Testing The Frigidaire Quick Boil Feature


Frigidaire challenged us Moms with My MotherLoad. I took this personally, and DSCN6320have set out to see if my new range could give me less time cooking and more time with my family.

The range has a quick boil feature and Del was determined to see just how long it would take. We even thought it’d be funny to actually video water boiling, so you’ll have to check it out to see just how long it takes.

The quick boil feature really is quick. I personally have always boiled water on the back burner. Something about kids, water, and stoves just doesn’t feel right. I love the extra burner also. This stove gives me 5 burners, with two extra large ones. So getting used to the burners and quick boil hasn’t been difficult, it’s made my life that much easier.

Literally you’re about to watch water boil.

I love all of the features my Frigidaire stove has. To be honest I’m really nervous about the glass top, I’m afraid of burning something on it since I am a messy cook.  Del is always going suzy homemaker cleaning, and polishing it. Another bad trait I am highly disorganized.

Anyway (see there it goes again) my stove is fabulous! I am finding I’m spending less time cooking, and that cooking is less complicated. I literally have cooked thawed chicken, and started cooking in minutes.

Now you tell me. What’s the one appliance that makes your life easier?



  1. Sandra says

    I can't believe that I just sat here and watched water come to a boil LOL.
    I like your new range top and microwave. Very nice.

  2. Naomi says

    We actually have burned stuff on our glass cooktop and… it comes off. No big deal. Just don't drop something on it and crack it. That's the big worry!