Great Kids Movies


In our house we’re big Disney fans, and recently Disney released some wonderful titles. I’ve been popping them in after Kai gets home from school. It’s a nice relaxing break from her day at school. image

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Adventures in Wonderland is one of Kai’s recent favorites. If your children are Mickey fans they will love their latest adventure. Mickey and his pals play croquet and navigate giant mazes. Help them along as they must find the clubhouse before Daisy’s big party.

Bonus Materials Include; Goofy Goes Goofy bonus episode and activities for children of all ages. easily use the remote to play age appropriate games.

Check out this clip.

Another great movie and afternoon favorite is the Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams.image This movie follows the classic Disney Princess characters Jasmine and Aurora. Plus during this movie you’ll get a sneak speak at Disney’s newest princess from Princess and the Frog

This movie follows Jasmine and Aurora as they go on an adventure and find the power in believing in yourself. I love the message this movie sends, and Kai loves the classic Disney music throughout.





Lastly the ever so adorable and household favorite Little Einstein’s go on and all new adventure in Fire Truck Rockets Blastoff.   This DVD contains a collection of four episodes.

Fire Truck Rocket
Melody the Music Pet
Carmine’s Big Race
Mr. Penguin’s Ice Cream Adventure

You can also watch this movie on “magic Mission Mode” which is really cute. With two different modes for different ages. They ask questions and play along the way. Kaila loved this!

Win It!

I have one copy of each movie to give away. (Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams, Little Einstein’s Fire Truck Rockets Blastoff, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Adventures in Wonderland )

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  1. sandy says

    well, for groups of kids making food, sidewalk art if its cool outside but not cold. WE DO A BAKING AFTERNOON EVERYONCE IN A WHILE BAKING COOKIES, MIXING DOUGHS so its easy to throw in oven later.

  2. Melissa N. says

    My niece/nephew love going to the park, and swimming at my parents house. They also love to do puzzles- endless hours of them! *lol*

  3. Jennifer W. says

    My kids would always want a snack after school, so I would use this time to talk about how their day was. We would also like to color, draw, or do some crafts.

  4. Sue says

    Our city library is down a river trail about half a mile from our home. We go at least once a week for a walk or biking to pick out some fun books and get some exercise.

  5. Alicia Webster says

    We homeschool our three kids, but if they did go to school, then I would just encourage them to play outside until dark when they got home. We only have nice weather for about two months out of the year, one in the spring and one in the fall, so I’d let them have fresh air while they could.

  6. Christina says

    Well I have 2 kids under 3, they are not in school yet, but we have our “pretend” school, so i can get them ready for it. It starts at 11am and ends at 2pm. After “school” we go outside and watch the school kids get off the bus and wave to the bus driver. They are so excited to start REAL school!

  7. says

    Our after school activites aren’t that great, we have football games twice a week along with twice a week football practice. So, after school it’s a quick snack for both kids, I usually pop in Mickey Mouse for Paige (it’s her favorite) and Johnny and I do homework. Then, at 5:00 it’s time to get ready for either a game or practice. Sometimes it’s grueling. I wish we had more time to get out and mess around. :)

  8. Evan says

    On the days that i have my daughter; after i pick her up from school, I usually like to find something creative to do with my parents. Sometimes its a movie in the park which is always fun, or just spending time doing puzzles with grandma, or spending time creating a garden with lots of fruits and veggies with grandpa! Thanks for the chance!

  9. says

    My kids haven’t started school yet, but I used to LOVE baking with my mom after school when I was little. When I was a little older my grandparents watched me and we played a lot of card games, which was fun too! :-)

  10. says

    I always dance with my little sister!
    we spend about an hour just putting on music,
    making up dances
    or just being silly and jumping around–

    it’s fun to add to the routine because bedtime is MUCH easier~

  11. beth shepherd says

    When my youngest gets home we like to read a book and she takes a nap. When my oldest come home from school we usually sit at the table have a snack and talk about the school day
    Thank you for the chance

  12. TRUC DANG says


  13. Jennifer says

    One of our favorite afterschool activites is sitting down with a snack and watching a couple of PBS Kids shows. Movies or shows go great with snacks.

  14. Daniel M says

    go out and do something, frisbee, toss the basebale around or a football, how about soccer or hockey…

  15. says

    The first thing (okay well first is wash hands and bathroom break) is to play school… I sit down and Wee Man tells me all about what he learned about that day, what activities they did, and so forth… Then we eat a snack and either watch a cartoon or read a book….

  16. Maggie M says

    When my daughter comes home from school we have a snack and then we do our reading time. She is in kindergarten and she is at that stage were she wants to learn everything.

  17. Jill L says

    We usually have a snack and talk about the day and then they dart off to play while I make dinner. We play outside as much as we can while the days are still warm.

  18. Molly K says

    Our favorite after school activity is playing outside. It helps the kids unwind from school and me unwind from work.

  19. Kerrie Mayans says

    We try to do some physical playing outside or in the garage when the kids get home from school and then after about 30 minutes of that, I have them settle down, eat a snack and do homework.

  20. Brenda Park says

    My family’s favorite after-school activity is baking night. We make cakes or cookies all together, and the kids learn to follow directions and they get a treat after. Everyone has something they can do, and if you don’t have a lot of time, you can buy the pre-made cookies. We make everything from scratch ourselves, bot about 5% of the time, baking night falls on a night when the kids have too much homework or after-school activities. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  21. Donna says

    I think a great after school activity would be to provide your child a healthy snack and do a craft, read a book of go to the park.

  22. Ellie W says

    After school is snack and cartoon time for my little grandson. He likes to help me cook up a snack and then we snuggle in to watch Caillou, usually.

  23. missy says

    My son is only in pre-school, but afterwards we play learning games together for about half an hour and then we have “us” time by making snacks together and we eat them while we talking about our day… he’s a talkative lil man :o)

  24. Jessica says

    When we come home from school my daughter’s first stop is the bathroom to wash hands. After that we love to make a healthy snacks together. I help her with her letter and numbers by incorportating them into our snack recipe.

  25. Melanie S says

    We like to play together on the Wii. It requires active participation, so we’re getting some exercise, but still allows us to chat!

  26. Patricia says

    My children like to play Wii after school. As long as they are playing an active game it is a great way to exercise.

  27. Linda says

    I like to participate in activities that will keep my grandkids busy and active after school. They enjoy dancing or karate.

  28. chastidy says

    My son only goes to Mothers Day Out a couple of days a week, but when he comes home we sit down on the table and color a picture about his day. Great way to get him to talk about the good and bad parts :)

  29. awais says

    well after coming back from school you can just have a kind of party have music up lound , dance , eat some good food you know enjoy yourselves .. I ALWAYS DO THAT

  30. susan smoaks says

    after school we like to have the kids playing outside. they have a lot of energy to use up and they have sat all day at school. so we swim, ride bikes, go on hikes, etc….

  31. kyra hunsley says

    I think playing outside with my children is a great after school activity…THey need more exerise and so do I>

  32. kerri r says

    We do a nature walk on the way home and look for items that begin with the letter they learned that day

  33. amy delong says

    after school activitys,we like to play basketball while the weather is nice


  34. says

    Be active with the program before, during and after viewing. Do hands-on activities. Ask questions; role play; introduce or extend the program by reading a book. Create art projects by drawing, painting or making books. Encourage participation: dance, move to the music, talk back to the screen and its characters. Visit museums, neighborhood stores and parks.


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