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There is nothing better then the gift of a great nights sleep. After Brooklin was born, my mother in law Brenda, helped Del and I out by taking Brooklin and telling us to have restful nights of sleep.  The days after her birth were so wonderful, and I think it’s because I actually got to get some real sleep and be awake to enjoy our new baby. It was the best gift anyone could have given me. That is why any of the SLEEP NUMBER® beds would make the ultimate gift! 26_p5_0_3

Did you know that 9 out of every 10 couples aren’t comfortable on the same bed. Del and I are this way, and we both do out own tossing and turning. It’s totally normal, that’s why SLEEP NUMBER® beds are so special. They make such a wonderful gift for couples because each side adjusts independently. It’s like living with your own mattress, and on any given night you can be soft or firm. They have 9 models of SLEEP NUMBER® beds which have been clinically tested to improve sleep quality and relief, and has helped 93 percent of the clinical study participants who reported back-pain.

The Sleep Number p5 Bed is Select Comforts most popular bed. It features a unique air-chamber design and breathable knit comfort layers. I can easily see why it’s the most popular bed. Its an adjustable bed with a luxury padded bed covering it.

Comfort Layers

  • 11-inch European-styleâ„¢ supersoft pillowtop features a knit that’s breathable to help you sleep comfortably.
  • A full two inches of our exclusive Intralux® comfort material responds quickly as you move.
  • Three unique zones naturally support your body’s curves

Approximate Retail value for the prize is $2,049.97 (Sleep Number p5 bed set plus UPS shipping).


Follow these rules to enter:

  • Fill out the entry form
  • Then leave me a comment telling me why you should win on this post.
  • (all entry comments should be done on this post only)
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  1. fancygrlnancy says

    I did the entry form.

    I should win because I really really need this bed. My husband has terrible back pain all the time and often choose to sleep on the couch or floor over the bed. And there are mornings I wake up with back pain. WE can’t afford a new bed. We need this bed!!

  2. Michelle Draveski says

    I have RA in my spine and my son plopped on my bed ( he is 16) a little too hard a few months ago and broke the frame. Now it sits on the floor and I am falling apart here.
    I have had my eye on this bed forever but prices are killen me!
    If I won I would do the happy limp all over the house instead of the happy crawl!
    grabbed the button and its on

  3. says

    I filled out the entry form. I want to win this because he has a seriously messed up back and will need another surgery shortly to fuse his discs (one disc has disintegrated ouch!). He needs proper support for his back and I know this would do the trick!

  4. Theresa Shafer says

    Why: As I age more and more of me aches. I now can not sleep on my right side because my right hip hurts. I have slept on regular beds – the worst; tempurpedic – better; water gave me a deep sleep, but I now also suffer from seasickness, so that much movement is not wanted; and the best was air mattress that I only slept on. I love the idea of sleeping next to hubby and also having my side not move when he moves.
    I have not tried a SLEEP NUMBER® bed. This bed could ease my pain and allow me to get a deep sleep. I can not sleep sitting up for long. I can only sleep laying down. It has been almost two years like this.

    I am able to fall into a deep sleep for three to four hours before I realize that I have turned in my sleep and am laying on my right side. I wake up more alert but aching worse.

    My current bed is 5 years old, too new to replace. But winning is another issue. IRS tax would be 500 to 700, much less then replacing.

    Thank you for letting me share this with you.
    May I soon be sleeping as soundly as yourself.

    Good luck to all and good nights rest to all.

  5. says

    I should win this, because as sad as it is, I’ve never ever owned a brand new mattress. The one that I have is a hand me down from my mom, who actually got it as a hand me down from her friend. Its probably at least 15 years old thinking I’ve had it for 9 years…. Do I deserve this?? Heck yes!!

  6. says

    Holy Cow, I should win this bed because my husband and I both have had prior back injuries in the past and are sleeping on the MOST CRAPPY BED ON EARTH!

  7. says

    I have a lot of back issues, so me and hubby can’t agree on a good mattress for us both, so we need this so we can stop arguing about which firmness mattress we need to buy.

  8. Paul Martin says

    I should win because our bed is about 11 years old and my back hurts from sleeping on it. A new bed, especially one as wonderful as I hear the Sleep Number beds to be, would be fantastic!

  9. says

    I’d love to win this, because I’ve always wanted a Sleep Number bed. I occasionally have trouble with my back. So this would help out tremendously. :)

  10. says

    I would love to win this because sadly the current mattress we use kills my husbands back so he sleeps on the couch every night because it hurts so bad. so hopefully we could act like a married couple again. :)

  11. says

    Thank you for the generous giveaway! Why should I win this bed? I cannot say that I deserve to win anymore than anyone else so I’ll just say why I would like to win.

