Beware Of the Doghouse This Christmas



Giveaway Ends Dec. 10th

Have you ever been given a gift and been surprised by what was inside? Was it unexpected? Have you ever not been able to decide on a gift, and you end up getting something that someone doesn’t like? DSCN1759 JCPenney made it easy on all of us women with their brand new website Beware of The Doghouse. The Beware of The Doghouse website allows women to put their significant other in the “doghouse” for bad gift choices.

I don’t think that Del has ever given me a “bad” gift since his gifts are usually items I need or want. Sometime I’d really like a gift  that is a little more sentimental though, with maybe more thought. Maybe this is my final hint, if not, HE”S GOING TO THE DOGHOUSE!


JCPenney has provided me with one $100 gift card to help keep you out someone out of the doghouse.

Follow These Rules To Enter:

  • Tell me the one gift you can give that will keep you out of the doghouse.
  • Don’t forget to visit Beware of The Doghouse and do submit who’s in your doghouse and why.

Extra Entry Methods:

  • Enter The Maghound Sweeps, which if you win I also win a trip to NYC. Remember to enter under Our Ordinary Life. Earn entries
  • Add the Christmas Banner
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  • Enter the Beware the Doghouse $100 @JCPenney giveaway @aordinarylife Ends 12/10

JCPenney kindly offered this $100 gift card for promotion.



  1. says

    My husband is a watch junkie…I’d pick him up the Invicta Men’s Blue Dial Chronograph Sport Watch at JC Penney and be his hero for awhile.

  2. Amy B says

    My husband is a hunter. I have to get him hunting related items for christmas. Like shells, gun lube, cammos, boots. Anything like that is what he always expects.

  3. Amy B says

    I also follow on twitter with my twitter name makeetis (same as google but I forgot to put that, sorry)

  4. Ellen Beck says

    Hmm- my husband is a car freak- if I got him some a new power jack I would be in the clear for sure:)

  5. Ellen Beck says

    My brother in law is in the doghouse, he’s an idiot, but according to them, its not that serious!

  6. says

    My husband has been hinting about getting a new Sirius radio for a long time. If I bought him that, he would be thrilled. He will no doubt be in the doghouse though. He doesn’t get gifts or they are not thought out.

  7. Rose ~ RedNeckWitch says

    Oh there are lots of gifts to give to keep yourself out of the dog house. I think it has a lot to do with who the gift is going to. Chocolate is usually a safe bet, gift cards are great but there isn’t a lot of thought behind those. It should keep ya’ out of the doghouse.

  8. Jennifer Miller says

    To stay out of the doghouse personally, I’d have to get my husband his video game. And not just ANY video game, but FIFA 2010 (a soccer game, blah), as I have given him the past 3 years! Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Wanda says

    I hate to say it, but the sure-fire way to stay out of the doghouse with my nearby family is to give cash or gift cards to places THEY specify. Other relatives and friends on my gift list are not quite so crass and enjoy receiving presents to unwrap (and I guess I’d agree that jewelry is universally welcomed among the females).

    My last doghouse-deserving gift was received a couple of years ago and I’ve had to let the giver out by this time! It was a shiny silver teddy bear that was as cuddly as a frying pan and as useful as a burned-out light bulb. I exchanged it for two coffee mugs (which I use constantly).

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  10. says

    My husband doesn’t really show any interest whatsoever in gifts. I am being totally honest, he always says that he has everything he wants even though he really doesn’t. He just knows that financially we are pretty strapped, we have been for years! But if I won the Beware the Doghouse $100 JC Penny giveaway, I would indulge and get my husband he ultimate gift of a wardrobe makeover, he loves new clothes and has mentioned that he would love to have some new winter shirts. Thank you for entering me in this giveaway!!
    Sara Rose

  11. Catherine L. says

    My Hubby loves the Dallas Cowboys, so anything Cowboys related will keep me out of the doghouse.


  12. says

    If i won, i would prob buy some sock and boxers and shoes for my hubby cause he prob needs them so bad downrange :-) And that would always keep me out of any doghouse.

