’s Day gift for my mom is something that has honey bees on it since she and my dad raise them. I got her a set of pretty tea mugs with bees on them, a ‘springy’ tablecloth and a lemon bundt cake mix from Williams-Sonoma. She loved it all!

    I don’t have a recent photo to submit to Flickr – maybe I should remedy that!

    I follow WU on FB – julie.reuter1

    julie_reuter92 at yahoo dot com

  85. julie reuter says

    Posted your banner on my blog (nosogirl.blogspot.com)

    julie_reuter92 at yahoo dot com

  86. denice p says

    i called my mother since we live cross country from each other. I also sent her some money to buy her something nice. She was pretty happy and knows that I love her.

  87. Helen says

    We went out for dinner and bought her a hanging basket for the porch.

    I’m a facebook fan of Western Union.

    helen g

  88. Vicki Andrew says

    perfect gift is girls time, going out with my girls for mini mani -pedis

  89. Alexander David MacFarlane says

    Best most bestest gift for my mom? Being there for her on mothers day and cooking up a meal for her :)

  90. kim e says

    I lost my mom 20 years ago at the young age of 21. She was only 40. I had little time to appreciate her from one mother to another. The only gift I truly need from my own children is their time, now that they are teenagers. I know how short life can be and appreciate every moment I can spend with them.

  91. Carrie says

    the perfect mother’s day gift for me is a day spent with my family. For my mom we take her out to brucj and ge her flowers for her garden – her favorite

  92. Sheila Newton says

    I got my mom a much needed computer chair. Maybe not the most exciting but definitely the most useful.
    I like getting flowers!

  93. Jessica says

    I take my mom out for lunch and we do some shopping and get our nails done, it’s nice to relax together and treat her to something she wouldn’t normally do for herself.

  94. Cristi says

    I usually get my mother a gift card to somewhere she likes,but she usually ends up spending it on someone else.

  95. says

    I got my mom a charm necklace with all London tokens on it. All I wanted, though, was to sleep in and change no diapers.

  96. Amanda S. says

    I took my mom for a manicure and pedicure, which I thought was pretty perfect! :)

  97. Pamela S says

    I think the perfect gift is less about “things” and more about honoring. Visiting mom, helping her plant flowers, taking her to dinner, making her lunch, sharing photos, etc. Those all mean more than anything you could buy.

  98. Erica C. says

    I think the best thing is spending the day with your mom. This past mother’s day, we had brunch, got a mani/pedi, and then did some shopping. It was just great to spend the day with her.

  99. Sonya Allstun says

    My perfect Mothers day gift is just getting to be with my son, hubby and the grandkids. For mothers day I bought my mom some flowers and a book to read since she was in the hospital.

    followed western union on facebook

  100. Lisa Brower says

    I got my mum a nice necklace for Mothers day! I love to send flowers but I didn’t this year…booo!! :)

    I liked on FACEBOOK!!

    Have a great day!!!

  101. says

    I think flowers are the perfect Mother’s day gift, and that is what I got my mom.

    I am a facebook fan (Anne Jolly) of western union.

  102. susan smoaks says

    the perfect gift for mother’s day is spending time with the ones you love. time is the most precious gift of all!

  103. Susan Smith says

    My Mom can’t drive so she loves when people take her places. On Mothers Day I tool my Mom out to her favorite restaurant and then we went shopping.

  104. kathy pease says

    to me the perfect mothers day would be a nice dinner with my family and spending the day hiking in the woods with them :) my mom passed away in 1989 and i miss her dearly

  105. kathy pease says

    Google Friend klp1965 and forgot to say i was following western union on fb Kathy L Pease

  106. Erin Cook says

    The perfect mothers day gift for my mom was a scrapbook I made her which she loved

  107. Nicole B. says

    I think the perfect mother’s day gift is a relaxing day spent with family. We made dinner for my mom.

  108. barbara wright says

    From a husband, roses are the perfect gift. From kids, a smile and a card is plenty. This year, I didn’t get my mother anything because I’ve been doing a lot for her recently and she told me to consider all of it my present to her.

  109. carol y l says

    The perfect Mother’s Day gift for me was what I received. My kids, their own individual ideas, and my hubby all gave me really sweet cards with words of love. That meant the world to me! For my Mom who never wants me to spend money on her, I would love to buy her flowers but she won’t let me. She loves flowers. So I gave her a pretty bag and special teabags, she loves tea, and a tube of fancy organic grape shampoo because she wants something like that. But beyond that she knows our work is slow so that was it, besides coming to see her.

  110. Nicole Greene says

    The perfect gift for Mother’s Day is spending time with your loved ones :) and….maybe a homecooked meal :)

  111. carol y l says

    I follow on Twitter!~dresdenrain.

    You are adopted? Sounds like your Mom is also one lucky Mom!

  112. Joanne Schultz says

    My parents are clearing out their house to prepare for a move, so this year, we just sent a card, and then called on Mother’s Day.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  113. Bridget Combs says

    My perfect gift for mothers day is spending time with my children. I gave my mother some decor items for her newly remodeled kitchen and I follow western union on FB- Bridget Combs

  114. Amy Delong says

    my mom really wanted a nice cut&color!
    follow western union

  115. Justine Pierson says

    My perfect gift for mother’s day would just be my family showing they appreciate me and maybe doing the dishes or making dinner so I didn’t have to! I take my own mother out to chinese dinner every year. I am a fan of Western Union on facebook and I also posted a pic of my mom and my son on a train ride on flickr…

    justine pierson

  116. Gena says

    Well, in my opinion the best Mother’s Day gift is a day alone. Let the husband and kids fend for themselves and I go to the spa or whatever I want to do, haha!!

  117. Kayce Crews says

    I got my mom a Starbuck’s card. I think a perfect gift would be something she likes.

  118. sarah l. says

    I think a gift certificate for a massage is a great gift. My mother is dead so I didn’t get her anything. Thanks for the contest.

  119. Dana T says

    No chores, and some time to work in the garden. I sent my mother some heirloom flower seeds for Mothers’ Day.

  120. says

    My sisters and I always take my mother shopping for annual flowers for Mother’s Day. She has an incredible perennial garden, but likes to punch it up with color and variety, using different annuals each year. It’s such a nice trip for just us girls!

    This year I discovered a new perfume that is similar to her signature scent, but with a bit of a twist and surprised her with that as well!

    For myself, the ultimate mother’s day present is spending time with my kids! Although, it wouldn’t hurt my feelings a bit if they surprised me with a Whimsy ring on my breakfast in bed tray one year!

    Thanks for the opportunity!
    tsue1136 at yahoo dot com

  121. Betty C says

    Perfect for Mother’s Day is an in-person visit. That’s what we did for my mom.

  122. Helen S says

    A perfect Mother’s day gift for me is spending time with my family. Every year we get my Mom and Mother-in-law their favorite flowers.

  123. brian e. says

    Thanks for the giveaway…We took Mom & the family out to a leisurely Champagne Brunch at her favorite restaurant, and naturally a bouquet of her favorite flowers !

    Connected with Western Union on Facebook: “Bryan Eason”

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  124. susitravl says

    My perfect Mother’s Day gift – flowers! And my stepkids pulled through and brought me a beautiful cyclamen before I even got out of bed.
    Don’t know how to put a pic on Flickr.
    Like Western Union on FB.