    I’d love to win this bed because, one we have an old wore out bed and need a new one. Two, my husband has back problems and this would be perfect for him. Three, I have nerve issues and I bet that this would help also. I would just love, love, love to have a new bed and that is why I would like to win.

  12. says

    I just got married and am soon discovering that while I like a nice soft bed my new husband likes a firm mattress. Luckily we are using mine for now but will need a new one soon and this would help us both to get a good nights sleep.

  13. susan says

    I filled out the form. We’d love to have one because (this is embarassing to say) my hubby and I do not sleep together and this may just be the incentive for him to join me!

  14. Amy Brewer says

    Why should I win? I should win because I have never purchased a new bed. Mattress or frame. I have always bought off people I know. My mattress is hard. I have bought the pads you put on like a sheet for the top of your mattress and it doesn’t work. Still hard. It would be so nice to actually have something really nice that is great for the body. My husband and I both hate to sleep on our bed and usually toss and turn or just wake up..I know it’s a long shot at winning but thanks for the chance.

  15. Amy Brewer says

    I am also following you on twitter with the name makeetis (it is the same for google I just forgot to put my user name in it).

  16. Ale Oliver says

    Oh, where do I start? I have deep vein thrombosis & blood clotting factors, which I will have the rest of my life..I take meds for that as well as Fibro/CFS, Degenerative Disk, Migraines, Osteoporosis…& am not even 40:);) We make the best out of what life has given us, I have the best 4 kids & understanding dh to go through all this….one of these beds would be a great surprise & a luxury for us, and I’m sure whomever wins:):) Good Luck to all!!

  17. Ale Oliver says

    of course the very 1st thing I did was fill out form….thx so much for opportunity & good luck to everyone!!!!

  18. says

    Thanks for the giveaway! Why should I win this? Well, I have been sleeping on the same full size bed I have had since I was a teen. It wasn’t even new when I got it. It belonged to my dad’s uncle who passed away….in the bed. So other than that disturbing tidbit of info the bed is also uncomfortable and kills my back (which I have problems with). I am in serious need of a new, comfy bed.

  19. Vilma says

    Entered Lizzy’s Giveaway! Thanks for the extra chance. I have severe back problems and am arthritic. In addition two cancer battles have made a ‘good night’s sleep’ seem like the holy grail of fantasies! (Email cooker47 (AT) hotmail)

  20. Vicky Carlson says

    I think I have good reasons to win. I have Interstitial cystitis and have sleep problems because of chronic pain. I have a bed I actually got out of someones trash. I have a foam top but it’s one of those cheap ones. I usually sleep on the couch because the bed is so uncomfortable. The last time I can remember having a good bed was when I was preggers 21 years ago. I only slept in that bed for about 5 years and then on the couch because of a bad marraige.

  21. says

    Why should I win this? I have a broken bed that I am sleeping on and the mattress is lumpy and way too soft. I have fibromyalgia so I wake up really sore in the morning. This is a great bed and I would love to be blessed enough to win it and get a good night’s sleep. Thank you for the giveaway.

  22. Ellen Beck says

    I would love to win the sleep number bed- my Father in Law has one in his guest room- when my husband and I visited we got to try the bed out and it was amazing! I love how its adjustable to either side- one can be firmer or both can be the same. My husband is a carpenter and his back is always messed up, the bed gave him a great nights sleep (I liked it too!)

  23. Michele C says

    I should win because with 5 girls, we don’t ever get to put ourselves first. We don’t have nor have we ever had a new mattress. The one we have now came from freecycle. It works but it’s not comfortable. Especially for two people who have different forms of Arthritis. My husband has RA and I have DDD. We have wanted a new mattress, more so one of these beds for years but can’t seem to find the funds to make that happen.

  24. Tari Lawson says

    Our current mattress is old and has permanent impressions in it. My husband and I both have back issues and this mattress isn’t helping them any. I have heard really good things about sleep number mattresses and would love to try one out.

  25. susan varney says

  26. Pat Connors says

    My wife and I have been discussing the mattress and why we can’t get a good night’s sleep. We stayed at a hotel with the sleep number and it was a miracle for the 12 hours. Now we want (need) one for the other 364 days of the year.

  27. meredith says

    This is such a cool prize. I would love to win this since all my life i’ve gotten hand-me downs. As a middle child, i never got the new stuff. Even my current bed is a handme down from my folks, since i moved out on my own as a college grad and in tough economic times was lucky that they were upgrading their old mattress so i didnt have to sleep on the floor. My poor old spine would surely be happy if I was the lucky winner, as well as my fiance who hates my bed and usually goes to the couch whenever he comes over! so thanks for the great opportunity.