  13. Margaret Smith says

    To my Hubby, I would love to get him a new watch. I broke his last one accidently, when it was by the sink and it ended up in a sink full of water I was washing dishes in. oops, lol
    Thanks so much.

  14. Carol G says

    I have been working on a quilt, and my granddaughter has been eying it–I suspect giving it to her would keep me out of her doghouse. As to who is in mine–her brother, who STILL hasn’t gone over to the rental house and finished the repair work on the floor, even though it would probably only take a couple of hours!

  15. Laura says

    My husband knows that giving me a box of my favorite chocolates will always keep him out of the doghouse

  16. says

    Tools would definitely keep me out of the doghouse. My husband could already have ten of the same tool and I could still get him another-can’t have enough tools! LOL!

  17. Sarah Hirsch says

    I’m not big on gifts, so I don’t care what my husband does or does not get me. But in general, you can’t go wrong with diamonds.

  18. Elena says

    Hubby is a camera geek so anything camera or photography related would keep me out of the doghouse! Thanks for the contest!

  19. Cathy R says

    I always ask what everyone wants or need for Christmas, so I know either exactly what they want, or the type of things they want so I am never in the dog house. I also return the favor to anyone who asks me, so they can stay out of the dog house too

  20. Suzanne K says

    I would stay out of the doghouse by giving my almost 16 year old daughter cash. It would almost have to be cash, because if I got her a giftcard, it would be almost guaranteed to be to the ‘wrong store’! Well, maybe just a prepaid card (like Amex or something).

  21. Chelle says

    For Leo it would be anything related to XBox 360 or the Wii. Those are his toys and a new game always scores me some points :)

    leoandchelle at yahoo dot com

  22. says

    I could stay out of the doghouse by getting the Wii game that I SHOULD have given last Christmas. (I didn’t write down the correct game name and got the completely WRONG game last year. Ugh)

  23. Sue E says

    Getting my husband a GPS will keep me out of the Doghouse. My MIL is in my Doghouse for just about every present she has ever bought!

  24. says

    My husband is okay with gifts, sometimes he doesn’t get that quality over quantity is needed! I know he wants new clothes so that will keep me out of the doghouse,

  25. Heather says

    My mother in law is in the doghouse. I love her, but she always gives me presents that I willl never use, but gets everyone else the “perfect gift”. I would stay out of the doghouse with my husband if I paid off all of our debt for Christmas. I guess I’ll be in the doghouse for awhile…

  26. Jennifer Short says

    I will be out of the dollhouse — or doghouse. I went to Russia this year and although my aunt was insistant she didn’t want a set of the famous nesting dolls, I bought her a set anyway, and when she saw the ones I brought back she said she wished she would have told me to get her a set.

  27. Jennifer C says

    I know the one gift I can give DH to keep him happy is Halo ODST game. He can get me new oven mitts and a new handbag to keep me happy.

  28. Veronica L. says

    One thing to keep me out of the doghouse with my husband is to get him a racing game for the Xbox that he has been after me about for the past several months! Thanks for a great giveaway :)

  29. Lauren T says

    One thing to keep me out of the doghouse forever would be to find my mother a Harley Davidson Nutcracker!!

  30. karen M says

    Fishing, anything to do with fishing, rods, tackle, vest, warm gear will keep me out of the doghouse

  31. Chelsea C. says

    I know that getting my husband a Nook e-reader would keep me out of the doghouse for sure, but since I cant afford one I will have to settle with a few small gifts to keep me out of the doghouse this year

  32. Renee C. says

    I guess I am lucky my husband is pretty non-picky. He wants a lot of different things and has been verbal about those items. I just have to pick one. No PROBLEM!

  33. says

    I know my dh wants a wallet so if I get him a really good , he’ll be delighted. However there is no one in my doghouse right now so I can’t put anyone in there.

    I think this jcpenny dog house thing is too cute.

  34. Tracey Byram says

    A portable DVd player would keep me out of the doghouse. My daughter is in the doghouse for not getting the dishes washed.

