Stride Rite – Giving Back to Moms


I often consider myself a super mom. Most days it feels as if I fly from here to there, constantly doing something for my family. Right now Stride Rite is hosting a “Giving Back to Moms” contest on Facebook from May 3rd through May 10th. Moms like myself can submit stories and photos that illustrate why we are super moms.Moms can win some amazing prizes so you must hurry to enter.

I know I am a super mom! From running errands to wiping noses I also go to school full time and run this popular mom blog. Stride Rite was kind enough to give this super mom a pair of shoes for helping to promote their super contest!

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Thanks to Stride Rite and Global Influence I have one $40 Stride Rite gift card to give away.

Follow These Rules For Entry:

Extra Entry Methods:

  • BLOG ABOUT IT!!! (3 entries)
  • Grab my site banner (shoot me an email I’m willing to exchange banners)
  • Also you can gain extra entries by blogging, tweeting, becoming a Google follower and/or following me on Twitter. Share the giveaway on Facebook.
  • You can also tweet once a day for 1 extra entry.(use the retweet button and add @ourordinarylife in your tweet)
  • Remember: you can always leave a comment on any non-giveaway post. Come back and visit me! (I check them, I’ll see and respond.)

Giveaway will end May 17th



  1. Susan Bywater says

    I guess I’m a supermom because I work full time and take care of my two kids mostly by myself.

  2. Sarah Hirsch says

    I’m a supermom because even when my kids have to be in two different places at the same exact time, I get them where they need to be!

  3. christine roeske says

    Gosh, I guess I’m a Super Mom to my two kiddos as I’m a stay at home mama! I’m a chef, maid, chauffeur, teacher, parent, bookkeeper, laundress, governess, personal shopper, boo-boo kisser, paci replacer and middle of the night hugger.

  4. Denise B. says

    I have four children, ages 2, 5, 15, 17. So, day in and day out, I have to handle a variety of different situations and issues.

  5. says

    being a mom of 2 kids both in school, running them around to after school activities, to now working two jobs full time and still being home to make dinner…. im super mom! LOL

  6. Flossie K. says

    I guess I ‘m a “Supermom” because I do it all from the crack of dawn until my head hits the pillow.

  7. Elizabeth I says

    I am a supermom, because I have three kiddos -4,3, & 1 and my 3 year old cannot walk and needs tons of care and I give each child the time and attention that each one needs so they are not jealous of each other.

  8. simone says

    I’m a super mom because I watch my toddler all day then work at night. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  9. Mellissa C says

    I am super Mom because I have three active boys and I can keep up with them.

  10. Suzanne Denys says

    I’m a stay at home super Mom to my 9 year old daughter and 5 year old son!

  11. L.D. says

    We are expecting our first so I am a super mom in training. But I am a super mom because I am entering every contest known to man to try to win things for my baby. I also entered the contest on Facebook as Lisa Duffy and tweeted to @robeez under the name wantsandwishes.

  12. sarah says

    i am a super mom because i am a stay at home mom and my husband says i’m super.

  13. Marc-Andre Taillefer says

    I think my girlfriend is a super mom because she is working full time and take great care of our kids.

  14. Mia J. says

    I am a stay at home mom who volunteers at my childs school as much as possible.

  15. Ellie W says

    I think that I used to be a super mom. Now I am a super grandma. I keep my 5 and 2 year old grandsons about 12 hours every weekday so my son and daughter-in-law can both work. They could never afford day care for two little ones, plus I get the joy of being there for all the milestones. I’m the one that takes them to all their appointments, t-ball practices, and play dates. I kiss the boo boos, get the hugs and kisses, and the tantrums too. (Oh joy!)
    But I can’t think of a thing I’d rather be doing that snuggling up with my babies and reading a story to them.

  16. Sheila Newton says

    I’m a supermom because even though I’m sick I’m still taking excellent care of my two sick kiddos all by myself!

  17. Linda Kish says

    I am a super mom because I worked full-time and raised my son completely alone.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  18. Cristi says

    I feel that I am a “supermom” because this last year I have managed to take care of my 2 children and run a household while my husband was on a 1yr deployment overseas. I also have been dealing with major back and neck problems since being injured at work. I had my neck fused in Nov and will be having a back surgery soon. I am in constant pain,but life goes on. Whether it is soccor practice or changing a diaper I am there.

  19. shar says

    I am a super mom because I work, outside the home and am very involved in my kids’ lives…LOVE being a mom

  20. susan smoaks says

    I do not consider myself to be a super Mom, but I do my best. it’s hard to juggle being a mom, a wife and working. I do my best and put my family first!

  21. Kerrie Mayans says

    I am a supermom because I juggle the schedules of four busy kids and still have time to be their maid, chef, taxi driver, and biggest supporter.

  22. R Hicks says

    I am not a Mom but a Super Dad because I help keep the kids in line and on the right track in life

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  23. Amy Delong says

    I am a sahm to 2 boys,volunteer at my sons school,team mom on tball&soon football!!


  24. Sharon says

    I am a supermom because I raise my household using a budget along with coupons that allows my family to donate to the local food bank. Thanks for th e giveaway

    sharr1226 at yahoo dot com

  25. Kathy S says

    I’m a SuperMom because I raised two terrific children, who became intelligent, responsible adults with respectable careers. My son is in law enforcement, and my daughter was a part time teacher who now is a SAHM of two little ones and is a room mother and a scout leader. I feel that they both contribute to society, and like to think that I had something to do with influencing them early in their lives to walk the “straight and narrow.” I’m a very proud Mom!