  28. Laura says

    I should win this because after 20 years of happily married wedded bliss our old mattress is ready for the heap. We love to spend time in bed, reading, watching tv, snuggling w/ the kids and of course alone as well. A new sleep number bed will allow us to enjoy all the things we love to do in absolute comfort.

  29. Lisa Ann Nero says

    We would love a new bed. With my husband in carpentry and me on my feet all day it would be a blessing to have a bed we were both comfortable in!

  30. JaydensGrandma says

    I filled out the form.
    I would love to get this bed. Our bed is getting old and it is not comfortable anymore. I have some lower back pain and would love a good nights sleep everynight.

  31. karen M says

    Our bed is definitely starting to show its age our current mattress is 26 years old! you can see there are indentations where hubby and I have slept night after night for all these years! I would love to own a Sleep Number Bed
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  32. Brandi says

    I would like to win this because the mattress I sleep on was my uncle’s when he was in high school (he’s now over 50!!).

  33. Maureen says

    I would love to win the bed because I have Fibromyalgia andv chronic fatigue and DVt and this would enable me to beable to get a restful sleep and not be trying to push my way through the day.

  34. Paula Hafner says

    I filled out the form. I would love to win because our mattress is old. I have Fibromyalgia so getting a good night’s sleep isn’t easy.

  35. Annette D says

    Oh Wow! I would love to have a new mattress! I suffered an injury to my hip and knee recently and it is so hard to find a comfortable position to sleep in. I have always slept on my right side and unfortunately that is the side my injury is on. This mattress would be wonderful! Thanks for the chance.

  36. says

    Our bed is soooo old. It was okay for just me while my husband was away. He was gone for 20 months (military)…and now he’s home – yay! – he just got home last month. Between the two of us and a four year old who often climbs in with us…this would be a life saver!!

  37. Anita says

    I would love to win this! I currently use a standard hospital bed which is the most uncomfortable thing on earth! this ould make such a difference in my life!!!! a good night’s sleep… priceless !!!!

  38. says

    I filled out the entry form. I would really love to win this because my husband has been suffering with debilitating back pains recently, due to our mattress.

  39. Jennifer Hamitlon says

    I would love to win this because after having a child (or 2) in our bed for the past 6yrs they are finally in their own rooms and it would be so nice for my husband and I to enjoy a quality bed (accompanied by quality sleep:)

    (accidently initially posted this in the wrong place)

  40. Sue E says

    I need to win this because my husband has serious back problems. He has had two laminectomies and he also broke his neck several years ago. He has so much trouble getting comfortable so he can sleep. It would be great for him to select his preference and me to select mine. Thanks for the chance!

  41. says

    I need a good bed! I’ve never had one like this and could really use it! My back and neck hurts all of the time! This would solve those problems!

  42. says

    I should win because I haven’t had a new mattress in more years than I’ve been a mother- 26! and I wake up every day stiff & sore.

  43. Melanie D says

    I love the idea of each side having its own comfort level. I tend to need a firmer mattress than the hubs. We could use a new mattress since the one we are using is as old as our marriage, that would be 25 years,yikes! I think a lot of my sleep related problems are due to the mattress. No, actually, I know that my problems are related to the mattress. I really don’t think a mattress should still be in use at this age. My neck and back are stiff and achy every morning. This would be an excellent prize to win.
    I already filled out the entry form.

  44. toni jensen says

    I have alot of back and neck problems and scolosis and now fibromyalgia and could really use a good sleep

  45. says

    I’ve been entering the Maghound Sweeps under you Sherry Conrad
    also- sorry, I’ve been using my nic since this was already filled in – I entered my full name info on the entry form & at Lizzy’s

  46. Kim McConahay says

    I would love to win this mattress. Our mattress is so bad, that I sleep on the couch most of the time. Otherwise I wake up several times during the night, and have a backache the next day.

  47. Ruth Bousquet says

    Actually I want this for my son and his wife…his back is so bad the doctor told him he has the spine of a 60 year old man and he just turned 30…I love that this mattress is independent and each can set it for their own comfort. I think my son’s discs and vertibrae would benefit with this so he could get a good night’s rest for once in his life. Thanks for the opportunity, great giveaway.

  48. suann says

    I want a Sleep numbers bed so I can finally get a good nights sleep, I have a bad back and knees and cannot get a good nights rest on my old bed!

  49. joe hansen says

    Great giveaway. Our old mattress is now 29 years old and beginning to affect our backs and necks. This would be a perfect replacement. Your entry form was completed. Thanks again for the opportunity.

  50. Hillary H says

    Because honestly, I’m tired of the severe back pain I have every day of my life. Simple as that.

  51. Flora Presley says

    A sleep number bed would be a blessing to this couple who’ve been together for 30 years. No matter how much I love my husband, his sleep habits and mine have never jived.