  35. Cindy Merrill says

    My husband and i will both be in the dog house- we live on his SSI check, and the Car needs tires- no money leftover for presents, this year- unless I win…

  36. Theresa says

    The gift I can give my husband that never fails is beauty products, believe it or not! He loves using good hair & skincare stuff… but hates buying it, asking for it, or admitting he wants it.


    dosen’t matter what i give, it’s never right, I am damned if I do and damned if I don’t get it right, I am always in the doghouse, so I guess the money is the way to go. THANKS JC PENNEY,hope i win.

  38. Timothy Pedersen says

    I always thought one of the perfect gifts to give was a nice intimate trip together. This works just as well for you mom as your sweetheart.

  39. g. l. penrod says

    i do not have a dog house and as for being in one i am a dog lover and that is one way to recieve affection

  40. Heidi Gail says

    My husband wants a new coat. It has to have a fake lambs’ wool lining. If I can afford one, I definitely won’t go to the dog house. I couldn’t put anyone in the dog house because everyone got me something good for my last birthday, and I’ve forgiven (but not forgotten) the slot machine piggy bank that my husband gave me years ago.

  41. Mike Anderson says

    The gift this year to keep me out of the doghouse is flowers. My dog is in the dog house cause he chewed up my slipper.

  42. Denise B. says

    There’s no dog house here–no fighting, no arguing. Plus, we have everything we could ever want. Clothes for our children is about the only thing we occasionally need.

  43. sandra says

    one gift i could give is a microdermabrasion kit. my sister should be in the doghouse for getting me the book eat this, not that!

  44. Kelly says

    As long as at least half of the gifts do NOT come from the mall or a chain store, I’m good. Something like a vintage camera (bought at an antique store) will do the trick just fine. :)

  45. Cheryl says

    Getting my hubby a new heavy duty outdoor extension cord will keep me out of the doghouse. If my hubby gets me any clothes, he will be in the doghouse!

  46. Kristi says

    I am single now but back in the day, what my ex loved was tools, tools and more TY for the giveaway! :)

  47. Vicky H. says

    Anything, really, as long as thought was put into it. We’re kind of passive about receiving gifts in my family but very appreciative.

  48. Andrea D says

    I would say any sort of giftcard.. Can’t go wrong with who ever it may be for!
    Thanks for the chance :) and happy holidays!

  49. Leslie D. says

    The one gift that I could give that would keep me out of the doghouse would be going to my sister’s house for Christmas. We are not getting along so well, and I will have to just go and put on a happy face to make my Mom happy; that is a gift that she would very much like. Thanks for the giveaway.

  50. says

    A gift that keeps me out of the doghouse is definitely some homemade yummy delicious treat, like my famous chocolate chip cookies! Can’t go wrong with those, put in a pretty tin.

  51. says

    i’d love to get my fiance a nice new pair of everyday shoes and some new clothes for work. money is tight right now and sometimes little things can mean the most :)

    thank you for the chance.

  52. Cee says

    I have never been given anything terrible by my husband – he’s given me some great gifts. I think that he’d really appreciate an iPod Touch this year, however, for a gift. Thanks for this opportunity!

  53. Kate says

    My husband could get me Amazon or eBay and I would be in heaven. Instead he will put things off, shop the night before Christmas, and buy me a piece of junk from some gift store … always in the dog house until he gives me a massage and foot rub LOL

  54. Christine says

    Some new snow boots or a power tool would keep me out of the doghouse with hubby. Thank you!

  55. carole rossi says

    My family doesn’t know me at all–I would put all 3 of them in the doghouse–my daughter got me a big thick heavy sweater–I live in steamy SC. My husband got me the same pair of slacks he bought the year before. My son bought me 3 dvd’s –I do not collect them and rarely watch a movie over again. Grrrr!

  56. momznite says

    follower on blogger

    Couldn’t see the beware of the doghouse site – sorry, my os isn’t compatible with newest version of flash.

  57. Crystal H says

    I need to buy my hubby a jigsaw to stay out of the dog house! No one is i my dog house yet! My family does a great job & if not, I take it back!

  58. CMC says

    The one gift I can give to keep me out of the doghouse is a gift certificate to a fave restaurant. Works every time!

