Monday Mingle: Welcome Del (Ordinary Dad)


Every week Eighty MPH Mom does a weekly meme called Monday Mingle. She posts questions and we’re supposed to vlog them. Come join in each week!

This week please welcome my bestest friend and sidekick Del. Don’t forget to check out his blog Ordinary Dad.

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  1. says

    Awwwwww Delfino!!! WOOT WOOT! So good to see him on with you K!
    Ummm if I have a drink (which is rarely) Crown Royal and Coke all the way!!!! ^5!! (laughing)
    Water is good (I like Propel Water – Grape to be exact!) K – drink your water!!

    Music, mid 90’s west coast rap… hmmmmmmm okay I can go with that. What about you K? what’s your favorite?

    Yes, kids are enough, but you wouldn’t know that in this house! Pets too around here.

    Hope you two will vlog more often together!


  2. Jennifer says

    Nice to meet you Del! I am really enjoying meeting the husbands…so fun! I now see how your kids look so much like Del…total resemblance. I like some of the early 90’s rap too – not so much the earlier stuff.

    Linky is up now!

    Thanks so much for mingling again!

  3. says

    Great Vlog, one of these days I’ll participate too, lol! And Woot for Del, I don’t think I could convince Jason to do a video with me! ROFL :-)

  4. says

    Awesome you got Del to Vlog with you! You have got to speak louder tho woman! I could hardly hear you {or him for that matter} with my volume all the way up!

  5. says

    OMG you two are soo cute! Blowin’…BLOWIN’ thru the Mingle you guys are so funny! He is so “whad up OG, this is what I be sippin!” LMAO

    Too stinking funny girl! Love it!!

  6. says

    I love that you could convince your love to vlog with you. I ask mine knowing he’d say no. He is not a camera/video guy. You just have to do it while he isn’t looking! lol

    You guys are so cute together!

    You make me smile so much feeling your happy energy!