  52. Stacy says

    I would love to win because my husband likes a firmer bed and I prefer softer. I tried one of those pillowy mattress covers but he complained so much I had to take it off!

  53. says

    We need a new bed for our guest room! We are moving into a new house and don’t have a place for guests to sleep!
    laurenisrocknroll at hotmail dot com

  54. Valerie says

    I’d love to win because we need a new bed. My husband has wanted this bed for years….but, we just sent our first born off to college and the budget is super tight right now. I’d be thrilled to win :)

  55. Mary Gallo says

    I don’t know if I should win as much as I would like to win. My dad has siatica very bad and I would love to win this for him and his bad back. thanks for sponsoring this awesome contest. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  56. Amanda Starr says

    I could go into problems but that’s boring haha so if we won the bed I could finally give my daughter our mattress so she could stop sleeping on the couch (though it is a large, comfy couch)

  57. Roy Sullivan says

    I’ve not seen any of the sleep number beds and would like to see the quality for my self.

  58. Samantha says

    I work an average of 60 hours a week…when i crash each night i craaash…but unfortunately i have an average joe mattress and i never feel rested. I am definitely in the market for a new ultra fabulous comfy bed

  59. Patricia Cyr says

    My husband is 92 and the doctors told me this will be his last Christmas- so winning would mean a few months of well deserved comfort and rest for my beloved.

  60. Julie Cutshaw says

    main entry: I would like to win this once in a life time most comfortable bed and after 49 years of sleeping on junky /used broken springed /kill your back matteresses finally before I die sleep on the most comfortable bed matteress that’s made that I can never afford to buy for myself which is the amazing Select Comfort Sleep number Bed that I have only heard about but could only dream about. My tired arthritic bones would love to win this amazing giveaway! So thanks for the slim but possible chance too!
    [email protected]

  61. Julie Cutshaw says

  62. Julie Cutshaw says

  63. dawn0124 says

    I should win because I would provide excellent word of mouth advertising for you, your blog, and the sponsor.

  64. Bethany W. says

    My husband was in aa bad car accident 3 years ago. He is in pain daily and has a hard time sleeping. I know this bed would help him.

  65. Amanda says

    I have always wanted a sleep number bed they look so comfortable I bet I would get a better nights sleep on one better then my bed now. I bet it would help with my back problems too!

  66. says

    I should win because our mattress is so old and sinks in the middle. It is horrible. Our backs cannot take anymore of this mattress so to win this would be a dream come true. Thanks for the chance.

  67. Linda Kish says

    I would love to win because the bed I got 2 years ago has a pit in it that won’t go away.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  68. Sheila says

    I’d love to have a sleep comfort bed because my husband totally disagree on softness verses firmness. I want semi-soft and he wants firm. This bed would totally fill our needs perfectly.

  69. Stephanie V says

    musical beds in our house right now – little boy still sleeping on his crib mattress on the floor which is too small for him so he ends up in hubby and my bed, then hubby kicked out to airbed because we don’t all fit on our old queen size. SOOO wish we had king size so we could give ours to our little one and all could rest in peace.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  70. Julie N says

    I need a softer mattress for my back while my husband prefers a firm one for his. We each have our own specific back problems and have a mattress that is a compromise (in other words, neither one of us is happy with it.) With a Select Comfort, neither one of us would have to compromise – or suffer.

  71. Gerald Estep, Jr. says

    I think I should win because I would like to donate my bed to my kids who are forced to sleep on the floor because I cannot afford a bed for them.

  72. Karin V says

    This would be perfect for us. My hubby likes a really really firm mattress and I prefer a softer one. Of course the last 2 have been really firm, so he seems to be winning.

  73. Carol Harrity says

    Retirement (getting too damn old) brings old bones into play. We both have back problems from our very old matress and would love a new one, however, Social Security barely keeps us afloat. I would be eternally greateful for a Sleep Numer Matress.

  74. says

    I would love to win!!! This would make the perfect gift for my husband.
    We are total opposites when it comes to sleep preferences – he likes firm and I like soft! What a blessing to have the best of both worlds!!! Thank you for the opportunity to win!!!!

  75. Tara Hill says

    I should win because I started having back pain after my second son’s birth (6 months ago) and it is only getting worse. I would love to get a great nights sleep!


  76. says

    Wow — nice! Did you actually get a Sleep Number Bed? You didn’t mention getting one for free in your post. Sweet! I need a new bed because the bed I have is 20 years old and well we ned a new bed. I flip the mattress and turn it regularly but it is not as firm as I like.

