There Is A Sharpie For Everyone


When I say there is a Sharpie for everyone I really mean it. It seems as if a Sharpie can tell us about our personalities. A girly girl would love the metallic, or possibly one of the 10 shades of pink they carry. Celebrities love the easy retractable Sharpies. Even the kitty cats like shades of blue and any artist will tell you, they love all the hues.

You may know of the many uses for a Sharpie, but what you don’t know is there really is a Sharpie for every single person.

stainless steel sharpie

See this one is special. It’s stainless steel, with engraved logo. It speaks to you.



  1. says

    I love sharpies! I have all kinds! I love the mini ones for in my purse. It amazes me how many times I have needed one! They are a great thing to have around, or always with you! :)