  59. Joannie says

    No one in our family is in the doghouse at the moment, but it would keep me out of the doghouse if I could find some great floor puzzles for my little grandson for Christmas!


    Pillow pet to my daughter is gonna keep me out of the dog house lol

  61. says

    I can give chocolate to the woman in my family to keep out of the doghouse. It works in reverse too!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  62. Janice Wright says

    Well the boyfriend has given me his Christmas list. As long as I get something on it, I’ll be doing fine. His number one gift request is a book about Bond, James Bond.

    No one in my house is in the doghouse. We do well as far as gifts go.

  63. denyse says

    To keep me out of the dighouse I need to give FOOD! Free food to a restaurant! And a massage works every time too.

  64. damon says

    I have to leave my wife and 3 kids for 2 weeks (right before Christmas- for work) and I’m in the dog house for sure.
    To get me out- maid service would work (if I could afford it).

  65. Erin M says

    A warm Jacket so my mom can get through the cold winter this year!
    my whole family is in the Doghouse. . .We’re cutting down on our heating bills

  66. Allison says

    My boyfriend is in my doghouse! A gift that could get me out of the doghouse is ammo for him

  67. Autumn B. says

    if i gave my hubs a flat screen, i’d keep me out of that house – but it ain’t gonna happen =)

    autumn398 @

  68. Douglas Sutherland says

    I’m ALWAYS in the doghouse…. I just decided to move into it for the holidays !!

  69. Dagmara says

    I need to give me hubby a new Blue ray playes, since I broke the other one. If I won’t, I will be in the doghouse :)

  70. Michael says

    It’s like my “Get Out of the Doghouse” trump card: a genuine 3-5 birthstone family ring in 14K yellow gold with optional engraving. If that doesn’t work I’ll end up like Oscar in the video! 😉

  71. Nicole Price says

    I bought my husband an XBOX 360…he’s been hinting around about it for weeks. Our Playstation 2 bit the dust…he’s gonna be thrilled…probably more then our boys LOL

  72. Stephanie N says

    Giving my sister Starbucks giftcards always does the trick as she lives there. Her job is very stressful and her daily coffee there helps her to destress and giftcards always help.

  73. Diane says

    Im getting my bf Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2 for christmas, A Norelco razor (he always compains about the disposable ones i buy doing a crappy job) and some Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres shirts. Thats going to keep me out of the dog house!

  74. says

    Hmm I’ve never been in the doghouse when it comes to gift giving… Although this year I do know that a px90 set would make someone very happy..

  75. Theresa D says

    My get out of the doghouse gift is Tickets to a NY Giants game for my hubby, he will be thrilled.

  76. Rhonda Struthers says

    A gift certificate to future shop is always appreciated in my house

    rhondastruthers at yahoo dot ca

  77. Jennifer B says

    If I give my husband a gc to Toys R us I will be free from the dog house. Yes I said Toys R us. Hes an avid toy collector…lol He gets more toys than my 9 year old..

  78. Cydney W. says

    I’ll stay out of the doghouse if I get my boyfriend a $200 sweater but spend less than $100! He’s very appreciative of a great bargain!

  79. Melissa D says

    Anything related to the Baltimore Ravens will keep me out of the doghouse this Christmas!

  80. Nicholas Armentano says

    The one gift that can get you out of of the doghouse is to give your wife platinum jewelry, because platinum will retain its luster and is even rarer than sliver or gold. Of course, anything with a (real) diamond is good too, no home shopping channel cubic zirconia. Another tip: Put the jewelry in one of those upscale-store boxes (Nordstrom, Tiffany) even if you purchased it second-hand on ebay.

  81. Mandy H says

    I guess if I bought my boyfriend an engagement ring that would get me out of the doghouse. He’s been asking me to marry him for the last 10 yrs (been together 12) and I just haven’t been willing to do it. He did buy me a ring two years ago on christmas and I had him take it back. So I think I’m ready to do it and it would make him happy and my family.

  82. Tracy Roe says

    I would give this card to my husband so that HE WON’T BE IN THE DOGHOUSE, again this Christmas. Pots and Pans, slow cookers, & knife sets are for HOUSE, not me!