  77. says

    I should win this giveaway because our mattress is over 12 years old, it’s falling apart and since I already have a bad back it certainly doesn’t help matters. Anyhoo this amazing opportunity would certainly be a blessing for my back and for our bedroom because it means we could get rid of our horribly ugly old mattress!

  78. says

    I am following you on twitter (jrdnc88), entered the maghound contest, added your christmas badge and your personal badge. Not having luck with the bed badge so still working on that. Blogged about giveaway as well.
    I am in need of a new mattress. I have problems with my back and right now I am on a cheap mattress that has the springs staring to come through. I am on disability so it’s not something I can just go out and get. Winning one would be an answer to my prayers. Thank you for doing something cool like this.

  79. says

    I should win this post because my husband and I got married in May of 2007. Two months later I moved in with him (we lived in different states and we were waiting for my son to finish school), I had a small twin bed (needless to say we didn’t keep it), and my husband had his 10 year old queen. THAT is now OUR bed. It is ancient, squeaks like crazy, and kills my back. My husband also has lately woken up in serious back pain (could be because he is now 40 but dang!). A Sleep Number bed would be a blessing. :) Thanks for the chance!


  80. Monique Rizzo says

  81. Ale Oliver says

    Pls forgive phone is terrible won’t lv linkys;(;(

  82. Laura says

    I would love to win this bed-I sleep on the couch and have for two years now (I can’t even sleep with my husband who I just married this last May) the 3 beds we have in the house are killers on my back-after sleeping on them I can’t walk for a few hours the next morning because of back pain.

  83. Laura says

    Filled out entry form

    I would love to win this bed-I sleep on the couch and have for two years now (I can’t even sleep with my husband who I just married this last May) the 3 beds we have in the house are killers on my back-after sleeping on them I can’t walk for a few hours the next morning because of back pain.

    I have the giveaway banner

    Posted giveaway on my blog with photo

  84. says

    Winning this bed would be the most amazing thing to happen. My husband and I have been through 4 mattress sets in our 5 years of marriage. Every time that we purchase one, it turns out to be junk and the company exchanges it for a new one, except that exchange also turns out to be junk. We have slept in a Sleep Number bed before while visiting family and absolutely fell in love with them!

  85. Crystal says

    Help! I’m sleeping in a trench! Actually just sleeping on a worn out mattress. I need this wonder bed! :-)

  86. Crys says

    My husband hasn’t slept well in years. Our mattress is worn out and needs to go out of here. It is just a landing place each night when we are exhausted. LOL

  87. Happi Shopr says

    We haven’t had a new mattress in 10 years. Every morning we both wake up with aching backs and legs. This would be a true blessing as we could never afford one.

  88. Frances Carty says

    I have had my mattress for 15 years. I bought it used from a motel that was going out of business. My back needs a new mattress.

  89. Jennifer says

    I should win because i have a ten month old with sleep problems and have not had a good night sleep in almost a year. urrggghhhhhh

  90. Chris says

    I should win this bed because I injured my back long ago and have been sleeping on a horrible bed more recently with my wife. We paid a LOT of money for it and it went bad quickly. What a waste.

  91. Denise B. says

    We have a tiny house right now with a full-size bed. We will be moving next year and, not only need a new bed, but a bigger one.

  92. says

    my son is still sleeping in our bed, because we haven’t been able to buy him his own bed yet. i can’t wait to get him out, though! :)

  93. Allison says

    I should win this bed because I would like to replace the bed that I have. It is the same bed that I shared with my ex-husband, but I can’t afford it right now until I can get back to work in the construction field!!

  94. Kate says

    I should win because my husband and I both have bad backs and our old mattress is worn out and giving us back spasms from the discomfort of sleeping on it. We both have different wants in a new mattress, this would be the perfect solution.

  95. Joannie says

    I should win this bed because I’m a light sleeper and my old mattress is not helping me sleep! I need a firm mattress; my husband likes a softer one. So we haven’t bought a new one because we can’t find one that pleases both of us!!

  96. mickeyfan says

    I don’t sleep worth a darn and hubby likes more firm that I do. You could thrill both of us by letting me win!

  97. Corinne says

    Well we should win because we are sleeping on such a disfunctional mattress! It’s 10 years old and squeaky and we all roll toward the middle! Very frustrating when you want a good night’s sleep!

  98. nicole says

    I should win this because our matress is starting to dip in the middle so when all the kids get in our bed on Saturday morning someone always slides and gets stuck in the middle of the dip.

  99. says

    I missed saying why I want to win. I want to win because my mattress is old and we just bought a house. I would love to have a new bed in my new room!

    twitter @kaiasmommy

  100. says

    I have such back problems, have has surgery and could really really use a new bed. I have tried these out in stores, but I could never afford to buy one, not anytime soon anyways. My hubby and I DO NOT sleep well and could really use a good nights sleep. Thank you so much for giving us the chance to win this !