  83. Karin Cauley says

    I will be out of the dog house if I buy my hubby a hat.
    My dog chewed his up while I was out of town.

  84. Martha Payne says

    The one gift I can give to keep me out of the doghouse is a clean house. I swear the key to a man’s heart lies in a clean house and bacon.
    I also went to the website & posted who was in my doghouse.
    Thanks for the contest! codisweepstakes2 (at)

  85. Morgan Gregory says

    A expensive item that went with whatever the person enjoyed most. So if it was cooking then some cooking utensil that they don’t already have.

  86. PegasusFeathers says

    High performance motor parts. 😛

    I put hubby in and out of the doghouse daily, I’m moody. LOL

  87. Bob says

    My wife has a pair of white gold earrings on her list that she has been hinting about since November 1st. I’d better have them under the tree or I’m in the doghouse!

  88. Adele says

    I’d get my husband a laptop computer so he can stop waiting for me to get off our computer. Thanks for this offer.

  89. T mcdonald says

    My wife would really like a pair of shoes she saw, if i get her another vacuum I will be in the doghouse!

  90. Kimberly says

    We already have our Christmas gift for the next 30 years…..a new home! But giving DH some new tools for his new workshop should keep me out of the doghouse!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  91. camille says

    A gift of cash is a good way for me to stay out of someone’s doghouse. No one is currently in the dog house with me and I hope to keep it that way. Thanks!

  92. Molly K says

    I could get my husband anything to do with hunting or fishing and it would keep me out of the doghouse for a long time :)

  93. says

    My husband loves food, so giving him a restaurant gift cert will keep me out of the doghouse (plus it’s a present for me also since I won’t have to cook).

  94. Cristi says

    My husband and kids are all getting what they are asking for this year bike, kitchen for my daughter, and gun parts for my husband.

  95. Carla says

    I get the person what they’re really interested in, If they collect something, then that’s what I get them.

  96. Geoff K says

    Flowers always seem to do the trick to stay or get out of the doghouse, especially if they’re accompanied by a nice new crystal vase, item of jewelry, and a heartfelt, sincere card to go alongside them. Thanks!

  97. Angela says

    I love the Diamond Band 1/2 CT. T.W. 10K Gold! Right now my brother-in-law is in the doghouse… grr… thanks for the chance!

  98. Ravzie says

    I don’t have to spend any money, just a big hug and kiss usually gets me out of the doghouse!!!

  99. Priscilla A Dethmann says

    Computer games for my hubby would keep me out of the doghouse this Christmas. What can I say, my hubby is geeky but sweet.
    I don’t currently have anyone in the doghouse, but I’m sure I will after Christmas.
    I entered the Maghound sweepstakes! Hope we both win!

  100. Sherry E. says

    The one gift I could give my husband to stay out of the doghouse would be any power tool! The one gift my husband could give me to stay out of the doghouse would be any piece of jewelry!

    I put my husband in the doghouse!! It was kinda fun actually..the reason…just for being an idiot{only at times!} :) Made me feel good to do it though! The Beware of The Doghouse site is very cool!!

  101. kristy says

    I don’t really have to buy a bunch of presents to stay out of the doghouse….. my hubby enjoys a nice holiday meal more than gifts

  102. Valeen N says

    My husband would love some power tools and some homemade chocolate pudding cake. That would definately keep me out of the doghouse!

  103. Kim H. says

    The gift that would keep me out of the doghouse would be some sort of power tool. Apparently, one can not have enough. Right now, no one is in the doghouse. We try hard to stay out of it.

  104. D. says

    The best thing to keep me out of the dog house it lots of hugs and kisses for my husband. Feeling loved and appreciated is the best thing you can give a person.

  105. shirley says

    my husband isnt picky when it comes to gifts….he never ask for specific stuff…so anything i give him is fine…..but he could buy me a new diamond..and that would keep him out of the doghouse

  106. says

    The gift I’m giving this year to keep me out of the dog house is Band….oh dear I don’t even remember what it’s called…Band Hero maybe? My better half has wanted it for years and I always said no because it would make me feel like I was living with a 13yr old boy. Finally this year since his birthday is two weeks after Christmas I picked up Band Hero 2 when I found it for $99 for the whole starter kit. He is going to be thrilled with a capital T, as for me? well I might just put myself in the dog house for giving this one if I can’t tear him away from it lol

  107. Barbara says

    Giving my Dad a new Blackberry would keep me out of the doghouse. But is it worth it? Hmmmm. Maybe.

  108. sarah d. says

    sweet, meaningful cards and/or personalized gifts are all I need to keep me out of the dog house.

  109. Sharon Henning says

    My husband would love a vegetable steamer for Christmas. He has worn out two. He loves his veggie’s.

  110. Aisling says

    A tool for my husband is always the right gift (but it’s best if I let him pick it out). Nobody is in the doghouse around here. Isn’t that nice!

  111. Mir says

    Almost any gift that has something to do with his favorite sports team(s) is always a sure bet. It just has to be a bit more special than a pair of socks or shot glass. And I’ve got no candidates for the doghouse. Guess that’s a good thing.

  112. Bambi M says

    Anything gadgety will keep me out of hubby’s doghouse, although he’s always happy with whatever I get him! :)

  113. says

    The gift to give my husband to keep me out of the doghouse is a new ipod. My husband will be in the doghouse if he gets me the wrong size in clothes.

  114. Pauline M says

    My absolute surprise this year are ski tickets… we aren’t really planning on hitting the slopes much this year since our budget is so tight, but I was able to snag some great discounted tickets so that we can enjoy the mountains during the christmas holiday!

  115. Melissa says

    the one gift I can give that will keep me out of the doghouse is a diamond watch…my man deserves it this year.

  116. Tammy Kennedy says

    one gift i could get would get me out of the dog house would be a xbox 360 for my son even though he no longer complains about it
    My son saved up and bought a refurbished xbox 360 sadly it had no warranty
    well my son and grandson are 31 days apart, my grandson lives over 1200 miles away. Needless to say here is what happened
    my son barely played with the xbox and treated it with tender loving care it was his pride and joy, my grandson comes for a visit and wants to play the xbox 360 my son says no he don’t want anything to happen to it well i tell him it won’t hurt to share and let his nephew play it nothing will happen
    my grandson turns it on and nothing except the red ring of death xbox dead
    son crying, grandson crying, mom/grandma in hot hot water
    he has forgiven me but it would be nice to give him a new one or the ipod touch he has been asking for
    I still feel quity

    Thank you so much for giving me a chance to be a winner


  117. Talitha Lee says

    The only gift that will keep me out of the dog house is a perfectly clean and empty house. The clean part will happen but not the empty. Thanks for the contest!

  118. dawn says

    Any Wii game will be perfect and I won’t be in the doghouse, but my husband will if I dont get new pans.


  119. Jeanette H. says

    Lucky for me, my husband is pretty easy to shop for. Im NEVER in the dog house with him. This year, I bought him the digital hunting camera he’s been wanting.
    Between the gift for him and the great gifts I got for my kids this year, I can’t wait for Christmas to come!

    Thank you for the great giveaway!


  120. Gloria says

    Stafford® Essentials Year Round Sportcoat for my husband will keep me out of the doghouse. My husband is in the doghouse because he never got me a present yet.

  121. Danie H says

    If I could get my husband a new snowmobile, it would definitely keep me out of the dog house–that is the one thing he has wanted for YEARS@

  122. Tricia Andrews says

    If I could win or buy my husband some new golf clubs it would keep me out of the doghouse. His birthday is also Christmas eve so if I get one great gift I have to decide if he gets it Dec 24 or Dec 25!

  123. Constance L. says

    The one gift that would keep me out of the doghouse would be a gift certificate to
    The person who is in my doghouse would be my husband for never getting me the small diamond earrings that I want!

  124. Tesa S. says

    As long as Santa brings my son a bow and arrow, I won’t be in the doghouse. The person who is in my doghouse is my daughter, who tells me she’s not getting anyone any gifts this year. BAH-HUMBUG!!!