  101. Judy Bradley says

    A beautiful bed! My bed consists of a spring & mattress on the floor. It was a hand-me-down from my daughter 5yrs ago and it was a hand-me-down to them several years before that! So, not sure how old it is, but I really need one! My back would love you forever!

  102. says

    This looks like heaven! I would love to win because our bed is so uncomfortable, my husband and I have actually been sleeping in the living room, on our couch for the last 6 months! Sleeping in our bed is that miserable!

  103. Estelle says

    I’d like to win because we have hard such a hard time finding a compatible bed. Our first one was too hard for me, so after a few years we got our current one. Now it’s too soft for my husband so he wakes up with back pain. We would love to have something like this.

  104. says

    Hubby and I have dreamed of owning a Sleep Number bed for ages, but it always seemed beyond our budget. This would be a dream gift for both of us!

  105. Gena says

    Because every morning I wake up with back pain and sleeping in a large “hole” that is indented in the bed. It is not fun

  106. says

    I should win this bed because my husband and I sleep on a futon and my back always hurts. Ontop of that when ever one of us gets up the other side of the bed starts to fold in on us.

  107. says

    I would love to win this due to the fact that my present bed is 15 years old. I live with chronic back and neck pain, and the old mattress is just not helping matters.

  108. Jacob says

    I could really use this bed. I have lost a lot of weight in the past year and now there is a dip in the bed where I used to fill it up, but now just sleep in the hole

  109. George says

    Truly it’s not for me. Okay, maybe a little. But my parents are coming to visit me at my new house in the Spring and the guest bedroom mattress is nearly 20 years old. They deserve better for having put up with me all these years…

  110. Gail Crawford says

    I should win this post, because my daughter is in need a mattress, because she works long h0urs and need a good mattress to lay on.

  111. says

    I would be blessed to win this as both my husband and I have apnea and back problems. I had the pleasure of sleeping on one of these dreamy beds one night at a sleep clinic (for a sleep study) and though my night wasn’t pleasant, my body was comfortable.


  112. Chelsea Saulpaugh says

    I should win because I have springs poking out of my current mattress and can’t afford a new one. Plus I am only in my twenties and I am already seeing a chiropractor. Sheesh. Thank you so much for the chance at winning.

  113. Walter Arnett says

    I should win because we are in a bed an average of 8 hours a day. It should be an enjoyable experience!

  114. says

    I would love to win because my husband has suffered from back problems for 20 years. He had a aneurysmal bone cyst removed from his L5 Lumbar, and he has to go every other month for painful spinal shots to relieve the pressure and pain he has. Our bed is a very old spring-type bed and he hasn’t slept well on it EVER. We can’t afford to buy this bed but winning it would be like winning the lottery for him. Thanks for the chance.

  115. Lachelle says

    It’s been on my list for years to get a good, high quality mattress to improve our sleep but other priorities keep getting in the way!

  116. says

    Well, after birthing six children, nursing them, clothing them, sending them to school, and doing everything else that a mom does, I really could use a good night sleep…or a few. I know that the Select Comfort Sleep Number bed is fabulous because I used to have one. It’s now too small for us, so we passed it to our son.

    It’s the closest thing to what I think sleeping on a cloud would be…

  117. kristen says

    Sleep! I am in the second trimester of my second pregnancy and sleep is… high priority (especially when I spend my days chasing an almost 1 yearold!). This would be incredible!!!

  118. Suzanne K says

    I should win because my current bed is OLD… and I’m getting older and could really use a bed that is very nice to me when I’m sleeping!


  119. Eva Wallace says

    My husband and I couldn’t be more different, but both our backs hurt on our saggy mattress! This bed would be purrrrfection!

  120. says

    I filled out the form and I should win because it would be so awesome for my husband and I to both be able to be comfortable in bed at night. This would just make our year lol…as he’s been laid off and working with our pastor…which pays the bills but not much else!!

  121. says

    I filled out the form. The reason I should have this bed is because I was diagnosed with arthritis about 6 months ago and I have a hard time sleeping on the old mattress we have now. Our doctor actually recommended a Sleep Number bed, but didn’t offer to pay for it.(lol)

    thanks for the chance to win!

  122. Sharon Rooney says

    I filled out the form and I would love to win this. My matress is so old I wake up with backaches every morning.

  123. says

    I filled out the form and would love to win. I wake up most mornings with a back ache and its from my bed. I really need a new one but can’t afford to purchase one at this time.

  124. Jaimie K says

    I definitely could benefit from winning this! My husband and I have a really old, hand-me-down bed. We both wake up during the night with numb extremities from it! And when I’m pregnant, it’s definitely not the easiest thing to sleep on… We’ve been wanting a new bed for a long time now but can’t really afford it.

  125. Selinda McCumbers says

    I would love to win for my husband who is having more and more arthritis problems. I really think a new bed could help him!

  126. Kirsten H. says

    I think I should win because I just can’t get a good night’s sleep. I have tried everything to get a better night’s sleep. Flipping the mattress, no caffeine after 8pm, no spicy foods for dinner, using blocks under my bed to tilt it for elevation, counting sheep, heck I have even been putting my mattress on the floor thinking maybe I can get a good night’s sleep. I am too young to be going through this. I hate having the aches and pains everyday when I wake up and get ready to my day. Plus the migraines too :( Need relief Fast!

  127. Kelly Ann T. says

    I should win because our bed is over 100 years old. It is really small and I would love to get one for my hardworking husband and I.

  128. says

    Oh what a fantastic giveaway! I would so love to win a Sleep Number Bed for myself…but if I was picked I would definitely give it to my mom and dad :) right now my dad is sleeping in a recliner in their room…the bed is just way too uncomfortable for him. It’s too soft and he needs something firmer (he suffers from sleep apnea) so sleeping on a soft mattress doesn’t help his condition at all. Last year he was also diagnosed with complete kidney failure and now goes to dialysis for 21 hours a week. After the treatment he comes home exhausted and I would love for him to have a comfortable place to rest. The Sleep Number Bed would be the perfect solution for my parents…they could both be comfortable in the same bed :) Thanks so much for the chance to win this awesome giveaway!!!

  129. DEBIJOT says

    I would love to win this because my husband and I are old (LOL). Really, we are sleeping on a full sized mattress that is OLD. This would definitely be a blessing.

  130. Stephanie Aitken says

    I deserve a Sleep Number bed because I am disabled with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. I am 35 years old and haven’t been able to work for almost a year because of my illness. Unfortunately, I spend most of my time in bed and the one we have causes me more pain and stiffness. This is such an awesome give-away and would be such a blessing for my husband and I.

  131. Jennifer S says

    A new bed is in the works for my SO and I, but I think we are going to buy a new bed for our daughter, first. I would love to have a Sleep Number because I have heard nothing but good things about them:)

  132. Tamara B. says

    Since having four children, about eight epidurals plus being on bed rest while pregnant my back has never been the same. I am lucky if I get four hours a sleep a night.

  133. says

    Filled out the entry form and I would love to win because I need a bed. I can’t sleep in my bed because it causes too much pain. I would love to have this bed and get a nights sleep

  134. Holly W. says

    I would love a Sleep Number bed because my husband and I are like night and day in our comfort levels (he loves firm for his bad back and I love soft for comfort). Our bed we have now does not keep both of us happy!

  135. Claudia M says

    2 Years ago i had back Surgery and since then i have constant Back Pain :( When i get up in the Morning its really bad . I always feel like i got kicked in the Back all Night long. ( my Hubby swears its not him doing it :) ) So winning it would be God send :)

  136. Kristi says

    I have degenerative disc disease in my lumbar, thorasic and cervical spine, mild scoliosis and arthritis and I am constantly in pain. I would rather win a bed like this than a new Right now I just use about 6 pillows and try to pack them around me each night for support. Thank you so much for even the opportunity to win and have a nice evening! :)

  137. Susan K says

    I should win because although I am a grown woman, I still sleep in a single size mattress that is over 10 years old. It is not as comfy as it used to be

  138. lesia says

    As I’m getting older, I have more problems sleeping. I have restless leg syndrome and back problems. I have wanted a sleep number bed for a long time, but I simply can’t afford it.

  139. says

  140. says

  141. crystal says

    My hubby has bad back pain and i think this would help. It is important because he is a musician and has heavy guitars and equipment..when he gets to rest,he needs to rest comfortably!!

  142. Jodi says

    I don’t have a bed. I sleep on a makeshift pad of cushions of sorts. Not very pretty or comfortable. I use a BiPap (sleep apnea machine) to help with sleep but it’s difficult. I just need a good nights rest and more sleep so I can have a better quality of life. Lack of good sleep leads to all kinds of health problems. This seems like it would be a great joy and something I could truly use. Thanks for entering me into your giveaway.

  143. says

    I had back pain and so need to win. Your entry form does not work and so I came here. Pls email me when it is worked so that I can fill the entry form

  144. Michael Kuntz says

    I think I should win because my bed is 10 years old and I need a new one! Plus I’m better than everyone else… j/k! …but seriously, I’m better than them… pick me!

  145. says

    I should win because…um…I dunno. I’m sorry. I do need a new bed, and would love for my husband to get better sleep, but I’m not sure “should” is an appropriate word. I can’t say I’m special in any way, really.