  125. Patti Sherman says

    My grandaughter is in the doghouse. She was suppose to deliver a package for me this morning and forgot!

  126. Shelley Mitchell says

    My hubby loves JC Penneys so winning this gift card would keep me out of the dog house!!

  127. Jess G says

    A new Motorcycle for my Husband would keep me out of the dog house. Unfortunately, that one will take awhile, soooo… I forsee myself being there:(

    Thanks JCPenny and Our Ordinary Life~ Jess

  128. Deborah R says

    I can give my hubby a gokart racing weekend and I’d be able to stay out of the doghouse forever.

  129. says

    WOW! This is a nice give away thank you for holding it. I got lost on the dog house site and spent over a hour reading the stories of the ones in the dog house! That is a very neat site lol!

    My husband always asks for something for his work for Christmas, He is a Deputy Sheriff and works long hard hours. Because it is for his work I always give it to him either a day before Christmas or a few days after because I want christmas to be about HIM, not his work but him as a person.

    SO I always stay out of the dog house by buying him a new game for his Xbox or something fun! Something he can do that will relax him!

    Thank you again for the contest

  130. Jennifer says

    I think that chocolate is a gift that will always get you out of the dog house, who doesn’t love chocolate!

  131. DanV says

    The one gift would be a new casual outfit. My friend is in the doghouse for regifting back to me a gift I had given her, with my card still inside it.

  132. Erin Walsh says

    Well scince it doesn’t specify only men, I have one gift to get for him that will get me out of the doghouse, a Kitchen Aid stand mixer.

    Last year, he was making Christmas cookies, (he’s great like that) . But unfortunately he’s also a klutz, always knicking himself with knives etc. Somehow he managed to get his fingers entwined into the spools of the hand mixer and couldn’t get them out. ( I know I laughed too) But the worst part was that I was walking by, with my earbuds in, cleaning and completely missed the fact that he was asking me to help him.

    If I can get him a stand mixer, I hope that not only will his fingers be safe, but he’ll quit telling the story where I totally ignored his life and death situation.

  133. kirsten says

    Skullcandy headphones for my teenage daughter. Because she has been dropping hints for THREE months.

  134. Hannah says

    Anything that I can buy him that’s not being paid for with his own money, lol, I’m a stay at home mommy without my own income.

  135. Amy H. says

    This year my son, Jack, is giving from the heart- for sure he will be out of the doghouse. He is collecting worn blankets and old beach towels to give to our local animal shelter, Irvine Animal Care. This gift will keep giving.

  136. addrienne mertens says

    the kids are looking for a wii,they have them for cheap at gamestop, the used ones. save me some bux

  137. says

    My hubby is pretty easy to buy for, electronic gadgets and video games make him happy. If I gave him the Beatles rock band game, that would keep me out of the doghouse all year!

  138. Carolsue says

    I could stay out of the doghouse if I got my husband a bottle of wine!

  139. Roberta says

    A J.C. Penney gift card to my granddaughter for warm clothes would definitely keep me out of the doghouse

  140. Tina H. says

    If I stick with my son’s Nintendo list, I will be out of the dog house! :)


  141. Amy DeLong says

    I would be out of the doghouse if I bought him a ps3,since I wrecked his xbox,not on purpose but it would thrill him!


  142. Charlene Kuser says

    I might stay out of the doghouse if I gave my husband this:Pulsar® Men’s Expansion Watch from JC Penney

  143. Tammy Pereira says

    My hubby really is wanting a Playstation3, so if I get him that, that will keep me out of the dog house!

  144. Kathy S says

    Some new pots and pans would do it so that I could actually put some GREAT meals on the table for my man!

  145. jen says

    I spilled a rootbeer float all over my boyfriend’s GPS while we were on vacation last month and ruined it. I’ll have to get him one for Christmas if I want to stay out of the dog house!

  146. Myla says

    Just got married one month ago! I already got my husband a PS3 last year, so there is no way I can top it this year. I’m thinking maybe some work clothes for him…boring….lol!

  147. Jeanine says

    A flat screen televison would be the perfect get out of the doghouse present for me to give my husband. And a friend is in the doghouse for never returning my phone calls.