    I should win because, if the randomizer picks me, I have won! LOL.

  146. Sarah Hirsch says

    My current mattress has a me-sized indentation on my size and I hate sinking into it. My husband, who is bigger than me, doesn’t seem to have as big of a dent…maybe I spend too much time in bed…in any case, I would love a new mattress and I’d be eternally grateful.

  147. sally wess says

    i would love to win this for my daughter and son-in-law… their gorgeous baby is now 3 years old, and they cannot sleep in the same room, and alas, they are sleeping on a couch and she has the bedroom. if they had a new bed, i know things would be better for them, although, they do’nt complain. just a wonderful , quirky little family in need of a bed.

  148. Amanda says

    Want to be able to prove to my patients that THIS mattress is the best!!! I, honestly, get asked most days. . .

  149. Judyv says

    As I get older and older the skin gets thinner and thinner. Sometimes I feel that the bed is beating me up

  150. Nancy says

    I have just started shopping for a new mattress and winning this would be much better than having to buy one!

  151. Keitha says

    I completed the form. I would love to win this because I have chronic back pain, and have trouble sleeping comfortable at night. I know this bed would help! Thanks so much!

  152. Cindi says

    Hi, Our 21 year old son has been suffering from back pain quite a bit!
    The reasoning has said that it is his mattress that was ours, which makes
    it around 23 years old. Please enter me in your more than generous prize
    giveaway drawing. You would our son extremely happy and without
    back pain…..
    Many thanks, Cindi

  153. says

    why? Because I gave birth to a 10lb baby w/ an epidural that didn’t work.. found out that I have spinal stenosis just as I was about to get the epidural. I’ve had nothing but problems w/ my bones/back since I had him but I’ve cared for him for 19 months and only ever had 3 breaks or so… My husband is only home on weekends so I’m here all week going going going and when you think I’d get a break on the weekend, I don’t. I usually end up on the couch because 2 adults in our bed kills my back. I was hoping for a new bed next yr (mine is currently 8+ yrs) but my husband just had hernia surgery that costs $11k and the insurance company is denying it .. since his wages aren’t much more than that it pretty much leaves the idea of a new bed on the very bottom of a long list even though I think that for my aching bones I really deserve one.

    Thank you

  154. says

    Well poop, I left it on the other entry…Ops! Well here we go again ;)

    I have a hand me down mattress that is ‘suppose’ to be mine & my husbands. It is VERY uncomfortable to start with, but NOW, my 2 year old has decided in the middle of the night to sneak into our room and sleep with us. I am stuck between my husband and my daughter and OMGosh! I wake up so miserable!
    I hurt from head to toe and have a migraine.
    I could really use this bed!!

  155. Cindy H. @lifeonprint says

    You have no idea what a blessing it would be for me to win a new bed, especially this bed!!! I have had the same bed for over 8 years, I know..ewww. But I cannot afford a new bed. I am a hard working single mom of 2 and although I get by, the last thing I can afford is a new bed for myself. I always wake up achy and tired because I don’t get comfortable or restful sleep on my old bed. I am always tired throughout the day and I know it is from my “non-sleep” It would surely be a dream come true and the answer to a pray if I were to win this bed. Thank you so much for the chance!

  156. says

    I should win this sleep number bed because the bed I sleep down is A) A hand me down from my parents… not cool and B) It is old as heck and my back has been constantly hurting – I’m pretty sure it is because of the bed. Additionally, my fiance and I both like different levels of comfort – he likes firm, I like soft. This would be perfect for us!

  157. says

    Why should I win? Because I can’t Sleep! I am a first time mommy and I am now realizing just how important sleep is! We can’t afford a new mattress and it is horrible! There’s some nights I sleep on the floor just because it’s a tad bit more comfy than my mattress….so sad! Our mattress is only about 7 years old too…so it really shouldn’t be so bad, but it is! Hope to win…if I do, then for Christmas my present is….SLEEP!!! Thanks!

  158. Andrea D says

    Oh my gosh I would love to win this.. My husband and I really need a new bed, but with two kids in college we can’t hardly afford to buy a new one at this time..
    Thanks for the chance!

  159. Joy Bennett says

    I would like to win since I have my parents coming to spend 3 months with us and I need to get a new comfy mattress for them.

  160. says

    I would love to win this bed because I was recently diagnosed with cancer and have to lay down a lot with treatments etc. The bed that I currently have is OLD, hard, lumpy, and hurts my body from laying on it a lot:)
    Thanks for the opprotunity:)

  161. says

    Holy cow! I’ve wanted one of these forever! I start my morning off with ibuprofin because my back hurts so bad when I get out of bed it’s hard to move until the ibuprofin kicks in. Thanks!